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    Cisco financial Cisco financial Presentation Transcript

    • ` Together we are the human network.
    • Product-wise Revenue
    • Income 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Revenue 43.22B 40.04B 36.12B 39.54B 34.92BCost of Revenue 16.68B 14.40B 13.02B 14.19B 12.66BGross Profit 26.54B 25.64B 23.09B 25.35B 22.26BResearch & Development Expense 5.82B 5.27B 5.21B 5.33B 4.60BSelling, General, & Admin. Expense 11.72B 10.71B 9.97B 10.08B 8.55BDepreciation & AmortizationOperating Interest ExpenseOther Operating ExpensesTotal Operating Expenses 35.54B 30.88B 28.80B 30.10B 26.30BOperating Income 7.67B 9.16B 7.32B 9.44B 8.62BNon-Operating Income 151.00M 251.00M 371.00M 813.00M 840.00MPretax Income 7.83B 9.41B 7.69B 10.26B 9.46BProvision for Income Taxes 1.33B 1.65B 1.56B 2.20B 2.13BIncome after Tax 6.49B 7.77B 6.13B 8.05B 7.33BMinority InterestEquity In AffiliatesIncome Before Extraordinaries & Disc. 6.49B 7.77B 6.13B 8.05B 7.33BOperationsInvestment Gains/LossesOther Income/ChargesIncome from Discontinued OperationsNet Income 6.49B 7.77B 6.13B 8.05B 7.33BEarnings Per Share Data 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Average Shares to compute diluted EPS 5563 5848 5857 6163 6265Average Shares used to compute basic EPS 5529 5732 5828 5986 6055EPS - Basic net 1.17 1.36 1.05 1.35 1.21EPS - Diluted net 1.17 1.33 1.05 1.31 1.17
    • Assets 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Cash & Short Term Investments 44.59B 39.86B 35.00B 26.23B 22.27BReceivables 4.70B 4.93B 3.18B 3.82B 3.99BInventory 1.49B 1.33B 1.07B 1.24B 1.32BPrepaid Expenses 2.60B 2.33B 2.04BOther Current Assets 941.00M 875.00MTotal Current Assets 57.23B 51.42B 44.18B 35.70B 31.57BGross Property, Plant & Equipment 12.07B 11.31B 12.21B 11.70B 10.47BAccumulated Depreciation 8.15B 7.37B 8.16B 7.55B 6.57BNet Property, Plant & Equipment 3.92B 3.94B 4.04B 4.15B 3.89BLong Term InvestmentsGoodwill & Intangibles 19.36B 19.95B 14.63B 14.48B 14.66BOther Long Term Assets 3.10B 3.21B 5.28B 4.40B 3.21BTotal Long Term Assets 29.86B 29.71B 23.95B 23.04B 21.77BTotal Assets 87.09B 81.13B 68.13B 58.73B 53.34BLiabilities 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Current Portion of Long Term Debt 500.00MAccounts Payable 876.00M 895.00M 675.00M 869.00M 786.00MAccrued Expenses 3.16B 3.13B 2.54B 2.43B 2.02BDeferred Revenues 8.03B 7.66B 6.44B 6.20B 5.39BOther Current Liabilities 4.73B 4.36B 3.84B 3.76B 3.42BTotal Long Term Debt 16.23B 12.19B 10.29B 6.39B 6.41BDeferred Income TaxMinority Interest 49.00M 10.00MOther Long Term Liabilities 1.91B 2.00B 2.55B 1.42B 438.00MTotal Long Term Liabilities 22.33B 17.61B 15.80B 10.52B 8.50BTotal Liabilities 39.84B 36.84B 29.45B 24.38B 21.86BShareholders Equity 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Common Shares Outstanding 5.43B 5.66B 5.79B 5.89B 6.10BPreferred StockCommon Stock, Net 38.65B 37.79B 34.34B 33.51B 30.69BAdditional Paid-in CapitalRetained Earnings 7.28B 5.85B 3.87B 120.00M 231.00MTreasury StockOther Shareholders Equity 33.00M 18.00M 30.00MShareholders Equity 47.26B 44.28B 38.68B 34.35B 31.48BTotal Liabilities & Shareholders Equity 87.09B 81.13B 68.13B 58.73B 53.34B
    • Cash Flow - Operations 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007Net Income 6.49B 7.77B 6.13B 8.05B 7.33BDepreciation, Depletion, Amortization 2.49B 2.03B 1.77B 1.74B 1.41BOther Non-Cash Items 1.19B 650.00M 832.00M -139.00M -698.00MTotal Non-Cash Items 3.67B 2.68B 2.60B 1.60B 715.00MDeferred Income Taxes -156.00M 55.00M 768.00M 178.00M 1.10BTotal Changes in Assets/Liabilities -83.00M -274.00M 1.16B 2.43B 2.06BOther Operating ActivitiesNet Cash from Operating Activities 10.08B 10.17B 9.90B 12.09B 10.10BCash Flow - InvestingCapital Expenditures -1.17B -1.01B -1.00B -1.27B -1.25BAcquisitions, Divestitures -266.00M -5.28B -426.00M -398.00M -3.68BInvestments -1.52B -5.77B -8.49B -2.51B -3.26BOther Investing Activities 22.00M 128.00M -39.00M -17.00M -151.00MNet Cash from Investing Activities -2.93B -11.93B -9.96B -4.19B -8.34BCash Flow - FinancingDebt Issued 1.51B 4.99B 3.49BEquity Issued -5.07B -4.59B -2.75B -7.32B -2.38BDividends Paid -658.00MOther Financing Activities 151.00M 222.00M -154.00M 891.00M 1.04BForeign Exchange EffectsNet Change in Cash & Cash 3.08B -1.14B 527.00M 1.46B 431.00MEquivalentsCash at beginning of period 4.58B 5.72B 5.19B 3.73B 3.30BCash at end of period 7.66B 4.58B 5.72B 5.19B 3.73B