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  • - that's how they named people back then!
  • He lived in a time which was called the Renaissance which was a time when everyone was interested in art and doing great things.
  • Leonardo was very good at lots of things (in fact he was a genius). Even though Da Vinci was a great artist, he became famous because of all the other things he could do.
  • famous artists

    1. 1. Famous Artists
    2. 2. How much do you reallyknow about the different famous artists?
    3. 3. Leonardo da Vinci
    4. 4. Leonardo da Vinci was born more than 500 years ago (1452) in a town called Vinci in Italy.
    5. 5. He was a scientist, an inventor, an architect, a musician, a sculptor, a mathematician and also a fantastic artist.He was curious about everything!
    6. 6. Mona LisaPainted in 1962 it wasvalued 100 milliondollars! Imagine what itis worth now! It nowhangs in the Louvre inParis.
    7. 7. The Last Supper
    8. 8. DaVincis paintings were done in the
    9. 9. Vincentvan GoghVincent van Gogh wasborn more than 150years (1853) agoin Zundert,Netherlands (Dutch)
    10. 10. He worked at many jobs, such as in an art gallery, a school, a bookstore, as a preacher, and at last, he became an artist.
    11. 11. He didnt have a very happy life. He painted sad paintingswith poor people in them. His paintings were always very dark until he saw some colorful Japanese paintings.
    12. 12. Most of his work was in the Postimpressionist style.
    13. 13. Pablo PicassoPablo Picasso wasborn more than120 years ago(1881) in Malaga,Spain.
    14. 14. Picasso painted in many styles,including Cubism and Expressionism
    15. 15. The Blue Periodsad looking paintings using blue and blue-green colors.
    16. 16. The Rose The Cubism Period Perioda more happy style with orange and pink colours. The African-influenced Period
    17. 17. AndyWarholAndy Warholwas an Americanartist who was aleading figure inthe visual artmovementknown as popart.
    18. 18. When he graduated from school he went to New York City for a job. He got jobs doing magazine illustrations, decorating department store windows, greeting cards, record albums,book covers, and suns, clouds, and raindrops for television weather reports. He still was not satisfied because he was not famous.
    19. 19. Name the four artists?
    20. 20. Which famous artist had… The realist style? The postimpressionist style?Many styles, including cubism and expressionism? Pop art?