Marketing unit flowers


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Marketing unit flowers

  1. 1. Marketing Unit Flowers (Fall Semester) Curly Willow, Matsumuto Aster,Bupleurum, Veronica, Dusty Miller Scabiosa, Magnolia, Amaryllis
  2. 2. Amaryllis• Genus: Hippeastrum• Availability: year-round• Color: red, orange, pink, apricot, salmon white and bicolors (shown)• Stem is hollow and leafless with 4-6 trumpet-shaped florets in an umbellate pattern; florets continue to open;• Large form flower: Showy mass of florets provides drama.• Longevity: varies, depending on maturity stage of buds• Sold by stem: $4.00• Available as a forced bulb at Christmas time
  3. 3. Bupleurum• Availability: varies year-round• Color: green• Color and form are distinctive.• Medium filler flower: Serves as an excellent choice for combining with hot pink and deep purple in vibrant color combinations.• Longevity: days 4-7• Sold by: Bunch (10)• Cost: $8.00
  4. 4. Curly Willow• Salix• Available Year-round• Color: Green or brown• Branch is irregularly curved, stems may leaf out, also available dried• Provides interesting line element. Suitable for many forms of design• Sold by bunch 10, $10
  5. 5. Dusty MillerSenecio• Availability: varies• Color: gray• Leaves are gray and hirsute and work well as a pressed foliage; can also be useful as a cut foliage.• Small accent: Uniquely gray leaf adds interest to designs, especially in combination with bold colors.• Plant works well in container gardens.• Longevity: varies• Sold by bunch 10, $6.00
  6. 6. Magnolia• Available: October – March• Color: Green w/ brown undersides• Leaf is glossy, stem is woody, leaves may be preserved with glycerine and dyed• Large mass – leaves provide mass and background• Very commomly used in Southern holiday decorations• Longevity: 6-10 days• Sold by weight. $.50/lb
  7. 7. Matsumuto Aster• Genus Name: Callistephus• Available: Year-round, plentiful in April - November• Colors: Purple, pink and red• Colors are bold with yellow center• Long lateral stems Small mass flower• Vase life : 8-10 days• Sold by bunch 10 - $7.00
  8. 8. Scabiosa• Available: June – October• Color: blue, white, yellow, or pink• Longevity: 6-10 days• Flower has pincushion-like central florets with larger marginal ones; looking papery in appearance• Small mass flower for mixed arrangements. Works well in delicate or feminine bouquets• Sold by bunch, $10
  9. 9. Veronica Spike Speedwell• Availabilty: Year Round• Color: Pink, white, purple, & blue• Flower tips have gentle curves• Spike-like racemes of tiny flowers• Medium filler flower. Good choice for summer garden bouquets• Longevity: 5-7 days• Sold by bunch 10/ $8.00