House Plant Problems
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House Plant Problems






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    House Plant Problems House Plant Problems Presentation Transcript

    • Potted plant diseases Plant: Spider Plant Term: Pot-bound
    • Spider Plant
      • Genus: Chlorophytum
      • Indirect Light
      • Keep Evenly Moist
      • Tolerates low humidity
      • Grows best between 50 -75
      • Scale, spider mites, & whiteflies are problems
      • Cut off babies & root them
    • Pot-bound
      • A condition where the roots have outgrown their container and spiral around until all of the soil is displaced.
    • Disease and Insects
      • control pests by recognizing and controlling them on the plant
    • Common plant pests
      • aphids
      • white flies
      • mealy bugs
      • mites
      • scale
    • Aphids
      • small green insects with piercing mouths
      • called plant lice
      • suck plant juices from the plant
    • Aphids
      • work on stem and underside of leaves
      • leaves become sticky with “honey-dew”
      • causes growth of black sooty mold
    • Aphids
      • leaves curl, disfigure, turn yellow
      • use Orthene or insecticidal sopa
    • White Fly
      • small white, winged, sucking insects
      • works on underside of leaves
    • White Fly
      • heavy egg producers
      • infestation can occur quickly
      • eggs laid on underside of plant leaves
    • White Fly
      • cause plant to turn yellow
      • have mottled appearance - spotty
      • White Flies will leave the plant when the leaves are moved
    • Mealy Bugs
      • sucking insect
      • white , woolly mass, like a ball of cotton
      • works on the underside of the leaves
    • Mealy Bugs
      • sucking juices gives plant a faded yellow appearance
      • control by swabbing the insect with a q-tip dipped in alcohol
      • removes insect from plant
    • Mites
      • small spider like insects on bottom side of leaves
      • suck juices causing plant to turn yellow
      • cannot be seen easily with the naked eye
    • Mites
      • hold a white piece of paper under leaf and tap the leaves
      • look for spider like insects moving on the paper
    • Mites
      • wipe across the paper with your finger
      • if mites are present, there will be a red smear
      • control with Kelthane or Orthane
    • Scale
      • when mature, attack stems in a cluster
      • small white gray lumps - oval shape
      • plant turns yellow, loses vigor
    • Scale
      • sticky sap appearance on plant
      • remove with soapy water
      • spray with Malathion or Orthane
    • Botrytis
      • common disease
      • leaves turn black and develop a gray mold and will eventually rot off
    • Botrytis
      • provide good air circulation
      • use a fungicide - Benlate
    • Mildew
      • common disease
      • leaves get a heavy white coating
      • fungicide - Benlate
    • Insecticides
      • can be purchased in most stores
      • read the label for applications and directions
      • Insecticidal soaps are the safest and least toxic