Funeral everlasting unit flowers


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Funeral everlasting unit flowers

  1. 1. Galax• Availability: year-round – varying supplies in May-June• Color: green (medium), sometimes bronzing in fall or winter months• Unique Characteristics: Leaves are rounded or heart shaped on slender stem; can be cut into shapes or used in mass to produce a rosette.• Design Applications: Leaf is a staple for covering mechanics.• Useful for textural interest with other shapes of foliage.• Longevity: weeks 1-2• Sold by bunch (25) $4.00
  2. 2. Florist’s Emerald• Chamaedorea• Available year-round• Green• Can be braided or cut• Large filler – used as background in line mass arrangements• Frequently used for funeral sprays• Lasts 2-3 weeks• Costs: $7 for bunch/10
  3. 3. Eucalyptus- Seeded• Availability: year-round• Color: gray-green• Fragrance is pungent; leaves have silver-dollar appearance; will air dry, becoming brittle.• Small filler: Adds textural interest with leaf form and berries. Makes a nice choice for mixed bouquets as a filler, or to produce emphasis in focal zones by adding texture.• Longevity: weeks 2-3 long lasting• Sold by Bunch (5)• $ 8.00 per bunch
  4. 4. Eucalyptus• Availability: year-round• Color: gray, silvery-blue• Fragrance is strong;• Commercially available dyed and treated with glycerin for pliability; popular in permanent botanical designs;• Preserved Eucalyptus is available in several colors.• Medium filler- Stem length and form give this filler versatility, making it adaptable to large or small designs. Unique form adds interest when used for line, filler, or texture.• Longevity: weeks 2-3 long lasting
  5. 5. Lotus Pod• Genus: Nelumbo• Availability: year-round• Color: brown• Dried material is also available in dyed or spray-tinted colors• Occasionally appears as a fresh-cut product with nice spring green coloration.• Large mass: Round form is useful for adding mass to traditional and contemporary designs. Works well when used with pine cones and other pods in holiday centerpieces or wreaths. An excellent choice for terracing.• Longevity: long lasting• Sold by stem - $2.00
  6. 6. Wheat -Triticum• Availability: year-round• Color: tan with tan or dark beard• Can be beardless, commercially available in several dyed colors.• Small, adds texture and line• Seed head is great for bundling. Stems can also be used for binding technique.• Makes a nice textural addition to fall centerpieces and wreaths.• Longevity: long lasting• Sold by bunch, $8.00
  7. 7. Straw Flower• Bracteantha• Available in Fall – Oct – Nov• Colors: Yellow, orange, white, red, & pink• Flower air dries well and has a straw-like appearance• Wire when dried• Small mass flower used for Autumn arrangements• Sold by bunch 10/ $6.50
  8. 8. Quercus• Oak leaves• Availability: year-round• Color: orange, yellow, rust, and green (lime)• Dried material has been stem-dyed and preserved with glycerin; keep package sealed• Medium filler. Well suited for dried wreaths or arrangements.• Multiple colors makes this product more adaptable for trans-seasonal uses.• Longevity: long lasting• Sold by bunch (5) $4.00