9 28 Introduction To Irrigation
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9 28 Introduction To Irrigation






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9 28 Introduction To Irrigation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Landscape irrigation Terms & Equipment Plant: Japanese Barberry Term: Irrigation
  • 2. Japanese Barberry
    • Shrub, deciduous
    • Hardiness Zones: 4a to 8a
    • Height: 3’ to 6’ by Spread : 4’ to 6’
    • Exposure: shade to full sun
    • Leaf Color: Green, Purple – Grown for Foliage not blooms
    • Has small red berries in fall
    • Grows very slowly
    • Looks like a red boxwood
    • Has small thorns
  • 3. Irrigation
    • Supplying water to land through artificial means.
    • Two Types
      • Drip – applied to the soil
      • Sprinkler – applied over head
  • 4. Drip Systems
    • Used for garden beds, individual plants
    • Impractical for turf.
    • Drip tubes or porous tubes
    • Tree Gators
    • May be mandated by code in water conservation areas
    • Two emitters
      • Pressure compensating – needed for rolling terrain
      • Non-compensating
    • Emitter spacing depends on soil types and root zone size
  • 5. Sprinklers
    • Used for turf grass areas
    • Used for garden beds where obstructions do not block spray patters
    • Spray heads – steady flow
    • Impact or rotary heads – larger area
  • 6. Comparison To the roots of plants Over top of plants Delivery Location tubing & drip emitters Spray or rotary heads Delivery Mechanism Low Pressure High Pressure Delivery Pressure Drip Sprinkler
  • 7. Comparison Inexpensive Can’t see prob-lems til too late Expensive Easy to find problems Installation & Maintenance No run-off No evaporation Run-off Evaporation Problems Slow Gallons/hour Fast Gallons/minute Delivery Rate Drip Sprinkler
  • 8. Sprinkler Heads:
    • Pop-up
      • Size depends on the plant height in the zone
    • Spray Nozzles
      • Color indicates distance of throw
    • VAN – Variable Angle Nozzle
  • 9. Sprinkler Systems
    • Areas to be irrigated are divided into zones based on water flow rates
    • Each zone is controlled by a solenoid valve
    • Irrigation controller – computer that tells valves when to turn on and off
  • 10. Today
    • Complete day 1 of irrigation packet
    • Watch video on planning irrigation
    • Go to flagpole garden
      • Measure & sketch the garden
    • Measure gallons per minute from the bib