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  • 1. Tree Care Tree: Bradford Pear Term: Root zone
  • 2. Bradford Pear
    • Medium sized ornamental tree, 25-40 ft high
    • Showy, white flowers appear during spring growth, often before the leaves.
    • In autumn the leaves turn bright red to dark red before falling.
    • Very disease resistant, making it useful as a street tree.
    • Short life span (about 25 to 30 years) makes it necessary to replace individuals more frequently
    • Weak branches are susceptible to storm and ice damage
  • 3. Root zone
    • The entire area where roots are growing below the plant.
    • Root zone s are important for walking paths, grading, and future plantings
    • Most roots are only 18 -24โ€ under the surface.
  • 4. Root zone
    • Best to mulch as much of the root zone as possible
    • Avoid compaction of the soil
    • Do not change the grade of a slope in the root zone
      • Do not fill
      • Do not cut
  • 5. Fertilizing trees
    • Use 2 lbs of fertilizer for every 1000 sq ft of root zone
    • Fertilize in the fall
    • Usually not necessary to fertilize the trees if you are fertilizing the lawn
    • Broadcast the fertilizer and water it into the soil
    • Fertilizer stakes are not any better than broadcast fertilizer
  • 6. Root fertilization
    • New technique
    • Injects a liquid fertilizer into the root zone
    • Effectiveness is debatable
    • Landscape companies are promoting it and profiting from it
  • 7. Mulch
    • Cool roots
    • Helps retain moisture
    • Prevents mower & weed eater damage to trunk
    • Do not allow mulch to touch trunk
    • Mulch should be 3-4โ€ deep and cover as much of the root zone as possible
  • 8. Water
    • Trees only need supplemental water in their first year after planting
    • Use a dripper system for slow, even watering
  • 9. Check
    • Check all trees at least annually for damage or poor growth
    • Remove dead or damaged branches
    • Remove leaves from ground if any sign of disease