Sucess of life. !


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Sucess of life. !

  1. 1. INSPIRING SOULS . Kalpana By - Shilad kumar D
  2. 2. Let’s become children's now.  Why we need to become child?  Bring some new gadget.  We will start reading manual.  Give the same gadget to your kid.  Kids will show us how to operate.  Elders have mind blocks, bound with rules, regulations, tension etc...  Kids will be open to learn everything.
  3. 3. Mind blockages.  “Premature cognitive commitment”.  It’s a mechanism of perception.  You only create your own universe.  Example: “Masaru-emoto” conducted a test on Water molecules and shown how cell get affected when it exposed to different energies.
  4. 4. “Stay away from the bad people”:  We also grow up in our life by absorbing energy around us.  Concept of “Madi” (untouchability).  Our parents always use to tell as “Beta bhagthe raho, jeena aasaan nahi hain, Bahoot mushkil hain” why??? Ex: Elephant.
  5. 5. Run… Run… Run…  Fast forward life. Need to finish off 120 years of plan of life with in 50-60 years.  Run like a Usain bolt.  We will start feeding this to our mind every second as “Life is not easy, its very difficult”.
  6. 6. Premature cognitive commitment: “Its a commitment we make in our body mind, that ultimately structure our reality.” - Deepak Chopra.  Elders train our mind.  So we fail to utilize our mind’s complete strength.  Boundaries.  Limitations.  We also become like an Elephant in our life.  We only restricting our child’s creativity by putting rules and regulations.
  7. 7. Let’s relax…  Life (Video).  Remove our firewall’s (Mind blocks).  Empty our temporary memory.
  8. 8. Successful person…  Getting good amount of salary.  Bank balance, property.  Having a 3 BHK house / villa.  Having a BMW / Audi car.  Marrying to beautiful girl / handsome guy. No.
  9. 9. In this process:  And the thing which is not with us by remembering that we keep crying every sec till the end of our life. All this is not success, its just show off, we can’t take any of these things when we die.
  10. 10. Goal:  60-years tak note chaapo, baad me retirement ho jao aur aaram se jiyo.  Who knows when our life will end.  Forget about tomorrow, Live for today.  We can’t clap with single hand.  We need to take everything in parallel.  Can we have only Sweet / only Pickle / only sambar / only Curry / only rice / only roti / only Water. ???
  11. 11. If we don’t have IT job…!!!  No respect.  No marriage.  Dreams will remain dreams.  Can’t admit our children's to great schools.  Lakhs of rupees need to pay as donation / year for baby class itself.  List goes on and on and on…
  12. 12. We start running in life’s race: But we loose  Concentration on work.  Energy.  Peace.  Happiness.  Sleep.  Health.  We start loosing interest in everything.  Finally people start smoking and drinking.
  13. 13. Start developing:  Depression.  BP.  Sugar disease.  Slowly we start having the tablets like a meal.  Then doctor will tell us as: “Ab to thumareliye kuch karlo beta, nihi to Bhagavaan hi aap ke jeevan ko kuch kardenge”.
  14. 14. People want only IT guy.  Father in-law won’t be knowing how much his health got spoiled in this process.  How many bad habits person may have developed them self for to come out of the stress.  Sleeping tablets.  Short tempered person.  Lead his life with daughter / laptops and phones.  Divorces in IT family.
  15. 15. Only high salaried job can’t help us:  Tablets start showing reaction on our body.  All our savings can’t repair our health.  Finally one fine day we may need to leave this world itself before fulfilling all our dreams (120 years of Plan of life).  We can't take even single rupee with us.  No one will come behind us.
  16. 16. People will always talk:  If we become successful.  If we become failure in our life.  Forget about the people.  Along with the future we have to take care of health, peace & happiness.  Let us live our life happily and live healthily.  Then only we can able to see tomorrow.
  17. 17. Life is precious:  Stop thinking about world.  Never live your life for the world.  Never think in your life as what the world will think of me if I do this job.  Start living for our satisfaction, for your self and for your family.  For our health.  For our happiness.
  18. 18.  Happiness.  Peace.  Good relationship with family, friends and colleagues.  Health. “Then only we will be called as successful person in life. We can achieve anything in our life”.  That‟s the reason people tell as “Health is wealth.”  If we have all these then money will run behind us.
  19. 19. Real success  If you have corers of rupees in your account and if you don‟t know how to utilize the money energy properly in the fear of securing your future then you are the poorest person.  Success in life is continued expansion of happiness.  Success is a journey not a Destination. -Deepak Chopra.  If we die peacefully and happily then that’s the real success.
  20. 20. Money is a very good energy.  When you know the technique of sharing the „money energy‟ with others then double the money you will get back.  Money is a very good energy, never waste it.  Utilize money  Wisely.  Constructively.  Judiciously.
  21. 21. “How we will think, like that we will become”. For to become successful person what we need to do.?  Be positive.  But positive thinking??? will it be enough?  No, Because our mind (Conscious mind) will get 70K thoughts in a day.  Then what else we need to do.?  Believe in ourselves, in our work and in our thoughts.  Based on our intentions, our life will start changing.
  22. 22. We already created so many miracles in our life:  Is driving in Indian roads is a easy task?  Is living in this corrupted country is a easy task?  Is living in this egoistic world is a easy task?  Is having a great relatives who can’t tolerate our growth is a easy task?  NO we already created so many miracles in our life's.
  23. 23. Still we struggle some times:  For to keep our body and mind fit, few people do yoga, few go to gym etc…  Still we struggle in our life with different problems at different point of time.  We may affect with some serious health issues.  We may meet accident repeatedly in same manner.  No harmony between Husband and wife.  Suddenly person character & habits will change.  Finally people feel to end their life.
  24. 24. Reason are: 1. Past life prob. 1. We may have cheated some people in our previous life’s (Karma). 2. In this life it may affect us, that too may be repeatedly. 2. Black magic. 1. By seeing our growth, people will do black magic. 2. They may leave spirit’s in our body for to destroy us.
  25. 25. Reason are: 3. Elementus : Unnatural death may lead to put a temporary break for a soul from going into a reincarnation path. Death would have been happened may be because of (Unnatural death):  Love failure.  Accident.  Murders. Etc… 1. Elementus will enter into other person’s body who’s aura is weak. 2. Suddenly that person characters will become change.
  26. 26. Symptoms of spirit problem: 1. They may start smoking / drinking suddenly. 2. They may suddenly become having non-veg. 3. They may start getting anger for silly reasons. 4. They may start talking them selves. 5. They won’t feel to talk with any one. 6. Use to get angry for anything. Totally that person character will change.
  27. 27. What they will do once spirits enter into person’s body.  Spirits will try to fulfill their own dreams.  If person’s own soul tries to resist or create problems for that spirit, then it will try to escape from that body.  But it can’t go out from that body.  Then it will influence that person for to attempt suicide.
  28. 28. Power of mind.  Earlier when kids use to cry even though babies stomach is full, what elder people use to do.?  They won’t give any medicine.  What they will do?  “Najar utaarenge”.  It means some invisible energy is there. By using that they use to make our babies stop from crying.
  29. 29. When will be our Aura will be week?  When a person don’t have consciousness on his body.  Unhealthy state.  Drunken state.  Drugs etc… That’s the reason our elder people always tell us as: “Dhyan lagake kaam karo beta”  In all the above cases our mind won’t be in our control.
  30. 30. Mind’s functionality is very important.  Assume you brought a high end super computer by investing lakhs of rupees.  Imagine that system’s OS got corrupted.  Till you repair your system is that system will it be useful ? No.  When the OS is working properly then only we can feel the ability of the speed of the computer.  Our body is like a hardware, and Our mind is like a OS.  If we keep our mind properly then we can achieve anything by using our hardware.
  31. 31. Solutions  Reiki.  Self hypnosis.  Pranic Healing  Meditation. etc..