Cyber security


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Cyber security

  1. 1. By :
  2. 2. Cyber Security can be defined as the steps taken to preventmisuse or unauthorized access of computers/user accounts. ORIt can be defined protecting yourself in this “Web” world.
  3. 3. The two broad classification of cyber security are :•Web Security : It refers to to security associated withInternet.•Home Security : Home security is associated with keepingyour personal system secure from various threats.
  4. 4. Components of Web Security : •E –Mail Security : E-Mail is used by almost every person who uses internet. But rarely people worry about their security .Most of the people make an email account and rarely change its password ever , making the account very vulnerable! •Facebook Security : These days everyone is on facebook and many accounts get hacked .We think that security of facebook is very low due to which the accounts get hacked .But facebook has been pentested so many times that its security is very high and its the lack of awareness of the users that their accounts get hacked . Many people don’t change passwords regularly or often open up some link which are nothing but scripts leading to hack their account.
  5. 5. •Online Banking Security : Most of the banks offer a very good securitybut still on the side of the users there is carelessness which leads to leakof confidential information.
  6. 6. Components of Home Security :•Antivirus : Ensuring that we have a good anti-virus which protectsyour computer from any external harm by viruses , trojans etc. is amust. One should update the antivirus regularly too.•Firewall : A firewall is a tool whose main objective is to control theincoming and outgoing data packets in a network. It determineswhether the packets are valid or invalid on the basis of some predetermined rules.•Good Password : Users should keep a good password which cannot beeasily guessed by others. A good password contains a combination ofwords , numbers, shift keys etc..
  7. 7. Facebook being the most accessed site all over the world makes itthe prime target of attackers . So here are some tips to increase thesecurity of your facebook account :One Should always keep the following options enabled inFacebook : •Secure browsing - Enable https tag to the url instead of http, HTTPS is more safer and secure. •Login notifications - It tells you about from where your account has been accessed,if you find a fishy location,change password immediately •Recognized devices - By choosing this option you can specify the devices by which you use facebook,if your account is accessed by an unrecognized device,fb prevents login from that device.
  8. 8. •I would recommend girls to make "groups in your friend list . Put thosepeople in acquaintances who you dont know or trust less as these are thepeople who leak your photos .•Putting such people in “acquaintances” ensures security of the data youpost on fb , as people of this group are unable to see most of thepics, statuses you update.•DONT add strangers..a bit less comments on photos are surely better than anyharassment :P
  9. 9. Here are some interesting Tweaks which you can always try outduring free time :•Play “Snake Game” on youtube - All you have to do is press –"left mouse button+left arrow+up arrow“, and the snake gamebegins!•Post display pic as emoticon in fb chat : You can add facebookprofiles,like pages etc. in facebook chat.All you have to do istype the unique username like this : [[username]] . For exampleFacebook username is . So, If I have to postmy image in the chat I will type [[john]] and press enter.
  10. 10. Screen Capture of a live feed of an Airport which was easily accessible byanyone due to a loophole in security.
  11. 11. Feel free to ask questions and doubts  -Don’t ignore to secure