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Very abbreviated version of Jim's presentation to NOMMA in Feb 2012 as their keynote speaker. This presentation was about Shift Happens (Change Management).

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  • Southwest, which flies more passengers per year than any other airline in the world, limits its fleet to one model of aircraft. In contrast, most organizations trip over themselves trying to keep up with the large variety of their equipment.
  • To establish credibility you shouldKnow the boundaries and resources of your companyListen to Your Players needsGive Attention To DetailProvide Meaningful InformationFollow Through
  • Channel your thoughts and efforts on solutions.Clients like you best when you are a solutions provider.Things may be changing inside NOMMA but the needfor a satisfied customer never changes.
  • NOMMA Shift Happens Presentation - Short

    1. 1. ©2012 James Feldman All rights reserved.
    2. 2. don’t follow the crowd
    3. 3. retain individuality
    4. 4. your industry is not immune
    5. 5. it’s time for a shift
    6. 6. it’s time for innovation
    7. 7. dominate your universe
    8. 8. a single customer shifted
    9. 9. keep it simple
    10. 10. if it’s not broken, break it
    11. 11. exceed expectations
    12. 12. engage technology
    13. 13. is there an app for that?
    14. 14. some pains you can’t cure
    15. 15. you are in the center of changeTerryBarrett &RogerCarlsenoffer theirservicestoNOMMAmembers.
    16. 16. listen = learn
    17. 17. “If it had not been for NOMMAwe might have been out of business”. knowledge is free wisdom comes from experience
    18. 18. change how customers think… NOT what they buy.
    19. 19. logic makes people think
    20. 20. emotions make people act “NOMMA is a strong fraternity, without trade secrets.”
    21. 21. some have diversified“I build hydraulic tanks and selldirectly to my customer,thus avoiding Cash Flowissues associated withbeing a subcontractor.”
    22. 22. use this shift as anew business model
    23. 23. time is money
    24. 24. what am I doing differentlytomorrow that will obtain betterresults than I achieved today?
    25. 25. question everything
    26. 26. keep focused on your
    27. 27. the achievement of your vision resides in theirlevel of contentment with your solutions
    28. 28. “In D.C. area they don’t have a big demand for ornamental work. Had to layoff staff after 30 years in business.” Patti Koppersthe biggest challenge is the rate of change and resistance to it
    29. 29. keep your promise
    30. 30. profit margins cut in half
    31. 31. “High End Retailers Report Strong Profits, but Walmart Still Struggles.” New York Timesare you Bloomingdales or Walmart?
    32. 32. don’t reduce your price
    33. 33. focus on service
    34. 34. change is the key to successCash flow is a big issueNormally no deposits upfront.60+ payment is now the normal.Retention game 10% is held.
    35. 35. make traditionalists squirm
    36. 36. genuine wins. uncommon wins. original wins.
    37. 37. what am I doing differentlytomorrow that will obtain better results than I achieved today?
    38. 38. Consider Barter =
    39. 39. don’t waste energy on emotions
    40. 40. spend energy on solutions
    41. 41. take more risks
    42. 42. stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself
    43. 43. become extraordinary everyday
    44. 44. experts have their knowledge in order
    45. 45. Talk To MeLinkedIn: @ShiftHappensNowHashtag: