Iii. event trends and issues


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Iii. event trends and issues

  1. 1. III. EVENT TRENDS AND ISSUES  Analyze the trends and impacts of EventTrend - defined as a general direction in which a company or industry is moving.Issues– problems that are common across the industry.The solution to a number of related issues may result in a trend in the industry. The issues have common thread:they are the growing pains of a young industry. As the industry grows, it absorbs older industries and redefinescurrent ones.CURRENT TREND AND TECHNOLOGICAL FORCESA major trend worldwide over the past decade was the growth and expansion of the event industry. Having emergedas an industry in its own right through the 1990s, the event sector continues to grow, fuelled by economic growth andthe increase in leisure spending in most western countries.Around the world, public entertainment events is on offer each weekend, catering to almost every conceivable tasteand interest group. Events have become an essential element of contemporary life, linked inseparably with tourismpromotion, government strategies and corporate marketing.As events became established as a significant component of marketing mix, they became increasingly subject torigorous evaluation of their outcomes, leading to the need for standardized event management processes. Globalcompanies began to streamline their event production to ensure the delivery of a standard event product overdifferent markets and locations.Any advance in information technology has an effect on events. Information technology passes through almost allareas of event management, from sound system used at the event to the ticketing and attendee registration. Thesoftware used to manage events has become more sophisticated as the power of the microchip has increased.A further trend in computing is the growth of the Internet, which is used for research, marketing, communication andreporting.The use of personal digital assistants (PDA), or hand-held computers, is also increasing at events. These pocket-sized devices can contain all the information about the event. The complete event manual can be placed into a PDA.Information can quickly be retrieved and new data can be entered.INCREASED DEMMAND AND SUPPLYThis exponential increase in the number of events has created a demand for qualified event managers and forindustry suppliers to fill the increasing need for event-related goods and services. The number of venues hasincreased, both at the level of publicity funded recreation spaces, malls, convention and exhibition centers and at thelevel of privately funded meeting facilities in hotels.Supply of Customers Supply of Products Supply of Facilities • Marketing • Transport • Security • Ticketing • Accomodation • Power • Queuing • Artist need • Water • Transport • ContractorGROWTH OF CORPORATE EVENTMany companies became involved in event sponsorship, often tailored to the tastes and interests of seniormanagement. They can also expand their internal use of events to: • Train and reward staff, • Improve company moral, • Educate dealer networks and • Maintain customer relations.
  2. 2. IMPACTS OF EVENT TO TOURISM 1. It encourages tourists to participate and 2. Makes tourist to stay longer in the area which has held the event 3. Introduces and promotes products and services 4. It could be the key point to the solution of the off-season in the tourism. 5. It promotes not only the event or the business but also the country itself. 6. Public facilities improve the quality of residents’ lives in an event host city 7. It gives jobs for the localsEvents act as travel motivators as they offer: • Authenticity • Uniqueness • Hospitality • Affordability • Participation opportunitiesLOCAL EVENTThe festivals reflect the diverse cultural heritage and provide amazing opportunities for visitors to experience thewarmth, hospitality and vibrant spirits of Filipinos. It is observed to honor the patron saints in every town in thecountry.People in the Philippines are known to be festival lovers. Some are to commemorate an event in history or showgratitude for a good harvest. They are celebrated to boost up tourism and to attract tourist.Here are some of the festivals in the Philippines that are popular and known to the world. • Ati-atihan festival • Sinulog festival • Panagbenga festival • Moriones festival • Flores de Mayo • ChristmasINTERNATIONAL EVENTThere are so many events around the world. Some are celebrated during summer while others are during the winterseason. Here are the some events famous around the world: • Winter festival • Olympic Games • Rose Festival • NBA • World Soccer CupROLES OF GOVERNMENT AND NON-GOVERNMENT SECTORS 1. Financer 2. Manager 3. RegulatorMajor conferences and exhibitions also require government assistance through the provision of infrastructure such asconvention and exhibition centers and the support of convention bureaus able to mount bids and orchestrateresources.