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Ngo online resource

  1. 1. Online Resource Directory NGO`s001.Name of the NGO: Association for India’s DevelopmentFocus/Area of Specialization: Association for Indias Development (AID) isa volunteer movement committed to promoting sustainable, equitable andjust development. In solidarity with non-violent peoples struggles, AIDsupports grassroots organizations in India and initiates efforts in variousinterconnected spheres such as education, livelihoods, natural resources,health, womens empowerment and social justice. Contact Details: info@aidindia1 888-TALK-2-AID P.O. Box FCollege ParkMarylandUSA MD 20741( of the NGO: Sanskriti Samvardhan MandalFocus/Area of Specialization: The founder, chairman Karmayogi K.N. aliasBabasaheb Deshmukh, was moved by the plight of the rural poor andinnocent people and decided to establish an Organisation which supports allspheres of Rural life and empowers rural community.Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal came in to existence in 1959 at Sharadanagar,SAGROLI.SSM started with a small school in a couple of huts, eventuallypropagated, into a vast world of multi dimensional NGO, operating fromSharadanagar, a sprawling 110 acre campus, donated by Babasaheb from hisown property. SSMs services are recognized and felicitated on the nationaland international daises at times.Vision : Educationally and Socio-economically sound rural communities.Mission : Attain general Rural Development through Education, Health Care,Empowerment of women and Watershed DevelopmentContact Details:Shri. Pramod DeshmukhThe Director,Sanskriti Samvardhan Mandal,‘Karmayog Sharada Nagar,Sagroli. Nanded.- 431 731Maharashtra, (
  2. 2. 003.Name of the NGO: Bankers Institute of Rural DevelopmentFocus/Area of Specialization: The Institute meets the training,consultancy and research needs of Rural Financial Institutions andOrganisations working in Government and Non-Government Sectors in theareas of Rural Credit and Rural Development.Contact Details:Director,BIRD,Sector-H, LDA Colony,Kanpur Road,Lucknow - 226 012,INDIA. ( Name of the NGO: Azad India FoundationFocus/Area of Specialization: Azad India Foundation is a well-recognized non governmental organization (NGO) in Kishanganj,Bihar and has various donations related permissions. Donors areentitled to Income tax rebate under 80G. For Foreign donors our NGOhas an FCRA account. Azad India Foundation aims at Rural WelfareReforms for the Indian Woman and Girl Child, Social welfare andHealth Welfare. It is an Indian NGO for Social Services, Indian ChildWelfare Services, and Welfare for the Rural Indian Woman, RuralEducation and Self Employment. An organization committed to theoverall development of rural India. Contact Details: Azad India Foundation Line Mohalla Kishanganj-855107 Bihar Phn:06456-222483 Ms.Yuman Hussain Executive Director (
  3. 3. 005. Name of the NGO: Drishtee FoundationFocus/Area of Specialization: "To Understand, Promote and Synergize the ICTs for socio-economic development of rural community"Contact Details: Drishtee FoundationA-11, Sector 2,NOIDA – 201301Uttar PradeshTel : 0120 - 2545968, 2455969, 2454970Fax : 0120 – 2454967Email : ( of the NGO: PRADANFocus/Area of Specialization: Impacting Livelihoods to Enable Rural Communities".Contact Details: New DelhiPost Box No. 38273 Community Shopping CentreNiti BaghNew Delhi 110 049Tel: 011 2651 8619, 51640611Tel/fax: 011 2651 4682E-mail: of the NGO: i VolunteerFocus/Area of Specialization: India Fellow is a 6-week long rural fellowship program thatexposes youth to the myriad development challenges that India faces today. It is a "totalimmersion program" which means that fellows stay with the rural NGO for the entireduration.Young under graduate and postgraduate students are selected, oriented and thenplaced with rural NGOs across India. Post fellowship, iVolunteer engages fellows in ameaningful way to help them share their learning and contribute in a positive manner.Contact Details;Ms. Sherin JacobD-134, 1st Floor, East of Kailash, New Delhi 110065 IndiaTel: 011-26217460Telefax: 011-65672160Email: (
  4. 4. 008.Name of the NGO: BAIF Development Research FoundationFocus/Area of Specialization: BAIFs Mission is to create opportunities ofgainful self-employment for the rural families, especially disadvantagedsections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improvedquality of life and good human values. This is being achieved throughdevelopment research, effective use of local resources, extension ofappropriate technologies and upgradation of skills and capabilities withcommunity participation. BAIF is a non-political, secular and professionallymanaged organizationContact Details: Dr. ManibhaiDesai Nagar,Warje,Pune 411 ( of the NGO: Confederation of NGOs OF RURAL INDIAFocus/Area of Specialization: CNRI is an Apex Body of Non-Governmentalorganisations of rural India with the specific objective of strengthening, co-ordinating and facilitating their working at the grass root level for integrateddevelopment of the rural India and to emerge as a think-tank as well as aconsultative body at the national and international level.Contact Details:Confederation of NGOs of Rural IndiaJ-59, B.K. Dutt Colony, Jor Bagh RoadNew Delhi - 110 003IndiaPh: 91 - 11 - ( Name of the NGO: Aga Khan Development Network Focus/Area of Specialization: The Aga Khan Development Network(AKDN) is a group of development agencies with mandates rangingfrom health and education to architecture, culture, microfinance,disaster reduction ,rural development, the promotion of private-sector enterprise and the revitalisation of historic cities.AKDN consists of the following organisationsContact Details:
  5. 5. 011. Name of the NGO: Jagaran Jan Vikas SamitiFocus/Area of Specialization: JAGRAN has experienced a rapid growth andacceptance by the rural communities. In response to enthusiastic public acceptanceof the value of our work, we have opened three furnished offices in our own buildingsat Udaipur, Vali, Jaisamand and two field offices in leased buildings at Chansda andDhariyawad. Our offices are furnished with all facilities for proper management andthe field offices are also developed as well equipped training centers for betterexecution of programmes. In addition to these our Kurabad campus has trainingcentre, herbal garden, medicines/products manufacturing unit, resource unit,pharmacy, marketing cell and herbal clinic. In total 29 full time and 14 part timepersonnel are working in organisation. But our main strength lays in the 250dedicated volunteers and the 55 members that work on an honorarium basis.Contact Details: For more information, please contactBhanwar Dhabai, Ganesh PurohitJagran Jan Vikas SamitiSapetia Road, Bedla, Udaipur (Rajasthan), IndiaTel: +91 294 2441322, +91 294 2441932Fax: +91 294 2450760E-mail: ( )012. Name of the NGO: Help your NGOFocus/Area of Specialization: Helpyour NGO strives to bridge this gapbetween potential donors and needy NGOs in India. By providing information onNGOs - their activities and financials, we wish to help donors make an informeddecision on where they would like to donate their time and money. [ Read ourMission Statement ]Contact UsFor general information, e-mail info@helpyourngo.comFor those wishing to donate, click hereFor charities/NGOs wishing to send us information, or mail the last 2 annual reports and any other datalike brochures to our office India Private Limited153, B Wing, Mittal Court,
  6. 6. Nariman Point,"Mumbai – 400 021, India"Phone: (91-22) 2287 6638"Fax: (91-22) 2285 4318 . ( Name of the NGO: The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of CultureFocus/Area of Specialization: Swami Vivekananda envisaged that new India willemerge from cottages, farms, small factories with which masses of India are organically related.The Swami gave a call to the youth to work amongst the masses to bring them at par with thepeople of the developed countries of the world. He had a vision that new India would growcombining the spiritual heritage of the East and the science and technology of the West. Thework will be done by the young people with a spirit of selfless service. From the lectures, lettersand some of the books he wrote, we find that Swamiji had a comprehensive plan for communitydevelopment, both urban and rural, integrating the best of the East and the West. His principles ofaction in this respect were based on the following ideasContact Us: The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of CultureGol Park,Calcutta - 700 029.West Bengal, India