Improving website conversions


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How to improve website conversions

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Improving website conversions

  1. 1. Presented by Sam shetty 30th April 20012How to optimiseconversion rates
  2. 2. Agenda• Mobile revolution• Understanding Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)• Tips on CRO• Q&A
  3. 3. Mobile > PC
  4. 4. PC > Mobile
  5. 5. The traditional shopping process is … Linear, predictable, analog, brand-controlledSource: The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive
  6. 6. The new purchase journey is … Non-Linear, multi-channel, digital, consumer-controlledSource : The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive
  7. 7. Clicks are People !For you to achieve your goals, your visitormust achieve their goal first.“Visitors are only concerned with how theywant to buy and what is relevant to them”
  8. 8. Watch your data not just results!!“Successful marketers knowtheir goals, and they watchdata everyday and constantlyanalyse not only the results,but what data matters.”
  9. 9. What is conversion rate?• The percentage of your visitors who end up reaching a given goal.• Typical goals include, making a purchase, submitting an inquiry form, and signing up for a free newsletter.
  10. 10. Conversion rates
  11. 11. What’s your conversion rate ?2 %, 5% or 10 % ?To double your conversion rate, youneed to increase conversion rates ofyour:• Ads by 25 %• Homepage by 25 %• Product page by 25 %• Shopping cart by 25 %
  12. 12. Navigation Easy to Navigate
  13. 13. Design Professional Design
  14. 14. Content Answers Who, What & Why
  15. 15. Accessible26
  16. 16. Not just sells but Educates27
  17. 17. #18 Content is Social & Shareable 28
  18. 18. PromotesCustomerSuccess
  19. 19. CRO Process Research & Analysis Review & Ideas & Solutions Implementation Testing
  20. 20. Purchase funnels are changing andDIGITAL is playing a role at every stage. Awareness Customers see conversations between brands & satisfied customers. This builds trust. Interest Reviews & active communities show Desire prospects that desired needs will be met. Consideration & Research Customers rely on a number of platforms to move to action Action Engaged new customers become great Advocacy ambassadors
  21. 21. Mobile site optimisationThe mobile rule of thumb“ If it cannot be done by the thumb, it cannot be done”• Buttons should be big• Buttons should be isolated• Buttons should be reachable• Buttons Should be Prioritised• Buttons Should Use Descriptive Text
  22. 22. Ways to improve conversions• A/B split tests• Google Adwords• Web analytics• Usability testing• Test your headlines• Test different offers• Test different calls-to-action• Remove clutter• Test different images• Don’t ask for too much information
  23. 23. Website Usability• Simple & Easy to use• Design pages for scanning and not for reading• Good, visible, site navigation• Talk the same language like your users• Prioritize the key information( users look for) above the fold• Trust & Creditability need to be reinforced
  24. 24. Conclusion• Q&A• Request a free Consultation for your website• Thank you !!!• Sam Shetty