E Commerce website optimisation


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Improving your online sales

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E Commerce website optimisation

  1. 1. Presented by Sam shetty 1st May 2012How to attract new visitors,optimise conversion and keepcustomers coming back formore
  2. 2. Agenda• Online marketing ….why bother• Website usability• Better conversions• Conclusion• Q&A
  3. 3. Sales conversions>95% Of online shoppers search the web for product reviews and price comparisons before making a purchase.These consumers are influenced by:• Research capabilities• Social media &• Increased mobility* PricewaterhouseCoopers Digital Media Research report July 25th 2011
  4. 4. The traditional shopping process is … Linear, predictable, analog, brand-controlledSource: The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive
  5. 5. The new purchase journey is … Non-Linear, multi-channel, digital, consumer-controlledSource : The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive
  6. 6. Which one is right for me ?
  7. 7. Conversion rates
  8. 8. Is PPC right for me ?• Does your business have a unique selling point ?• Do you stock products ?• Do you need to feed your sales team with leads ?• Low cost of lead acquisition• Do you need to measure ROI ?• Ability to focus on specific locations , time zone• Ability to change your marketing message daily• Better conversions
  9. 9. Social Media StrategyIs NOT the same as a Digital Marketing Strategy!
  10. 10. How is social media used ?
  11. 11. Key factors about social media• Attraction: How to draw people to you• Retention: How to keep people coming back• Conversion: Moving from liker to buyer• Measurement: Making wise decisions
  12. 12. 2 Strategies
  13. 13. Website Usability• Simple & Easy to use• Design pages for scanning and not for reading• Good, visible, site navigation• Talk the same language like your users• Prioritise the key information( users look for) above the fold• Trust & Creditability need to be reinforced
  14. 14. Usability : The Home page• Most valuable property on your website• Make it obvious what you do/sell• Unique selling points (Free shipment, quick shipment )• Refund policy/ Customer support options• Seasonal campaign activity (People buy for occasions)• Good search option ( Search buy brand, price , Type)• Over the fold !!!
  15. 15. Usability : The product page• Focus on one button - “Buy Now ”• The more images the better• Details on demand• Zoom is essential• Cross sell/up sell• Show delivery/ stock info• Product reviews• Share capabilities
  16. 16. The Checkout• Your customer is waiting at the till with their credit card ready … what could possibly go wrong ?“ Sites lose over 50 % of their customers at checkout”
  17. 17. My Hosting .. Why should I bother?• Direct impact on your revenue• Customer experience• Repeat customers• Mobile users
  18. 18. Engage your audience• People don’t buy first time• Why will they remember to come back• What makes your site so special ?• Make it fun but have a point
  19. 19. Email : Retention
  20. 20. Email marketing• Easy to get business from existing customers• Highest spenders• Highest converters• Low CPA ( cost per acquisition)So look after them !!!!!Returning customers spend up to 30 % more and cost 70 % less
  21. 21. Go Social• Social media is the new worth of mouth marketing• Use the Facebook, twitter to get others to recommend your brand• Onsite reviews increases conversions
  22. 22. Increasing conversions on websites• Show a telephone number• Provide a consistent experience• Have a clear and concise headline• Enable sharing options• Keep reading to a minimum• Keep it above the fold• Don’t ask for information you don’t need• Have an FAQ section• Good call to action
  23. 23. Summary• Measure and track everything• Usability is key to success• Perfect the checkout process or lose $$$$$• Engage with your customers• Search is King, Get your site ranked high on search engines• Email can be very powerful• Use social media to connect with customers• Keep an eye on emerging technology
  24. 24. Conclusion