Dell (social media analysis)


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  • (Top 10 FB brands)
  • Dell (social media analysis)

    1. 1. Analysing the OnlineReputation of Dell ComputersBhushan Shetty - @bhushanshettyGerminait Solutions Private Limited, Mumbai, 16th October 2012, 17:00 1
    2. 2. Dell’s Social Media & Community History 2
    3. 3. Where Dell uses Social MediaProduct Development Marketing Communication• Feedback Loop • Demand Forecast • Rich Media• Early Warning • Lead Generation • Brand Reputation• New Product • Message Reach • Influence Ideation • Reputation Sales Customer Service Online Presence• Leads• Collaboration • Listening • Ratings & Reviews• Thought Leadership • Support Widgets • Communities• Blogs • Outreach • Customer Stories © 3
    4. 4. Top Social Networking Facebook Top Brands(India) (10 million) 10000000 Identify: Sites(India) 900000070 8000000 7000000 What do YOU want6050 6000000 5000000 from YOUR Social 40000004030 3000000 2000000 Media efforts? Strength Users(in millions)20 1000000 010 0 Facebook Linkedin Twitter Orkut figure 2 figure 1 Facebook: Dell vs HP vs Lenovo(India) Fan Growth Rate figure 3 figure 4 4 Source:
    5. 5. Post Type Distribution Interaction Distribution Identify: What do YOU want from YOUR Social Media efforts? figure 1 figure 2Interaction Table Average Interactions per post figure 3 figure 4 5 Source:
    6. 6. Twitter Comparisons Identify: What do YOU want from YOUR Socialfigure 1 Media efforts? figure 2 figure 3 6
    7. 7. Online Buzz about Dell (Globally)Around the world Identify: Age distribution (across) What do YOU want from YOUR Social Media efforts? figure 2 figure 1 Channels figure 3 7 Source:
    8. 8. Online Buzz about Dell (India) Identify: Product break up Dell’s Laptop dominated the online conversations around the brand (69%). The brand’s desktops lead(26%), followed byfigure 1 some chatter around Dell’s new Tablet. Topics of discussion Consumers mainly generated a lot of buzz about Dell. Some viral jokes running around the brand too. Promotions also drove buzz around the brand. figure 2 © 2012 - Dell 8
    9. 9. Online Buzz about Dell (India) Identify: Sentiment break up Positive: Love/Aspirations mentioned by consumers for Dell especially Inspiron. Negative: Insufficient information provided about product warranty at the time of sale. Neutral: Conversations about the promotion aroundfigure 1 products and accessories for Dell. Neutral Quote 9
    10. 10. Online Buzz about Dell (India) Identify: Gender Analysis Males lead the online conversion with 64% while females constituted of 36%.Key Takeaways Dell receives 43% of its buzz from the consumers directly, a lot which are negative. This suggests anopportunity for the brand to focus on generating social media content that solicits consumer feedback. It could also Identify Brand advocates – Influential bloggers and social media users and engage withthem to resonate the buzz around their products. 10
    11. 11. Strategy: Listen,Listening Engage, Opportunity Engaging “Engaging in honest, direct conversations with customers and stakeholders is a part of who we are, Opportunity who we’ve always been. The social web amplifies our opportunity to listen and learn and invest ourselves in two-way dialogue, enabling us to become a better company with more to offer the people who depend on us.” - Michael Dell 11
    12. 12. Thank you! @bhushanshetty 12
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