Social Media for Business Women: ShesConnected Small Business Week Workshop


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Social Media for Business Women. Say hello the next group of power influencers! ShesConnected will be hosting a social media for business women workshop during small business week in Canada. If you want to reach smart business women who will walk away more influential than they already are then you should consider a sponsorship.

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Social Media for Business Women: ShesConnected Small Business Week Workshop

  1. 1. Join us October 19, smallbusiness week, for the Social Media for Business Women Fast Track Workshops (2 sessions)
  2. 2. We’re heading across the countryfor the…Social Mediafor Business Women WorkshopRoadshow!Help us kick off small business week inToronto, October 19, at the Hyatt Regencywith our first social media for businesswomen workshop. This is the first of fiveconferences across the country over thenext 12 months.
  3. 3. ShesConnected Social Media forBusiness Women Workshops willtransform smart business womeninto…
  4. 4. Social Media power houses
  5. 5. Say “hello” to the next level ofpower influencers.Who will attend the Workshops? Smartbusiness women who know that they need tolearn about social media to help grow theirbusinesses - these are women that youalready want to connect with.Why you should be there: Attendees willbecome more influential through socialmedia, which means that their voices willcarry more weight when makingrecommendations about YOUR productsand/or services.
  6. 6. OverviewSmart business women in Canada understand that they need to learn about socialmedia to grow their businesses. We get questions daily from women looking for help.That’s why we’ve developed a 3-hour fast track workshop to teach business womeneverything they need to know. There will be a number of workshops held across thecountry in the next year starting with Toronto on October 19.Attendees will leave the conference with an up-to-date and valuable understanding ofhow social media can help them gain influence and grow their businesses. They willwalk away with a work plan, strategy and a social media schedule that will take themjust 5 minutes a day and 15 minutes on Fridays (…REALLY!). 5 MINUTES A DAY & 15 MINUTES ON FRIDAYS ...REALLY!
  7. 7. MORE THAN JUST WORKSHOPS: It’s about discussion, social engagement and your brand messages. Training materials and promotional opportunities include:• New! Social Media for Business Women newsletter full of leading industry knowledge and tips will be deployed every Friday with your sponsor message, launching in October. All Conference attendees will receive the newsletter.• Weekly Webinars for small business women will start in October, another place to share your sponsor messages.• Lots of press! We’re launching during small business week. Our PR company will work to get lots of press and include a quote from our Master sponsor.• Sponsorship of ShesConnected Directory of Women in Business on the ShesConnected site.• Sponsorship of the Social Media for Business Women Research Report (details to be discussed).• Targeted digital outreach through the ShesConnected Business Women Workshop and beyond including: – Your brand messages will be inserted into the ShesConnected Business Women Workshop Social Conversational Calendar for October and November – Integrated messaging through targeted influential Twitter accounts, including @WomenBizListing (7, 472 followers) and @EventsforWomen (10, 374 followers) that will be promoting the conference and engaging with business women @ShesConnected (11,414 followers) – During and post-conference Twitter Party with sponsor messaging – Facebook Fan Page activation (your Facebook numbers will grow!) – Twitter conversations (more sponsor messaging and increased influence) – Pre, during and post-workshop blog postsGuaranteed! You will increase your social footprint by supporting and connecting with business women lookingto use social media to help their businesses
  8. 8. Places your brand will live: ShesConnected Directory ofConference and Social Media for Conference Facebook tab Women in Business & Webinars Business Women emails Social Media for Business Brand page Women Conference site And, at the conference!
  9. 9. Industry leadership: sponsor our SocialMedia for Business Women ResearchReport Great opportunity to sponsor our 1st Research Report that focuses on business women: Social Media for Business Women
  10. 10. It’s all going to happen atthe ShesConnected SocialMedia for Business Women Workshops starting October 2011. Don’t miss out! October 19th Hyatt Regency Toronto370 King Street West, Toronto, ON
  11. 11. Show these business women you care about them.Call us to discuss sponsorship information today! Donna Marie Antoniadis Co-founder & CEO ShesConnected 416-730-5670 ext 2213
  12. 12. Who we are
  13. 13. We’re trainersWe train executives, marketing and key membersof your organization to ensure that you have thebest corporate social media policies and on-the-ground execution.• Our lead trainers are active influencers in the social media space with. Our company creates training programs that socially enable individuals at organizations.
  14. 14. We’re experienced We’re a social company of almost five years with exceptional expertise in all things social. Specifically, we’re about how social media can help women WHAT WE OFFEROUR SOCIAL NETWORK OUR CONSULTING FOR AGENCIES & OUR BRANDS Actively involved in digital since 1995
  15. 15. We’re digital trailblazersWe built our own social network• We built our own social network in 2006– just for women. We own and operate, giving us access to socially connected women. Our Blogger directory and database gives us access to engaged, digital women. Member Directory Blog Directory
  16. 16. We’re knowledgeableWe know digital women• Watch for our new report out in September 2011! We’re currently executing a large consumer research study that focuses on Social Media usage…stay tuned.• Our first published research report of 2009, The Power of Social Media & Women, focused on the attitudes and behaviours of women using social media. Download your free copy today ( arch.php)• Our research study was profiled in MarketingProfs, eMarketer, Marketing Charts, and many other publications
  17. 17. We deliver resultsHow we help leading brands build and grow theircommunities onlineWe do things your agency currently doesn’t do – AND YES!we work with many agencies• Community strategy and ideation, covering content and communications planning• Identification and introduction to online communities and influencers that matter most to your Brand, industry, or issue• Drive community activation and engagement• Community moderation: knowing how to keep communities engaged with and without marketing programs• Help clients develop organizational models, business processes, and best practices for ongoing community engagement• Measurement and reporting
  18. 18.