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ShesConnected Social Media Conference: Connected Brands & Digital Women.

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Shes connected sponsorshippackage_sept3

  1. 1. Don’t miss out! Be part of this innovative Social Media conference where brands will have direct access to some of Canada’s top digitally connected women, (moms, bloggers and leaders in social media). Learn how to engage these in uential women with your products and services. Social media has brought unprecedented change in the way a brand markets its services and products online, as well as how it communicates to customers. Learn how women are using social media each and every day •  Learn how to identify and engage the appropriate in uencers for your brand •  Have your products and services featured on in uential blogs, twitter, facebook and other social networks •  Target high potential customers by creating brand advocates through social media •  Build and sustain your Brand’s social community
  2. 2. Digital women have reach  Selected conference attendees are among the top digitally connected women in Canada. They are active across all major social networks and have established relationships with other in uential women. If you connect with 1 in uential digital woman at our conference – she has the ability to connect your brand with thousands of other women. Now imagine connecting with100 of Canada’s most in uential women in a one day event!.   Activate large scale discussions   Uncover hidden value   Drive measurable results Sample Pro le of typical digital woman •  Online everyday, connecting with other like-minded women •  500 facebook “friends” •  Belong to 10 fan pages/groups •  They tweet everyday – and have a twitter following of 1,000 •  10,000 people read their blog each month
  3. 3. How it works  Participating Brands bring product samples/coupons/ discounts for our Digitally Connected Attendees Our attendees can activate large scale discussions across their networks and drive high value word of mouth marketing for your Brand
  4. 4. Acquire valuable insights  Top six things you will learn by participating in this conference •  Learn how to identify and develop relationships with in uential digitally connected women-- they want to build relationships with your brand •  Understand how to persuade digitally connected women to talk about your Brand-- learn how you can reach these women •  Identify what women love and hate about marketers-- learn rst hand what these digital in uencers think about your brands •  Learn how Brands are doing it -- from industry experts-- nd out how to do it right – the rst time •  Learn how Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks t into the mix-- they right mix will extend and amplify your reach •  Understand how the world of digitally connected women is changing-- learning how these women communicate will help your Brand
  5. 5. Who will be there?  Industry Experts Digital Women Brands Social media experts share •  100+ Digitally connected •  Brand Managers/ women who want to meet Directors •  Do’s and don’ts and learn (face-to-face) •  Interactive Managers/ •  Best practices about your Brand Directors •  Case studies •  In uential women who •  Social Media Managers/ Our list of experts will be want to better connect to Directors announced shortly on the your Brand •  Community Managers/ conference website •  Socially active women Directors with highly developed •  PR Managers/Directors networks and •  Research Managers/ communities who are Directors ready to promote your products and services
  6. 6. Meet in uential digital women  When they talk, people love to listen – each woman attending has reach to thousands of other woman online Attendees are screened and selected based on their appeal and potential reach for your Brand’s message to other digitally connected women. (Women apply, are screened, and invited to attend the event) Section criteria: These are women with great social capital and in uence: •  number & quality of social networks they belong to •  number of friends and connections •  time spent interacting with friends and connections •  the number of social interactions
  7. 7. Bene ts – build exposure for your brand  Pre-conference bene ts include: •  Logo placement on the ShesConnected Conference Conference website •  Logo placement on ShesConnected Conference Twitter Account: •  Logo placement on ShesConnected Conference Facebook Fan Page Tab •  1 dedicated email message to attendees before conference – establish your connectionfrom the start •  Promotion of your brand’s participation by the ShesConnected Community Management Team on multiple social media sites (we have a team of 10 women dedicated to promoting the event to other digital women – we practise what we preach) –  Facebook outreach, twitter outreach, blog outreach, their social networks outreach
  8. 8. Bene ts – build exposure for your brand  On-Site bene ts include: •  Tabletop exhibit during event •  Opportunity to provide products and services for review by conference attendees •  Your logo prominently displayed on all signage •  4 Conference tickets for your Brand’s marketing team (you get to meet and interact with these digital women) •  Full page ad in Conference program •  Attendee Welcome Bag insert (item must be approved by ShesConnected Management) •  Other items for giveaways •  Recognized from the main stage •  Lead1 roundtable session at the event (topic to be approved by ShesConnected management)
  9. 9. Bene ts – build exposure for your brand  Post Conference Bene ts include: •  Final attendee mailing list •  Recognition on post-conference web page •  Company Logo included in post-conference sponsor “thank you correspondence” •  Banner ad on for 1 month •  2 hour strategy session from Consulting Services (we provide the secret ingredient of community management services and can show you what you can do next) •  First option to participate in upcoming events •  Category exclusivity
  10. 10. Investment for your brand  Brand participation •  e seen as a social media community leader B •  eet face to face with in uential digitally connected women that can write about M your product/service in a casual environment •  roduct placement directly into the hands of conference attendees – provide P product/services into hands of 100 women attending •  earning and exposure for your marketing. Learn about community L management and connect with digital in uencers: 4 tickets
  11. 11. Event details  Tentative schedule- we are nalizing the details* Date:  October 20, 2010 Venue:  Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library 789 Yonge Street , Toronto ON (just north of Bloor Street) Conference Room: TBD  Format:  8:00am-9:00am Registration & Breakfast 9:00am-12:00pm Morning Sessions: Panels/Workshops 12:00pm-1:00pm Lunch 1:00-pm-4:00pm Roundtables (Brand interactivity with digital women) *Session format may be change
  12. 12. ShesConnected Multimedia Corp.
  13. 13. ShesConnected’s Expertise  Consulting Services ShesConnected Multimedia is the go-to community management agency that provides outsourced community management for leading brands. We have been in business for over 3 ½ years with of ces in Toronto and Boston. ShesConnected also owns and operates the rst dual-pro le social networking site for women which gives us incredible insights into the social media space and how women use social media, With a database of 400,000 bloggers, social networking sites, forums, we have created a process that allows brands to build meaningful relationships/ conversations with the female demographic. This combination “unique in the industry ” is the reason why leading organizations turn to ShesConnected for their community management solutions. Our team of strategists, account directors, analyst, designers, writers, and developers are highly trained and experienced in social media and marketing to women. ShesConnected has the expertise you need for creating vibrant online communities. We create long term relationships with our clients and some of our clients include General Motors, the GM Card, and Lavalife.
  14. 14. ShesConnected’s Focus  Connecting brands and digital women – laser beam focus Our clients refer to us as the “secret ingredient”. We have developed a proven methodology for continuing conversations and building conversations for brands. When you create a promotion, there is a media buy, a facebook fan page …then what?. That’s where we come in- we keep the conversations going 24/7. 2 Of ces USA: Framingham, MA CANADA: Toronto, ON We work with your existing agencies to enhance and amplify what they do. Our network of passionate Community Managers brings your brand to life across social media.
  15. 15. How we help leading brands build and grow their communities online  •  Community strategy and Ideation, covering content and communications planning •  Identi cation and introduction to online communities and in uencers that matter most to your brand, industry or issue. •  Drive community activation and engagement •  Community Moderation: knowing how to keep communities engaged with and without marketing programs •  Help clients develop organizational models, business processes, and best practices for ongoing community engagement •  Measurement and reporting - media monitoring, earned media reporting, and conversation mining
  16. 16. We have real social networking experience  We built our own social network – just for women. We own and operate giving us access to socially connected women. Our Blogger directory and database gives us access to engaged, digital women. Member Directory Blog Directory
  17. 17. We know digital women  •  Our rst published research report: The Power of Social Media & Women in 2009 focused on the attitudes and behaviours of women using social media. Download your free copy today (http:// download_research.php) •  Our research study was pro led in MarketingProfs, eMarketer, Marketing Charts and many other publications. •  Our 2010 report will be published this fall
  18. 18. Sponsors takes moms beyond “virtual connectivity” and instead gives them the tools they need to get out to grown up places and forge meaningful friendships with other moms. Every aspect of the website is interactive—giving moms the opportunity to react, rate or rant about what they encounter on our site and in their lives. The site has a modern look and feel to ensure is a website committed to providing local moms don’t feel they’re just looking at another and relevant information to new and expectant parents pastel baby-site serving up diaper rash tips. across Canada through the integrated delivery of content Those tips are readily available in an array of via digital media, interactive events and a diverse social existing websites and publications. network. is a trusted resource for moms and moms-to-be to research products, services and ask the community and experts for advice. Our site is modern in its approach and its aesthetic. It won’t be mistaken it for anything moms or advertisers have seen before. Don’t be The fact is the internet is a vital means for moms with surprised if you see some dads and grandparents babies to get the connection they crave. joining in the conversation as well!
  19. 19. Sponsors  SavvyMom Media ( is the publisher of the in uential online publications for Canadian moms, SavvyMom Today and EatSavvy, and consumer-generated mom review site, The trusted voice for moms across Canada, SavvyMom speaks to the broad range of topics that moms need to address, nding practical solutions to their everyday dilemmas. Through their various social and online media advertising, promotion and sampling programs, SavvyMom brings together brands and moms in a trusted forum for productive interaction.
  20. 20. Contact  Donna Marie Antoniadis Co-founder & CEO, ShesConnected Multimedia Corp. 416-761-4071, Top 20 Best Branded Women on Twitter Connect On ShesConnected LinkedIn  Twitter Conference website: 
  21. 21. Event Schedule  •  Toronto: October 20, 2010 •  Vancouver: TBD •  Ottawa: TBD •  Calgary: TBD