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Defining the Social You: Personal You vs. Professional You vs. Corporate You
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Defining the Social You: Personal You vs. Professional You vs. Corporate You


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Defining the Social You. How do you define the personal side of your social presence from the professional side. Throw in the corporate loop (how your employer would like you to behave) and it can get …

Defining the Social You. How do you define the personal side of your social presence from the professional side. Throw in the corporate loop (how your employer would like you to behave) and it can get very complicated. Social media strategy for you - your own personal brand is the important lesson.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Defining theSocial You:Personal, Professional &Corporate youDonna Marie AntoniadisCEO & Co-founderShesConnected Multimedia Corp
  • 2. Q. As an executive – how muchinformation should you make public? Personal versus Professional versus Corporate
  • 3. This is me. Do you know who I am? What if you searched for me?
  • 4. What happens in Vegas – stays inVegas – or does it?!Now that you’ve seen alittle bit “more of me”…Would you hire me ?Do business with me?Perhaps you might wantto date me?
  • 5. Champagne on the hillsAnother drink in myhand…hmmmWhat do you think ofme now?
  • 6. A woman needs to look her best!You saw my tweet aboutmy mani/pedi at 11:00amon a Wednesdaymorning.You also noticed four-square check-in…my spais conveniently located atYonge/Eglinton. Maybeyou should surprise me.
  • 7. Social Media is forever. Be careful what you say and do – or you could regret it. (Good thing the world was not social back in my day)
  • 8. Who is the “Real” MeYou may think I am a partying, drinking, slackerbut in reality I am a• Workaholic – love my job – get paid to be social• Technology Junkie – in digital since 1995• Homebody – prefer to stay at home
  • 9. I am very CAREFUL about what I post.Be careful what you say and do – or you could regret it.
  • 10. Facebook• Most confusion about this social network• Most common questions – Do I have to be on facebook? – I don’t want to be on facebook – What if someone wants to connect with me – am I obliged to do so? – Will they know if I un-friend or block them? – Funny Facebook video
  • 11. What you can’t do on Facebook You can’t have two profiles – goes against what Facebook is about. Try and register a new profile with your existing email account – it wont let you …
  • 12. Personal me on facebook:What I doI use Facebook to connect toothers so I can see what myfriends and family are up toI encourage others to do thesameI connect with both personal andbusiness contacts so I can stay intouch and increase my level ofinfluence
  • 13. Personal me facebook:What I don’t doI don’t post my vacation pictures– Ireally don’t want my businesscontacts seeing me in my bikiniI don’t talk about my familyI don’t post family photo’sI don’t post personal information –EVER
  • 14. Professional Me Facebook:What I doON FACEBOOK EVERYDAY: My day job is social media – so it only makessense that I spend a significant amount of time on FacebookPLATFORM ISSUES: Need to keep up to date on Facebook – so I can providemy clients with the most up-to-date information on platform changes and rulesand regulationsCOMPETITIVE INFORMATION: I can see what other brands are doing so I canhelp our brands so a better jobADS & PROMOTIONS: I ALWAYS view the Ads – both “sponsored” and self-serve to see the next generation of promotions on the Facebook platformVIEW CONENT BY DEMOGRAPHIC: I use my account and some of theShesConnected team accounts – Facebook is targeted so I need to be sure Iunderstand how other demographics are being targeted. (A 40+ woman maynot see the same ads targeted to a 20 something male )SHARE: I use my account to “share” and “like” information with my personaland professional “friends” on Facebook“ I learn something new from visiting Facebook EVERYDAY… ”
  • 15. Love it .Never been able to connect to someone so quickly – and to engage so quickly…
  • 16. Professional Me Twitter:What I do• I try to tweet at least once a day – but only about things that are relevant to my followers– social media, women, women and social media, social media industry, digital industry, mobile industry• I connect with other industry leaders by following, messaging them or re-tweeting one of their tweets• I have met so many people who have introduced themselves to me face-to-face to let me know that they follow me and love my tweets! Makes me feel like a rock star!
  • 17. “Other” Professional MeTwitter: What I do.• Follow my client accounts• Follow my client’s competition• Follow the followers of our client’s competition
  • 18. Personal Me: Twitter• I have a personal twitter account –• My name – you wont find my name anywhere• Even my friends don’t know who I am• I don’t post personal information – EVER• I don’t even include my location• I don’t want anyone to link to me• I do not want this personal twitter account linked to my professional account• Let’s me follow anyone I want – including competitors• I won’t even tell you my personal twitter handle – sorry
  • 19. Best business site – ever! Out of 100 Million, I was the 150,000 member! Love it .
  • 20. Professional Me Linkedin:what I do• 1200 connections – you wouldn’t believe who I am connected to!• I hire people• Company listed, products and services listed, my travel schedule listed, my professional twitter account is connected, my slideshare account is linked, I list my travel schedule using Tripit• I get job offers, consulting contracts, requests to speak, requests to partner from all over the world• This is the BEST tool for business. Period.
  • 21. Personal Me Linkedin: I don’t doanything personal• R u kidding?• There is NOTHING personal in my linkedin account.
  • 22. Personal vs. Professional Dilemma:ShesConnected GETS it.In 2006 – – the firstdual-profile social networking site for womenwas born
  • 23. It’s all about choice: We study theinteraction of personal andprofessional member profiles
  • 24. I belong to hundreds of socialnetworks some for personal use,some for corporate and some forcorporate
  • 25. Lastly we need to discuss theCorporate You• You need to follow your corporate guidelines• If you list your title and your employer then you need to be careful about what you say and do
  • 26. McDonald’s Corporate Twitter Account
  • 27. McDonald’s Employee TwitterAccount
  • 28. Proper Disclosure: McDonald’sCorporate Website
  • 29. Hybrid Disclosure: Brand Watermark
  • 30. Co-Branded Disclosure
  • 31. Conclusion• How you manage your personal and professional profiles is up to you• How you incorporate your corporate profile into your personal and professional profile is up to your employer
  • 32. Thank you! DONNA MARIE ANTONIADIS CEO & Co-founder ShesConnected Multimedia Corp.