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100+ Reasons to Attend ShesConnected Conferene ce



If you want to know why you should attend ShesConnected 3rd Annual Bloggers and Brands Conference. We thought of 100 plus reasons

If you want to know why you should attend ShesConnected 3rd Annual Bloggers and Brands Conference. We thought of 100 plus reasons



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100+ Reasons to Attend ShesConnected Conferene ce 100+ Reasons to Attend ShesConnected Conferene ce Presentation Transcript

  • 100+ Reasons toattendVersion 1: September 18, 2012
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  • Section A.ProfessionalDevelopment
  • #1 - Get inspired and explorepotential of professional blogging• Get inspired and explore potential of professional blogging and business opportunities. 2
  • #2 - Newbie friendly!• No matter what level of blogging experience there is plenty to see and learn. 2
  • #3 - Build your confidence andexpertise• Build your confidence and expertise sharing with other business and hobby bloggers at ShesConnected Conference. 2
  • #4 - Build your social influence• Build your social influence by attending with Canadas largest group of women blog professionals. 2
  • #5 - Sit side by side with majorBrands• Sit side by side with major Brands and how to build successful partnerships. 2
  • #6 - Chance to connect onlineevery Monday with #ShesChat• Chance to connect online every Monday before the conference in the #ShesChat twitter chats. 2
  • #7 – Share Tips and Collaborate• Share tips and tried and proven online methods while collaborating with other bloggers. 2
  • #8 – Surround Yourself withBloggers & Social Media Types• Surround yourself with other blog and social media enthusiasts and network with new writers. 2
  • #9 – Get Exposed• Get exposed! Get out there like you mean it with major Brands and professional bloggers. 2
  • #10 – It’s Your Time to Shine• It really is all about you! Its your time to shine and have fun! 2
  • Section B.Networking
  • #11 – Meet Your Social PeepsFace To Face• Meet with your social peeps face to face for the first time and many new ones. 2
  • #12 – Hang Out with Your Peers• Hang out with a crowd of women who understand your drive and love of Social Media. 2
  • #13 – Connect with Brands• Meet major Brands who want to connect with bloggers and influential ambassadors. 2
  • #14 – Connect with PR Agencies• Meet engaged Public Relations Agencies who will share what theyre looking for. 2
  • #15 – Introduction to MediaContacts• Meet large Media organizations wholl share their expectations for pro-bloggers. 2
  • #16 – Get a Leg Up from Experts• Connect with Industry Experts to help you take your brand to the next level. 2
  • #17 – Smile for the Cameras• Meet the Media. You might even get quoted or photographed! 2
  • #18 – Cosmo Editor Kate White• Meet the Keynote Kate White Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and NY Times Best Selling Author. 2
  • #19 – Keynote from Ford MotorCo.• Special Keynote from Ford 2
  • #20 –McDonalds Canada• Meet the Keynote from McDonalds and find out about the All Access Moms Program 2
  • Section C.Monetizing
  • #21 – Blogging into a business• Of course you can earn money with your blog! Well show you how to get there. 2
  • #22 – Learn How to Go Pro• Do you want to take your blogging to the next level and go pro? 2
  • #23 – Learn Your Blogs Worth• Want to know how to create the best rate card? How do you know you are charging enough? 2
  • #24 – How to Monetize• To find out new methods of monetizing your blog. Well share what works. 2
  • #25 – Rates in Your Niche• What competitive rates are in your niche? Are you charging more or less than others? 2
  • #26 – What Can You Earn?• Discover what Brands are willing to pay for your niche traffic or quality engagement. 2
  • #27 – Learn Affiliate Methods• Discover affiliate marketing and discuss whether it is right for you and your blog. 2
  • #28 – Source AdvertisingNetworks• Explore new advertising networks and determine which one is right for you and your blog. 2
  • #29 – Sponsorship Packages• Discover sponsorship packages and learn how to create them with professional results. 2
  • #30 – Passion to Profession• Explore opportunities to generate income with your passion for blogging! 2
  • Section D.Content
  • #31 – Organizing Content• Learn how to create a content plan. How they work and why you need one. 2
  • #32 – Mixing It Up• Learn how to create a content calendar to keep your readers coming back for more. 2
  • #33 – How to Tell a Story• Learn how to write compelling blog posts using storytelling methods. 2
  • #34 – Using Images in Layout• How to break up copy with graphics and images and why its so important. 2
  • #35 – Add Multimedia to the Mix• Discuss the importance of including podcasts, video and multimedia in your posts. 2
  • #36– Be In the Know with SEO• How to structure posts for optimal optimization (SEO) and increase web traffic. Know enough to tool your content for best results. 2
  • #37 – Why Guest Posting Works• Why you should guest post and invite new writers to your blog. How writing a guest post on another blog creates great exposure. 2
  • #38 – The Skinny Penalty• What is skinny content and how it hurts your blog. Learn how to avoid it. 2
  • #39 – Is Moderation the Key?• Should you moderate blog comments? How do the professionals handle it when it comes to negative comments? 2
  • #40 – Interactive Content• Create interactivity with polls and surveys. Software to jazz up your blog and keep it interesting for readers. 2
  • Section E.Small Print
  • #41 – Blog Law and Liability• Find out your legal responsibilities of blogging according to Legislation in Canada before you begin. What you don’t know can hurt you. 2
  • #42 – The Financial Print• Find out your financial responsibilities about blogging. 2
  • #43 – The Ethics of Influence• An opportunity to re-think your ethical responsibilities about blogging. What you say has influence. 2
  • #44 – Defining Your Values• To determine what your code of conduct should be as a blogger. 2
  • #45 – Creating a Blog Disclosure• Understand why blog disclosure is important and how yours should look. 2
  • #46 – Being Miss Manners• Learn about general blogger etiquette and minding your manners when writing professionally. 2
  • #47 – Creating QualityPartnerships• Learn to create productive relationships with brands and agencies. 2
  • #48 – Can We Quote You?• Paparazzi! How to deal with media outlets when they contact you. 2
  • #49 – Copy That!• How to deal with plagiarism. What is Copyscape and how do you determine organic content? 2
  • #50 – Who Owns It?• The importance of using licensed images for your blog and the legislation of copyright in Canada. 2
  • Section F.Business of Blogging
  • #51 – Getting Organized• Learn to create a business plan for you and your blog, and why you need one. 2
  • #52 – That Balance Thing• Learn how to create a balance between work and life before you experience writers burnout. 2
  • #53 – Invite Guest Posts• How to approach other bloggers with a guest post opportunity. 2
  • #54 – An Ounce of Prevention• Online safety tips. How to protect yourself, your privacy and your family. 2
  • #55 – Directory Assistance• Learn to link up to blog directories and social media indices to increase traffic and opportunities. 2
  • #56 – Where It Can Take You• Uncover transferrable skills as a copywriter or for careers in social media and other freelance opportunities. 2
  • #57 – Create More Spare Time• Learn how to schedule posts for more offline time. 2
  • #58 – Get Some Face Time• Practice your old school social networking (face to face). 2
  • #59 – Tips for Tax Time• Are blogs taxable income? Absolutely. Get tax savvy tips. 2
  • #60 – Learning to Earning• Learn about income potential through professional blogging. 2
  • Section G.Technical
  • #61 – Embrace Your Style• Learn the best platforms for blogging. What style of blog suits you best? 2
  • #62 – Plug in to Facebook• Learn how to use Facebook and its apps to increase exposure and grow audience. 2
  • #63 – Metrics for Bloggers• Learn how to evaluate Google Analytics data on your site and why you should know what the metrics mean. 2
  • #64 – Get to Know SEO• Learn about Search Engine Optimization. How and what does it measure? How can it enhance the performance of your blog? 2
  • #65 – HTML Basics for Bloggers• Learn HTML basics. How to cut and paste code for blog content and design. It is less complicated than it looks! 2
  • #66 – Wordpress• Determine the right blogging platform for you 2
  • #67 – Introduction to Alexa• Why Alexa.com is your blogs best friend. How to review and apply it’s site metrics. 2
  • #68 – Reporting Traffic Statistics• Reporting metrics to establish traffic volume, audience and advertising rates. 2
  • #69 – Plug in to Social Audience• Explore easy ways to optimize your social media and blog to maximize exposure, grow your readership and expand your blog audience. 2
  • #70 – Engage Users with Plug-In’s• Dive into the world of social media plug-in software for your blog. How to customize the viewer experience, layout and create audience interactivity with plug-in options. 2
  • Section H.Fun
  • #71 – It’s All About You!• Leave the family behind and concentrate on you. Dont worry… theyll survive. 2
  • #72 – Me Time at Last• Unleash your digital maven and spend two days thinking only about you. You are completely allowed. 2
  • #73 – Girl Time• Get girl time! Talk blogs, business, family and fun for two great days with woman who share your interests and goals. 2
  • #74– Dress to Impress• An excuse to get dressed up or the best reason ever to go shopping! Not that you need one … 2
  • #75 – Let Loose!• Late night laughs and conversations… mixed with manhattans, Mom’s, mavens and mojitos! 2
  • #76 – Relate and Feel Great• Get to know your roommates on a whole new level. Break out your pajamas! 2
  • #77 – Bring Back the 80s• Turn back time and have fun like you did or live it for the first time 2
  • #78 – Fifty Shades of Fun• Have fun at the 50 Shades of Gray party (our clean PG version). 2
  • #79 – Get Your Munch On• Food is included in price of your admission. Plan to be fed! 2
  • #80 – Friends with Blog Benefits• Make new friends with women who share your digital bent! A great chance not only to network but to create new friendships with women from across the country. 2
  • Section I.Blogging Genres
  • #81 – Fashion Police• Fashion Tips and what not to wear from our fashionista Fashion Bloggers! 2
  • #82 – Nickels and Dimes• Money management strategies for women and tips from savvy Finance Bloggers. 2
  • #83 – Health Tips• An apple a day and more ways to stay healthy from our Health Bloggers. 2
  • #84– Family Life• Its all relatives! Great parenting guides and ideas from Family Bloggers 2
  • #85 – Travel Tips• The world is not enough! Vacation advice from intrepid Travel Bloggers. 2
  • #86 – Advice from Foodies• Whats cooking? Some of the best recipes and tips from Food Bloggers. 2
  • #87 – Green Thumb Guides• Décor and more. Innovative interior design from Home and Garden Blogger. 2
  • #88 – For the Environment• Reduce your carbon foot print! Tips for green living from Enviro Bloggers. 2
  • #89 – Get Away From It All• Plan your weekends with creative fun tips from Entertainment Bloggers. 2
  • #90 – Health and Beauty• Whos the fairest? You are! Care and cosmetic tips from Beauty Bloggers. 2
  • Section J.Perks
  • #91 – Swag Alert• We give good swag! We know you want it (even if you dont admit it). 2
  • #92 – Gift from Moo.com• Go pro! Get 100 Free Mini Business Cards from Moo. 2
  • #93 – Swag from Ford Canada• Get a Free custom Twitter handle T-Shirt compliments of Ford Canada. 2
  • #94 – McDonald’s Brings Back theBreak• Special treat from McDonald’s Canada. 2
  • #95 – Pamper Yourself• Get Pampered! Manicures and massages. Brands know you deserve it! 2
  • #96 – Glam It Up• Glam up girls! 2
  • #97 – Best Face Forward• Get your makeup done so that you are all dolled up for the parties. 2
  • #98 – Smile for the Camera• Get your profile headshot professionally done for free! 2
  • #99 – Got Bling?• Adult Essentials will bring the bling out in your t- shirts and bags. 2
  • #100 – Girls in the City• Enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Toronto, Ontario. 2
  • Section K.Experts
  • #101 – Get Inspired• An incredible line up of influential keynote speakers will inspire and inform. Get some great business ideas. 2
  • #102 – Expert Business Advice• Speakers who can help you successfully monetize your blog and show you how to learn to earn from your writing. 2
  • #103 – Meet the Big Media• Speakers from iVillage, Chatelaine, Huffington Post will tell you how you can work with them. 2
  • #104 – The PR Connection• Speakers from top PR Agencies will tell you how they judge blogs and advertising potential. Find out what they look for. 2
  • #105 – Peer Mentoring• Rockstar Panels from women who are making a living as successful pro-bloggers. If they can do it so can you! 2
  • #106 – Kate White Keynote• Author and Cosmo Editor Kate White is a Keynote speaker sharing her secrets and advice. 2
  • #107 – Step Right Up• Hear about the strategy, planning and methods that take bloggers to the next level. If you are ready to go pro, these women can show you how. 2
  • #108 – Connecting with LinkedIn• The top ten professional tips to network and create brand exposure. Why LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks, and how to tap into it professionally. 2
  • #109 – Meet Our Niche Advisors• Brand Ambassadors will do our best to welcome you and answer your questions. 2
  • #110 – Meet a Mentor• Get the motivation and extra push you need by hearing other digital mavens, their expertise and success stories. 2
  • Section L.Brand Love
  • #111 – Ford Canada• Ford Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with women bloggers. 2
  • #112 – McDonald’s Canada• McDonald’s Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #113 – Canadian Beef• Canadian Beef is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #114 – Toshiba Canada• Toshiba Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #115 – Chicken Farmers ofCanada• Chicken Farmers of Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #116 – Look Good Feel Better• Look Good Feel Better Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #117 – Facing Cancer• Facing Cancer is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #118– Molson Canadian 67• Moslon Canadian 67 is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #119 – Benjamin Moore• Benjamin Moore is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #120 – CAA South Central Ontario• CAA South Central Ontario (CAASCO) is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #121 – Earths Own• Earths Own is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #122 – Skin Fix Inc.• Skin Fix Inc. is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #123 – Burnbrae Farms• Burnbrae Farms is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #124 – Harper Collins Canada• Harper Collins Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #125 – Hasbro Canada• Hasbro Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #126 – Chateau des Charmes• Chateau des Charmes winery Niagara is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #127 – Rent Frock Repeat• Rent Frock Repeat is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #128 – Adult Essentials• Adult Essentials is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #129 – World Vision Canada• World Vision Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
  • #130 – Food Banks Canada• Food Banks Canada is sponsoring and wants to connect and engage with bloggers. 2
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  • Summary
  • Professional Development1. Get inspired and explore potential of professional blogging2. Newbie friendly!3. Build your confidence and expertise4. Build your social influence5. Sit side by side with major Brands6. Chance to connect online every Monday with #ShesChat7. Share Tips and Collaborate8. Surround Yourself with Bloggers & Social Media Types9. Get Exposed10. It’s Your Time to Shine 2
  • Networking Summary11. Meet Your Social Peeps Face To Face12. Hang Out with Your Peers13. Connect with Brands14. Connect with PR Agencies15. Introduction to Media Contacts16. Get a Leg Up from Experts17. Smile for the Cameras18. Cosmo Editor Kate White19. Keynote from Ford Motor Co.20. McDonalds Canada 2
  • Monetizing Summary21. Blogging to Business22. Learn How to Go Pro23. Learn Your Blogs Worth24. How to Monetize25. Rates in Your Niche26. What Can You Earn?27. Learn Affiliate Methods28. Source Advertising Networks29. Sponsorship Packages30. Passion to Profession 2
  • Content Summary31. Organizing Content32. Mixing It Up33. How to Tell a Story34. Using Images in Layout35. Add Multimedia to the Mix36. Be In the Know with SEO37. Why Guest Posting Works38. The Skinny Penalty39. Is Moderation the Key?40. Interactive Content 2
  • Small Print Summary41. Blog Law and Liability42. The Financial Print43. The Ethics of Influence44. Defining Your Values45. Creating a Blog Disclosure46. Being Miss Manners47. Creating Quality Partnerships48. Can We Quote You?49. Copy That!50. Who Owns It? 2
  • The Business of BloggingSummary51. Getting Organized52. That Balance Thing53. Invite Guest Posts54. An Ounce of Prevention55. Directory Assistance56. Where It Can Take You57. Create More Spare Time58. Get Some Face Time59. Tips for Tax Time60. Learning to Earning 2
  • Technical Summary61. Embrace Your Style62. Plug in to Facebook63. Metrics for Bloggers64. Get to Know SEO65. HTML Basics for Bloggers66. Optimizing Wordpress67. Introduction to Alexa68. Reporting Traffic Statistics69. Plug in to Social Audience70. Engage Users with Plug-In’s 2
  • Fun Summary71. It’s All About You!72. Me Time at Last73. Girl Time74. Dress to Impress75. Let Loose!76. Relate and Feel Grea77. Bring Back the 80s78. Fifty Shades of Fun79. Get Your Munch On80. Friends with Blog Benefits 2
  • Blogging Genres Summary81. Fashion Police82. Nickels and Dimes83. Health Tips84. Family Life85. Travel Tips86. Advice from Foodies87. Green Thumb Guides88. For the Environment89. Get Away From It All90. Health and Beauty 2
  • Perks Summary99. Swag Alert100.Gift from Moo.com101.Custom Twitter Handle T-Shirt from Ford Canada102.McDonald’s Brings Back the Break103.Pamper Yourself104.Glam It Up105.Best Face Forward106.Smile for the Camera107.Got Bling?108.Girls in the City 2
  • Swag Summary91. Swag Alert92. Gift from Moo.com93. Swag from Ford Canada94. McDonald’s Brings Back the Break95. Pamper Yourself96. Glam it up97. Best Face Forward98. Smile for the Camera99. Got Bling100.Girls in the City 2
  • Experts Summary101.Get Inspired102.Expert Business Advice103.Meet the Big Media104.The PR Connection105.Peer Mentoring106.Kate White Keynote107.Step Right Up108.Connecting with LinkedIn109.Meet Our Niche Advisors110.Meet a Mentor 2
  • Register Now! Click here! 2