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    Video Summaries Video Summaries Presentation Transcript

    • Video Summaries
      By: Lhoycel Teope
    • The Story of God: Episode 1
      Awareness of death has shaped our conscious of god.
      Human burials has separate us from other animals
      Writing revolutionized religion. People not can’t only praise their gods but study them.
    • The Story of God: Episode 1
      Farming has given us an organized blocks of religion.
      Farming is manipulation of nature through technology.
      Farmer’s had a long term contract with the gods so they would pray first then eat later.
      Farming is like an organized religion, it requires a calendar, temples, and profession people to watch over the farming like priests.
    • When the Moors Ruled Europe : At the Height of Empire
      Islam pushed knowledge within their religion.
      Literacy and Religious study went hand in hand.
      Research in scientific and mathematical investigations were very important.
      Poetry was the most important thing.
      One of the prophets from Islam is to “Seek Knowledge”.
    • When the Moors Ruled Europe: Prelude to the Renaissance
      The Moors have encouraged knowledge and enlightenment within their time.
      Inquisition – found people who aren’t part of the orthodox church.
      Muslims were considered to be heretics even though they were citizens.
      Within 20 years most Muslims were converted to Catholicism.
    • Word Islam: Empire of Faith
      Islamic revolution has shaped three continents and an empire.
      Islamic civilization intertwines with western civilization.
      Muslim scholars reclaimed ancient wisdom from the Greeks.
    • Word Islam: Empire of Faith
      Suleyman was born and raised to be a great sultan and was very well educated.
      Was also great friends with Abraham who was a Greek convert and this friendship would have an impact on his life and empire.
      Suleyman had to show that he was good enough to be a sultan by expanding his empire.
    • Cracking the Maya Code
      Mayan’s were known for their amazing architecture from pyramids, temples, plazas, and ball courts.
      The greatest New World civilizations.
      They were fully literate due to their hieroglyphs.
    • Cracking The Maya Code
      David Stuart helped find the greatest discovery of Mayan text, he figure out that several symbols represent the phonetic sign U.
      Mayan’s liked to substitute different symbols which make the Mayan language complex.
      Glyphs can conjoin together, they also can include figures of monsters and gods.
    • The Story of India: Beginnings
      Harappan Empire were known for being traders, exporting ivory and teak.
      Harappan Empire had more than 2,000 towns and villages.
      Yet all empires must come to an end and once the rivers dried up and climate changed kicked in the people moved towards Delhi.
    • The Story of India: Spice Routes and Silk Roads
      Different empires would travel to India to attain spices, silks, and precious metals.
      The Kushan controlled the silk road.
      Kushan’s were very open to religion and accepted them too.
      Buddhism was the main religion of Kushan Empire and they intertwined Greek and Indian customs.
      Silk was the most important cargo.
    • Conquistadors: Hernan Cortes
      Hernan Cortes was one of the first conquistadors.
      Grew up in poverty in a town called Medellin.
      Cortes funded his own voyages, 11 ships and 500 soldiers.
      First landed in Yucatan.
    • Conquistadors: Hernan Cortes
      Malinalli helped Cortes translate language with the Aztecs and was considered a traitor to her people for selling them out.
      Conquistadors and his armies were volunteers to hopefully one day share the treasures they found.
      Tlaxcalans made a deal with Cortes to be free from the Aztecs.
      With the alliance with the Tlaxcalans the Aztecs were in trouble.
      Spaniards killed 3,000 Cholulans.
      Montezuma was captured by Cortes and brainwashed by him and so Montezuma’s people killed him.
      Cortes lost control and so he and his army tried to evacuate wit h their gold but were caught. 300 Spaniards were left behind, 800 were killed, trapped, and drowned.
      Martin Lopez was a main helper to Cortes because he was a ship builder and Cortes had plans to build a fleet.
      Cortes used war tactics that Aztecs weren’t familiar with. He cut off all the survival food and water supplies starving the whole city.