Research Proposal: A Case Study in Nation bBranding


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Presented at the International Academy of Business Disciplines 2013 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

After in depth research, an information gap has been identified for a marketing communications driven nation branding strategy for Jamaica.

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Research Proposal: A Case Study in Nation bBranding

  1. 1. A Case Study in Nation Branding: Jamaica Sheryl-Ann Thomas Emerson College, Boston, MA MA in Global Marketing Communications & Advertising Prospective Graduation Date: September 2013
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Importance of Nation Branding Research & Strategy  Improvements in Image-based place marketing (Papadopoulos, 2004)  Globalisation  Growing power of international media  Falling cost of international travel  Rising consumer spending power  Threat of place parity  A scarce pool of international investors  Competition for skilled and professional immigrant ’ s  Growing consumer demand for a diverse cultural diet stimulated by low-cost global communication media. (Hanna & Rowley, 2008)  An effective tool by which to co-ordinate the management of the world image of the country both internally and internationally. (REPORT BY JAMAICA to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, 2012)
  4. 4. Research Questions To explore the current Brand Jamaica Strategy, the following questions will be investigated:  What are the prevailing attitudes towards the current Brand Jamaica strategy?  How does the national export strategy support nation branding?  What marketing communications tool (nation branding strategy) is being used and how can it be strengthened?
  5. 5. DEFINITION OF TERMS  Brand Jamaica  nation branding: …is much more than just products, it is services, it is culture and heritage, it is people. (REPORT BY JAMAICA to the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, 2012)  place branding:… whether at the national, regional, city or town level, branding is as much a way of planning developmental policies as branding in the private sector is about business strategy. (Hanna & Rowley, 2008)  destination branding: … as ‘ name, symbol, logo, word or other graphic that both identifies and differentiates the destination …while conveying the promise of a memorable travel experience … as well as serving to consolidate and reinforce the recollection of pleasurable memories of the destination experience.’ (Hanna & Rowley, 2008)  hierarchal decision model: FutureBrand’s proprietary model for determining how key audiences perceive country brands. (Country Brand Index 2012- 2013)  Marketing communications: the means by which brands and organisations are presented to their audiences. The goal is to stimulate a dialogue that will, ideally, lead to a succession of purchases and complete engagement. (Fill & Jamieson, 2011)
  6. 6. Current Brand Jamaica Strategy & Government Policy
  7. 7. Current Attitudes towards to “Brand Jamaica”  “The false assumption is that brand automatically translates into economic value ... . Without addressing the fundamental governance issues, the idea of Brand Jamaica will remain as illusory as fool's gold - promising much but delivering little in terms of wealth creation.“ (Brand Jamaica Just Can't Cut It, 2013)  “Who defines BrandJamaica? Who 'owns' the brand? And how can this brand be best exploited in the interest of the masses of the Jamaican people?” (Exploiting Brand Jamaica, 2013)
  8. 8. Need for Marketing Communications driven nation Branding Strategy  “Because policies alone, even if effectively implemented, are not sufficient to persuade foreign publics to part from their existing prejudices and perceptions, which in the case of national images may prove exceptionally resilient to change. Substance must be coupled with strategy and frequent symbolic actions if it is to result in an enhanced reputation.” (Place Branding & Public Diplomacy, 2008)
  9. 9. Marketing Communications driven Nation Branding Strategy Symbolic Actions Strategy Substance
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