Taking Control of SharePoint in the Cloud


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Slides from the webinar hosted by SherWeb on February 13 2014, with speakers from Microsoft and Alborno Consulting.

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  • -Our clients range from early stage growth firms to smaller mid size businesses. - They tend to have one thing in common, the desire to keep going and growing*Company analysis of business processes provides IT requirements.
  • Taking Control of SharePoint in the Cloud

    1. 1. Taking Control of SharePoint in the Cloud February 13th, 2014 © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    2. 2. Speakers Christian Beauclair Simon Langlois @cbeauclair christianbeauclair #SPCloud @SimonLanglois silanglois © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public Mo Al-Borno albornoconsulting.com malborno
    3. 3. Agenda 1. Microsoft’s strategy and orientation for SharePoint 2. The agility and control gain of deploying SharePoint in a Private Cloud 3. A case study on how a SherWeb partner used Private Cloud Services to deliver a complete solution to its customer For #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    4. 4. #SPCloud
    5. 5. Hybrid On Premises Best experience across devices Messaging #SPCloud Voice & Video Content Management Online Cloud on your terms Enterprise Social Integrated best-of-breed Reporting & Analytics
    6. 6. Touch, ink, and voice Enterprise social Small & Big Data access Device & Data Protection Office experiences on any device Cloud sharing Ad hoc reporting and analysis DLP & Rights Management Live documents & data Real-time collaboration Natural language query Policy & compliance standards Multi-media & HD presentations Video, voice, and web conf. Visualization & geo-mapping eDiscovery #SPCloud
    8. 8. What is SharePoint Share ? Organize Discover Build Manage
    9. 9. Connect with employees across the enterprise use SharePoint to engage with people, share ideas and reinvent the way you work together #SPCloud
    10. 10. Whether working as a team or an individual, SharePoint helps you organize information, people and projects #SPCloud
    11. 11. SharePoint makes it easy to find answers, discover insights and connect with the experts #SPCloud answers insights
    12. 12. design using web standards Developers and web designers can create new experiences on SharePoint using familiar tools and internet standards #SPCloud apps
    13. 13. SharePoint provides powerful controls that allow IT departments to manage cost, risk and their time cost #SPCloud risk time
    14. 14. Architecture Firm Expands Collaboration Capabilities to Support Global Workforce Benefits “SharePoint Server 2013 is transforming the way we work. With its newsfeed and other social features, our staff can more effectively collaborate around the world, in real time.” Situation Nectarios Lazaris Chief information Officer Woods Bagot View the case study 1
    15. 15. Municipal Government Uses Software to Improve Business Data and Save $3.1 Million Benefits “We have a lot of data, and SharePoint 2013 allows us to extract value from it. Instead of just storing it, we can turn it into information and insights.” Situation Paul Di Felice Associate Director for Consulting and Analysis Regional Municipality of Niagara View the case study
    16. 16. Toyota Redesigns Web Portal Using Scalable Cloud and Content Management Solutions Benefits “Windows Azure lets us maintain around-the-clock uptime, which is crucial for a global business…. It gives us a flexibility that was unthinkable in the era of on-premises deployments.” Situation Hidehiko Sasaki, General Manager, Internet Planning Department, e-TOYOTA Division, Toyota View case study 1
    17. 17. Hosting SharePoint in a Private Cloud Environment Simon Langlois – SharePoint Product Marketing Manager, SherWeb slanglois@sherweb.com #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    18. 18. Challenges: Cloud or Not to Cloud? #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    19. 19. Looking for the Best of Both Worlds Full Control over applications (SharePoint) Agility gains on infrastructure Lack of Qualified IT Staff High upfront costs Long deployment arcs Agility gains on IT Staff Better performance and reliability of the service Limited customization Less Control Move from capex to opex Limited integration with internal LOB Difficult to scale ON-PREMISE #SPCloud PRIVATE CLOUD HOSTING SERVICES © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public MULTI-TENANT CLOUD
    20. 20. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits 99.999% PERFORMANCE #SPCloud RELIABILITY © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public Support
    21. 21. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits Tier 3+ datacenters PERFORMANCE #SPCloud 100% redundant and tier 1 infrastructure Server Monitoring Server Intrusion Detection Managed Hardware Firewalls Dual Power Grid from Utility Redundant UPS Systems Redundant DC Power Rectifiers Closed Circuit Digital Camera System Biometric & Card Access Entry Points 24/7 On-Site Armed Security VESDA Early Warning Fire Detection Pre-Action Dry Pipe Sprinkler System Smoke & Heat Sensors Anti-Static Floor Redundant CRAC Units Reliable Dell, Cisco & HP equipment Redundant ISP4 Backbone Intelligent BGP4 Routing Redundant Routers & Switches Redundant Firewalls & IDS Bandwidth - Unlimited Monthly Data Transfer Redundant Hardware Load Balancer SAN using SSD drives storage © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public Best sizing practices, guidelines and monitoring Microsoft sizing guidelines Performance monitoring mechanisms Close follow-up on performance issues
    22. 22. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits Robust and flexible SLAs on the application level Microsoft-certified and experienced staff (MCM, MCTS, MCSA, etc.) You need virtual server redundancy 99.9% 99.999% 99.999% AD AD AD RELIABILITY SP SP SP SQL SQL SQL #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    23. 23. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits Member of CIS Security Benchmarks SOC 2 Type II certified Trust Service Principles • • • • • 99.999% Security Availability Processing Integrity Confidentiality Privacy RELIABILITY Service reputation and awards #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public For more information you can download this KPMG whitepaper
    24. 24. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits • Assigned Technical Account Supervisor • Direct access to advanced SharePoint system administrator expert level • Customer satisfaction history with 2013 average Net Promoter Score of 65 Support • Hassle-free migration service • 24/7/365 support • Extensive knowledge base #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb |SherWeb. All rights reserved © 2014 by All rights reserved | General Public
    25. 25. SherWeb’s SharePoint Private Cloud Benefits ADDED VALUE • Unlimited bandwidth, I/Os • Options of shared SQL platform • Option of managed or unmanaged SharePoint • Deployable within 2 business days You decide how much you share and how much you control! #SPCloud © 2014 by SherWeb | All rights reserved ||General © 2014 by SherWeb. All rights reserved Confidential Public
    26. 26. Strategic Partnership Strategy + Process + Technology = Synergy Mo Al-Borno, Principal, Alborno Consulting m@albornoconsulting.com #SPCloud
    27. 27. INTRODUCTION • ALBORNO Consulting: CMA Firm offering end-to-end Management Consulting Solutions Strategic Planning Implementation • Industry analysis • Change management • Company analysis* • Planning + Communication • Financial modeling • Operational Improvements • #SPCloud Recommendations – – – IT Systems Finance HR
    28. 28. CLIENT CASE: ESTABLISHED CONSTRUCTION FIRM Issues: • Experiencing a culture of non-compliance - Old processes, not documented • Communication in “silos” - Difficulty in communicating across functions - Difficulty in controlling access - Integration of knowledge: Building a knowledge asset #SPCloud
    29. 29. BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS • Secure Document Sharing – Control individual level access • Workflow automation – Automate old and new processes – Drive accountability through the organization • Project management/communication tool – Lower email volume – Track access and penetration – Reduce error, manage risk, enhance compliance #SPCloud
    30. 30. CHANGE MANAGEMENT VIA TECHNOLOGY SOLUTION Using Tech as a way to communicate goals and share info Using Tech to automate process: Compliance Use Tech To drive accountability: Measure + reward Affect change #SPCloud
    31. 31. PARTNER REQUIREMENTS • • • • • • • Strategic Partner Strong reputation Technical excellence Regulatory requirement: Canadian Soil Will work with clients IT provider Integrated Offer: Exchange, SharePoint, Lync Flexible! #SPCloud
    32. 32. OUR EXPERIENCE WITH SHERWEB RISING TO THE CHALLENGE • Requirements revealed a need for higher SharePoint functionality • SherWeb Responded! – Launched in days what should take a week or more – Provided reseller with significant support – Worked with us to meet several specific business requirements #SPCloud
    33. 33. THE PATHWAY TO VALUE Strategic Planning #SPCloud Operational Implementation Tech Requirements Development +Deployment
    34. 34. VALUE CREATION Via partnerships with Sherweb and local IT provider we were able to deliver: – Tangible tools for implementing strategic change – Positive ROI on IT investment – Improved bottom line: • • • • #SPCloud Efficiency in each business process Higher compliance, lower risk Watershed of communication Synergy in the overall business
    35. 35. Thank you #SPCloud © 2014 by reserved © 2014 by SherWeb. All rights SherWeb | All rights reserved | General Public