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Sch ccom cpr_report_20100511

  1. 1. Franklin Public SchoolsCoordinated Program Review Civil Rights Special Education English Language Education Report to the Franklin School Committee May 11, 2010 Sally Winslow Beth Fitzmaurice Michele Kingsland-Smith
  2. 2. Overview of Review ProcessFull Coordinated Program Review (CPR) conducted by DESE every six years (mid-cycle every three years)Regulatory compliance review of Civil Rights (CR), Special Education (SE) and English Learner Education (ELE) • Spring ’09 Web-Based Monitoring SE Self-Assessment and Selected Records • Fall ’09 CR & ELE paper submission Self-Assessment and Document Review • On-Site Verification Week of 12/8/09 • Draft Report April 13th with findings and directions for Corrective Action Plan (CAP) • CAP due May 18th
  3. 3. ESE Implementation RatingsCommendable – Any requirement or aspect of a requirement implemented in an exemplary manner significantly beyond the requirements of law or regulation.Implemented – The requirement is substantially met in all important aspects.Partially Implemented – The requirements, in one or several important aspects, is not entirely met.Not Implemented – The requirement is totally or substantially not met.
  4. 4. Compliance Criteria Rating Ratings SE (59) CR (25) ELE (18)Commendable 3 0 0Implemented 55 24 11 Partially 1 1 7Implemented Not 0 0 0Implemented
  5. 5. Civil Rights Requirement CR 7– Partially ImplementedInformation to be translated into languages other than EnglishFindings:• Handbooks and codes of conduct not readily available in major languages• District has not established a system of oral interpretation to assist parents/guardians with limited English skills• Recruitment and promotional materials disseminated are not translated into major languages spoken by residents with limited English skills
  6. 6. Special Education Requirement SE 29 – Partially ImplementedCommunications are in English and Primary Language of homeFindings:• Translated communications not consistently provided• Translated information not documented in student record• No consistent mechanism for staff to know process for requesting translation or translation services
  7. 7. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 5– Partially ImplementedProgram Placement and StructureFindings:• District does not have an ESL curriculum based on Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes (ELPBO)• Amounts of ESL instruction far below ESE recommended hours• LEP students do not receive sheltered content instruction; All teachers of LEP students have not completed all levels of SEI professional development
  8. 8. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 9– Partially ImplementedInstructional GroupingFindings:• District does not have an ESL curriculum based on Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes (ELPBO); therefore, ESL/ELD instruction not based on ELPBO at all grade levels• Students do not receive recommended number of hours of ELD instruction due to limitations of current delivery model
  9. 9. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 11– Partially ImplementedEqual Access to Academic Programs and ServicesFindings:• LEP students do not have access to same content standards as English-speaking peers because: – Teachers not sufficiently trained in sheltering English content – Students not instructed through an ESL curriculum based on ELPBO• Information in notices and academic standards is not consistently provided to LEP students in a language and mode of communication that they understand.• English Language Learners at FHS are not receiving credit for ELD instruction
  10. 10. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 14– Partially ImplementedLicensure RequirementsFindings:• District does not have a policy for determining the literacy and fluency of teachers
  11. 11. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 15– Partially ImplementedProfessional Development RequirementsFindings:• LEP students do not receive sheltered content instruction as teachers have not completed all of the required SEI professional development• Noted that a multi-year SEI PD plan is in place and many Franklin teachers have completed several Category trainings, particularly at the elementary level
  12. 12. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 17– Partially ImplementedProgram EvaluationFindings:• District has not conducted periodic evaluations of the effectiveness of its ELE program in developing students’ English language skills and meaningful participation in the education program
  13. 13. English Learner Education Requirement ELE 18– Partially ImplementedRecords of LEP StudentsFindings:• Required information and documentation is not consistently evident – Progress reports & report cards – Information about students’ previous school experiences – Home language surveys – Results of proficiency tests and evaluations – Parent notification letters incomplete or missing
  14. 14. Corrective Action Plan• DESE provided technical assistance visit to review findings and discuss corrective action plan development.• Corrective Action Plan due May 18th• 1 calendar year to be 100% compliant• SE, CR, ELE supervisors are conferring to coordinate all actions• CAP - guidance for establishing process and communication structure for all stakeholders.