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Leveraging LinkedIn 3-17-2010
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Leveraging LinkedIn 3-17-2010


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This presentation on Leveraging LinkedIn was made to the Job Search Work Team at LHH in Lincoln, RI on 3/17/10.

This presentation on Leveraging LinkedIn was made to the Job Search Work Team at LHH in Lincoln, RI on 3/17/10.

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Leveraging LinkedIn for your job search Steve Sherlock Experienced project manager, Customer experience advocate, Social media practitioner
  • 2. Assumptions This presentation assumes that you have • established a LinkedIn account • completed your profile • built your network to more than 25 • some recommendations If you have not completed all of the above you may not be in a position to fully appreciate the tips Hold this document, work on the above items and then you'll be ready to take advantage of these tips
  • 3. You have and use an RSS Reader You can use any one of the following: • Yahoo • iGoogle • Google Reader (I'll demo with this) • Bloglines If you need a brief on what an RSS Reader will do, you can view this video here:
  • 4. Agenda What we will cover My tips • Set up RSS Feed o care and feeding of your network made easy • Job search o sort by date posted • Targeted company search o show more • Target company search through People tab o include groups Your questions as time permits, if you have something to address let's go for it
  • 5. Set up RSS Feed 1. Sign into your account 2. Go to Settings in top right corner 3. Go to RSS Setting, scrolling down on left column 4. Enable, choose RSS Reader 5. View reader output daily 6. Send messages of congratulations, etc. as appropriate
  • 6. Google reader demo page
  • 7. Care and feeding of your network With RSS Feed results • Add value • Update moderately • Update individually in a timely manner o as a result you'll be more effective, more efficient With targeted search results • Specific people to look to connect with • Try one path at a time • Send InMail in addition to Introductions (limited to 5) o you'll have the info you need to land the position you want
  • 8. Job Search, sort by date posted 1. Select Jobs, Find Jobs 2. Input title, search 3. Filter on geographic location 4. When results appear, sort by posted date 5. You now see the newest jobs on top of the list 6. Saves time to find out what has changed since your last visit
  • 9. Targeted company search 1. On the menu, select More, then Companies 2. Leave Company name blank 3. Choose location 4. "show more" 5. reveals more options to filter your selections by including the size of target firm, industry, and "are they hiring?" 6. Results include relationships to connections
  • 10. Advanced People Search 1. Take a company name from your results 2. Go to People, Advanced 3. Input Company name 4. Ensure "all groups" checked 5. Search and review results
  • 11. Additional topics As I discuss these topics, to help follow along, it would be good for you to login into your account on LinkedIn, go to my profile and follow along as I go down through the sections of my profile. • Profile • Email and privacy settings • Search results and categories
  • 12. Session feedback good need to do one for a beginner needs to be longer more detailed hands on targeted usable
  • 13. LinkedIn/Job Search Resources LinkedIn Blog Sean Nelson Neal Schaffer Tim Tyrell-Smith Wall Street Journal Laid Off IT Guy
  • 14. Contact info LinkedIn Profile My main blog -> separate RSS Feed for "job search notes" My public service blog - > Twitter ->