Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee - Overview May 2013


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Franklin Bellingham Rail Trail Committee - Overview May 2013

  1. 1. Franklin & Bellingam Rail Trail Committee (FBRTC)May-131Overview The Committee The Trail Our Accomplishments Our Plans How You Can Help
  2. 2. The Trail – Franklin Through BellinghamMay-132 3 mile segment Starting at Grove Streetin Franklin Extending past SpringStreet to Prospect Streetat town line Through Bellingham intoBlackstoneFranklinBellinghamBlackstoneN
  3. 3. The Committee FoundationMay-133 Changed name to incorporate regional focus Revised Mission Statement Created and approved Bylaws to give the groupdefinition
  4. 4. The Committee – Our MissionMay-134The Franklin & Bellingham Rail Trail Committee(FBRTC) is a volunteer advocacy group dedicated tothe development, maintenance, and financial supportof the Southern New England Trunkline Trail as amulti-use, universally accessible recreational path.Working in partnership with federal, state and localgovernments, members of the FBRTC are committedto exploring all private, state and federal fundingavenues to implement all necessary design plans.
  5. 5. The Committee – Our StructureMay-135 Simple committee structure Monthly meetings open to the public Second Tuesday, 7:30pm, Franklin Y Special working groups/sub-committees: Membership Grant writing Public relations Key community, local government, and state agencyrepresentation
  6. 6. The Trail – Welcomes the Public TodayMay-136 Walkers, Hikers,horseback riders, bikers Accessible to non-motorized vehicles Free parking at GroveStreet and Lake Street Over one mile of flat,graded soft dirt andstones Connections to FranklinState Forest trails
  7. 7. 7The Southern New England Trunkline Trail Also known as the Titanic Rail Trail Supported by the Grand Trunk Trail Blazers, a non-profit501(c)(3) chartered in 1992 to collaborate with local trailgroups to establish a non-motorized 60-80 mile East-West trail linking the Blackstone Valley with the PioneerValley.May-13 7N
  8. 8. The Committee – Supporters, Grants, Fund RaisingMay-138 Towns of Franklin and Bellingham Open Spaces Committees, Grove Street parking lot Franklin Hockomock Y Meeting facilities and logistical assistance Mass Department of Conservation & Recreation Trail improvement, maintenance, and signage Annual Road Race 50 participants in first year Local business sponsorship
  9. 9. AccomplishmentsMay-139 Phase I-a: Grove Street to Spring Street Clearing, tree removal, grading, finishing and packing of the trail Grove Street barriers and gates at Spring Street and Lake Street Grove Street Access and Parking Paved lot with 10 parking spaces (built by Town of Franklin) Informational kiosk and bench (built by local Eagle Scout); Informational trail signage installed by MA DCR. Parking area and signage at Lake St (Town of Bellingham)
  10. 10. Necessary Trail ImprovementsMay-1310
  11. 11. Our Plans – Franklin SegmentMay-1311 Phase I.b: Grove Street to Spring Street Drainage, rail fencing, bollards or gates along with signage, historicalplacards and traffic control Phase II: Spring St. to the Bellingham Town Line Clearing, tree removal, grading, finishing and packing of the trail Install tunnel under Prospect Street (20 x 12 ft. box culvert withsheeting and headwalls, including temporary street closure) Drainage, rail fencing, asphalt road repairs, gates and seating areas,with added signage, historical placards and traffic control Phase III: Trail Surfacing Including asphalt paving of the Franklin section of trail On-going Coordination of Trail Maintenance
  12. 12. Our Plans – Bellingham SegmentMay-1312 Phase I: Franklin Town Line to Blackstone Town Line Clearing, tree removal, grading, finishing and packing of the trail Drainage, rail fencing, gates along with signage, historical placardsand maintenance of traffic Earthen ramp for Prospect St crossing Phase II: Trail Surfacing Including compacted stone dust or paving of the Franklin andBellingham section of trail On-going Coordination of Trail Maintenance
  13. 13. The FutureMay-1313
  14. 14. Become a MemberMay-1314 Join us to help us achieve our goals Serve on working groups / sub-committees Participate and vote at meetings $25 membership Stay connected through newsletters/minutes Get 10% off on parts and accessories at Crossing Cycle inFranklin
  15. 15. Ways to HelpMay-1315 Engineering assistance/Planning for Prospect StreetRamp Signage around town
  16. 16. Become a Donor or SponsorMay-1316 Support our efforts and special events Your contributions will help us purchase: Committee basic supplies Brochures and promotional materials Supplies for fund-raising events Get acknowledgement or promote your business On our website and in our promotional materials Event T-shirts, brochures, and media advertisements
  17. 17. Become a Volunteer or AdvocateMay-1317 Sign up to help us with committee activities andspecial events Help with trail improvements Participate in special events Promote use of the trail with your group and friends Petition your elected officials for support
  18. 18. The Rails to Trails MovementMay-1318 Nation-wide efforts to turn abandoned railways intorecreational trails Benefits include access to safe recreational pathwaysfor all abilities Successful local examples include Cape Cod RailTrails (over 22 miles) and Blackstone River Valley(over 11 miles)