Don't use the R word


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Presentation to the Franklin, MA School Committee meeting on Tuesday 6/22/10.
Annie Sullivan Middle School Best Buddies group prepared and made the presentation.

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Don't use the R word

  1. 1. Why I Don’t Use the R-Word
  2. 2. Not using the R-word is one way I show my respect to the students, friends, family, and strangers around me. Ms. Buffery
  3. 3. I don't use the R-word because I believe all people deserve to feel included and respected. We are all unique, and we all share the common bond of being human beings who want to feel loved and valued. Ms. Perri
  4. 4. I choose not to use the R-word because of my special friends at Annie Sullivan. Mrs. Caruso
  5. 5. Learning to sign!
  6. 6. When I hear the R-word, I can think of my best buddy Victoria, and how the person abusing the R-word is referring to all these amazing kids that I call friends. These kids are remarkable and each of them has skills and strong points. Lindsey Baryluk Best Buddies Officer
  7. 7. To me the R-word is like a swear word. If something makes someone feel bad, why would you say it? Mrs . Ahearn
  8. 8. When you use the R-word you hurt someone. Whether it’s a person with an intellectual disability or someone who loves them, you still hurt them. Disabled people are smart, funny, friendly, kind and compassionate. Why would you want to make them feel anything other than special and unique? Maggie Streeter Best Buddies Officer
  9. 9. Visit from Team Hoyt!
  10. 10. I refuse to use the R-word.  Words have power and the use of the R-word hurts people. It hurts not only the people with the disabilities, but their families, their friends, and those who have had the pleasure to get to know them. Mrs. Garay Brother, Devin, paralyzed in a car accident almost 26 years ago.
  11. 11. Mrs. McCaffrey I don’t use the R-word because it has evolved into a negative connotation toward a specific group of people. Without a thought to the impact on others, people use the R-word to convey dislike, disappointment and rejection. This is hurtful and insulting to millions of people.
  12. 12. We should be trying to make the world a better place, not limiting the world of others. Mr. Flanagan My brother, Kevin Pitching Coach
  13. 13. Each and every person has unique qualities and characteristics. Each individual offers much to the world. It is important to celebrate the positive that each person has to give to others. Ms. Calnan
  14. 15. Before I became a Best Buddies officer I had other people with intellectual disabilities in my life but none of them have affected me as much as Andrew. Each time I hear him laugh, each time he smiles up at me, and each time I’m around him I remind myself that he is the reason why I don’t say that repulsive word. Alexandra Wolfe Best Buddies Officer
  15. 16. I met a boy in elementary school who I knew was different. Chris needed a friend and so we started walking to school together and I learned that he was one of the most interesting people I had ever met. He was also very funny and other kids joined us and we all laughed together. Nobody used the R word anymore. Mrs. Guarino
  16. 18. I cannot comprehend what my life would be like without my friends with intellectual disabilities. It would be like living without your best friend. Lauren Altobelli Best Buddies Officer
  17. 19. My nephew, Luca, one of the people in my family who is closest to my heart, was born with special needs. I don't use the R-word because I don't ever want Luca to feel the sting of such an insult. I don't want him to be judged before he is even given a chance. Ms. Amaral
  18. 21. From my friends with intellectual disabilities I have learned that people can be refreshingly honest and genuine. I have learned to be compassionate. I have learned to give high fives and to celebrate everyone’s gifts! So I ask you, on my behalf when you think of the R-Word, please think respect ! Mrs. Carucci Mrs. Carucci and her brother, John
  19. 22. Why I don't use the R-word is because I truly believe that God has placed these special angels here on earth to teach us all about the meaning of love, acceptance, tolerance, and patience. We should appreciate their gifts. Mrs. Welshoff
  20. 23. Words can be used to unite, inspire innovation, console those in need, teach a valuable lesson, and promote equality and tolerance. The R-word does not belong in any of those categories. It destroys. Mr. Williams
  21. 25. We want people to realize that the R-word is hurtful to many incredible individuals in our school, and around the world. We need to understand that people with intellectual disabilities are more like us than they are different. Casey Lazarek Best Buddies Officer
  22. 26. As a new parent I have many hopes and dreams for my daughter and for all children. I want them to be physically and emotionally safe. To be treated with respect. To be challenged and provided opportunities for growth & development. To be recognized for talents and achievements rather than for what they may lack. When the R-word is tossed around casually and inappropriately, someone’s child no longer feels safe, respected, or valued. Someone’s beloved son or daughter is not recognized for who they are, but rather is derided for what they are not. Mr. Mello
  23. 27. These people aren’t retarded, they are someone’s brother, sister, son or daughter. They are people too. Once you start seeing them as people, as your equals, you will understand the hurt you cause by using the R-word. Natalie Loureiro Best Buddies Officer
  24. 28. Special Olympics
  25. 29. I don’t use the R-word as it is meaningless to me. The R-word I use is R espect. Respect is making a choice to value and celebrate each person’s uniqueness. Mrs. Parnell
  26. 30. I don't use the R-word because it carries so much disrespect. I know not to use the word, ever, in my vocabulary and one person at a time, we can spread the message to make everyone realize and understand the disrespect that comes along with using that word. Ms. Hawk
  27. 31. When you have a family member with an intellectual disability, the R-word hits you where it hurts. First she forgot who I was, then she forgot how to walk and now she has forgotten how to talk. Don’t disrespect all that she is ~ she is my mom and I love her. Mrs. Vetrano
  28. 32. The R-word affects me because when that word hits my ears I think of my amazing cousin Kevin. Kevin is only a couple months younger than me, so he will be turning 14 very soon. Kevin may act differently than others, but he is still a human being and equal to everyone. Gabby Kane Best Buddies Officer
  29. 34. I don’t use the R-Word because my Uncle Luke deserves the acceptance that everyone else in the world gets. He has an intellectual disability called Down Syndrome, but I wouldn’t have him any other way. Marta Versprille Best Buddies Officer Uncle Luke
  30. 35. My brother, Scott, was born with Muscular Dystrophy. He didn’t want to be treated differently, he wanted to be like everyone else. Every time I hear someone using the R- word, or saying something mean about a person with a disability, I think about how much that would upset my brother. I hope everyone can learn to treat all people with dignity and respect. Mrs. Morris
  31. 36. The students in Mrs. Gleason’s class have really opened my eyes to individuals with intellectual disabilities. Seeing one word turn their bright, shining smiles into hurt, discouraged frowns breaks my heart. It’s not easy to see a child who is so happy become sad just by hearing one word. Ashley Monterotti Best Buddies Officer
  32. 37. The R-word is a degrading and offensive term that offends people of all ages, genders, races and abilities. It is this small word that has the potential of destroying the self-worth of an individual. By replacing this word with “respect,” we are acknowledging the foundation that all individuals need to grow and thrive. Ms. McMahon
  33. 39. I pledge not to use the R-word because it is offensive. I would much rather use words that make people laugh and refrain from using words that could make people cry. While people with intellectual disabilities may have difficulty learning—they do not have any difficulty feeling. Mrs. Marcotte
  34. 40. I choose not to use the R-word because I feel everyone deserves to be respected. Instead of trying to label our differences in this world, we should celebrate them. Mr. Giguere
  35. 41. I don’t use the R-word because why would you say something so hurtful to someone? Mrs. Bremner
  36. 42. The R-word labels, limits and offends. Each individual is born on this earth with incredible gifts.  A good person finds those gifts in others and celebrates them.  We are all more alike than we are different.  Take the time to search for the gifts in others.  There is no place for the R-word in our diverse and inclusive world. Mrs. Gleason
  37. 43. I choose not to use the R- word just like I choose not to use the N-word – they are words of hate and intolerance and have no place in our language. Ms. Wittcoff
  38. 44. Best Buddies and Officers 2010
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