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  • Revision quiz

    1. 1. Revision QuizBrian Russell
    2. 2. Round OneWhat is the link?
    3. 3. What is the link?MahoganyBeechAshTeakOakHardwoods
    4. 4. What is the link?CorrugatedDuplex Foil backedWhitePaper/cardCartridge
    5. 5. What is the link?Scots PineParana PineRed CedarYellow cedarSpruceSoftwoods
    6. 6. What is the link?Meat BeansFishCheeseEggsPoultryAll sources of protein
    7. 7. What is the link?Copper ZincTinCook ing FoilAluminiumNon-ferrous metals
    8. 8. What is the link?High SpeedSteel Cast IronMild Steel Stainless SteelFerrous metals
    9. 9. What is the link?Pewter Casting Alloy (LM4)Brass Stainless SteelAlloys
    10. 10. What is the link?Elastene(Lycra)TactelAramidKevlar( )PolyesterPolyamide(Nylon)AcrylicSynthetic Fibres
    11. 11. What is the link?LinenCottonSilkWoolNatural Fibres
    12. 12. What is the link?SilkWoolMeatMilkCheeseEggsMaterials from animalsFish
    13. 13. What is the link?Bread PastaPotato CerealRiceRiceStarchy Carbohydrates
    14. 14. What is the link?ScrewsSpark PlugNut& BoltButtonsNailsZip FastenerResistorsComponentsE le c t r ic a l P lu g
    15. 15. What is the link?Earthenware ClayPorcelainCopperCook ing FoilAluminiumMild SteelPotatoesMaterials dug out of the ground
    16. 16. What is the link?PolytheneBatteriesPVCPolyamide(Nylon)Polyester AcrylicPolystyreneMaterials made from oilThermoplastics
    17. 17. What is the link?Foil Lined Duplex BoardGlass Reinforced PlasticMDFConcreteComposites/Combined materials
    18. 18. What is the link?ResistorsS p e a k e rMotorTransistorCapacitorsBuzzerElectronic Components
    19. 19. What is the link?Bevel gearsChain & SprocketWorm & Worm WheelCrankCam & FollowerSpur GearsMechanical Components
    20. 20. What is the link?BlockboardChipboardPlywoodMDFHardboardManufactured Boards
    21. 21. What is the link?AcetateS c o t s P in eBeechCottonPaperCerealsMaterials from plants/trees
    22. 22. What is the link?Glass Reinforced PlasticUrea FormaldehydeEpoxy Resin Phenol FormaldehydeMelamine FormaldehydeThermosetting Plastics
    23. 23. Round TwoUsing ICT
    24. 24. Using ICTWhat does CAD/CAM stand for?Computer Aided DesignComputer Aided Manufacture
    25. 25. Using ICTWhat does CNC mean?Computer Numerical Control(controlling machinery using numerical data inCAD software)
    26. 26. Using ICTGive three benefits of using CAD/CAMRepeatabilityEasier data storage and retrievalQuick changes/set-upsReduce labour costsFlexibilityFull automation capability
    27. 27. Using ICTGive one drawback of using CAD/CAMSecurity of dataRisk of data corruptionInitial investment – plant andtraining
    28. 28. Using ICTWhat is this computer controlled machinecalled?CNC Lathe
    29. 29. Using ICTCAD/CAM easily allows you to design inone country and manufacture in another.What is this process called?Remote Manufacturing
    30. 30. Using ICTWhat does CIM stand for?Computer Integrated Manufacture(all the computer functions are integrated together in a fullyautomated system)
    31. 31. Using ICTAll aspects of manufacturing can becompletely controlled by computer dataand run by minimum the number of people.What is this called?Automation
    32. 32. Using ICTWhat manufacturing system allowscars with very different specificationsto be made on the same productionline?Just in Time (JIT)
    33. 33. Using ICT3D prototypes can be built up layer bylayer, direct from the computer. What isthis process called?RapidPrototyping
    34. 34. Using ICTFace to face communication is possibleacross the globe. What is thistechnology called?VideoConferencing
    35. 35. Using ICTWhat is the main purpose of bar-coding?Stock control (knowing where theproducts are – storage, transit, salesfloor etc.)
    36. 36. Round ThreeWhat’s the name?
    37. 37. What’s the name?What name is given to the study ofhuman measurements?Anthropometrics
    38. 38. What’s the name?What name is given to the printingprocess which uses the idea that oiland water do not mix?Lithography(or lithographicprinting)
    39. 39. What’s the name?What name is given to the study ofhow easy it is for people to use theirworking environment?Ergonomics
    40. 40. What’s the name?What name is given to the mostefficient working space?Working Triangle
    41. 41. What’s the name?What name is given to the normalrange of human sizes we considerwhen designing?5th- 95thPercentile
    42. 42. What’s the name?What name is given to productswhich are not suitable for lots ofdifferent people?Exclusive
    43. 43. What’s the name?What name is given to describematerials breaking down over time?Degrading(or degradation)
    44. 44. What’s the name?What name is given to the processfor cutting out card packaging nets?Die-cuttingPlyw oodFoam layerCard t o be cutBlade
    45. 45. What’s the name?What name is given to an accuratedetailed model showing how adesign will look and, sometimes, howit will work?PrototypeS ony900920910On/Off
    46. 46. What’s the name?What name is given to the aim ofdesigning products for everyone touse?Inclusive design (orsometimes calledUniversal design)
    47. 47. What’s the name?What term is given to a system whichidentifies risks and hazards whenmanufacturing food products anddefines ways of controlling them?HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)
    48. 48. What’s the name?What name is given to this symbol?CCopyright (means don’tcopy this, it’s mine) – usually hasthe name and date alongside
    49. 49. What’s the name?What name is given to amanufacturing aid for holding theobject you are working and guidingthe tool?Jig
    50. 50. What’s the name?What is the term for turning rawmaterials into useful stock sizescalled?Primary processing
    51. 51. What’s the name?What name is given to this symbol?British Standards Institute(BSI) “Kitemark”S
    52. 52. What’s the name?What name is given to reviewingpotential hazards during manufacturingor when the product is in use?Risk Assessment
    53. 53. What’s the name?What name is given to ensuring thateach product is right first time everytime?Quality Assurance
    54. 54. What’s the name?What name is given to the processwhich manufacturers use to ensurethat their products are always gettingbetter.Continuous Improvement
    55. 55. What’s the name?When manufacturing, what name isgiven to the acceptable range ofdifference from standard?(Sometimes measured in plus/minus)Tolerance
    56. 56. What’s the name?What is the name of the processused for printing perfume cartons?Offset lithography
    57. 57. Round FourOdd one out
    58. 58. Odd one outCannedFood PotteryChiselBladeUHTMilkEnamelledBroochGRP Boat – the rest all involvehigh temperature processesGlass Reinforced Plastic Boat
    59. 59. Odd one outScissorsFoodProcessorCraft Knife TinsnipsPillar DrillSanderSander – the rest cutwith a slicing action
    60. 60. Odd one outMortice & TenonNut & Bolt KD Fitting SewingVelcroGlazingGlazing, the rest aremethods of assembly
    61. 61. Odd one outParana PineCheeseSilkWoolPolyesterAshPolyester, the rest are fromrenewable sources
    62. 62. Odd one outPastaCerealsPotatoesRiceRiceBreadCheeseCheese – dairy product,the rest are carbohydrates
    63. 63. Odd one outRouterMilling Machine3D PrinterLathe3D printer – the restremove materials
    64. 64. Odd one outCorrugated CardWoolCooking FoilAluminiumBeechAluminium – the others areall renewable materials
    65. 65. Round FiveHow Green are you?
    66. 66. How Green are you?Name four of the 6RsReuseReduceRecycleRepairRethinkRefuse
    67. 67. How Green are you?This symbol is found on somepackaging. What does it mean?Glass, please placein recycling bin
    68. 68. How Green are you?What 3 stages are essentialfor recycling to take place?Collect productsSeparate into componentsSort into separate material groups
    69. 69. How Green are you?What does this symbol mean?Aluminium, can berecycled
    70. 70. How Green are you?Materials which break downnaturally are called what?Biodegradable
    71. 71. How Green are you?What do these twoproducts have incommon?Both made fromrecycledcomponents
    72. 72. How Green are you?• Provides specific information on thetype of plastic material. This example isHigh Density Polyethylene. Found onsome carrier bags, milk crates, bucketsetc.What does this symbol mean?
    73. 73. How Green are you?Why are these not consideredas green products?Disposable (single use)Difficult to recycleExcess packaging
    74. 74. How Green are you?This symbol is found on somedrinks cans. What does it mean?Steel, can be recycled
    75. 75. How Green are you?• Needs specialist recycling, do not put innormal household binWhat does this symbolmean?
    76. 76. How Green are you?When we are asked to consider thewhole product life cycle, what doesthis mean?Consider the impactfrom extracting thematerial through todisposing of theproduct when used
    77. 77. Round SixVolume production
    78. 78. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture the blister pack?Vacuum forming
    79. 79. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture the plastic bottles?Blow moulding
    80. 80. Volume productionThere are six types of secondary processing• Casting & moulding• Wastage (or separation)• Conditioning• Assembling• Finishing• What is missing?Forming
    81. 81. Volume productionWhat scale of production wouldhave been used to manufacturethese bread products?BatchProduction
    82. 82. Volume productionWhat scale of production wouldhave been used to manufacturethis drink?ContinuousProduction
    83. 83. Volume productionWhat scale of production wouldhave been used to manufacturethis motorcycle?One-offProduction(also called jobbing or customproduction)
    84. 84. Volume productionWhat scale of production wouldhave been used to manufacturethis car?MassProduction(sometimes called flowproduction)
    85. 85. Volume productionWhat do the initials JIT stand for?Just in Time
    86. 86. Volume productionWhat is the most commonmethod of destroying bacteria infood products?Heating (above 121 degreescentigrade)
    87. 87. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture these metalcomponents?Sand Casting
    88. 88. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture these plasticcomponents?Injection Moulding
    89. 89. Volume productionWhat process is shown below?Forging
    90. 90. Volume productionWhat is this manufacturing toolcalled?Die cutting tool(also called a press knife orcutting forme)
    91. 91. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture these large plasticproducts?RotationalMoulding
    92. 92. Volume productionWhat process has been used tomanufacture these socks?Knitting
    93. 93. Round SevenAll wrapped up
    94. 94. All wrapped up• Protect• Inform• ContainThe purpose of packaging can bebroken down into six areas. Whichare missing?TransportPreserveDisplay
    95. 95. All wrapped upSolid white board (would accept cartonboard)What material is mostcommonly used forperfume cartons?
    96. 96. All wrapped upGive two reasons why corrugatedcard might be used for pizzapackaging?Cheap, rigid,good insulator,easy to print on,recyclable…
    97. 97. All wrapped upGive two reasons why packaging isoften cuboid?Close packs (tessellates)so maximises space onpallets, lorries etc.Stacks well, can be easilydisplayed on shelves…
    98. 98. All wrapped upWhat name is given to the flat shapeswhich make up cartons?Nets
    99. 99. All wrapped upFluted boardWhat material is mostcommonly used tocushion perfumebottles?
    100. 100. All wrapped upWhat material is used for making thisplastic bottle?PET(Polyethylene Terepthalate)
    101. 101. All wrapped upWhat does this symbolmean?Estimated - average quantity mustbe accurate but the weight of eachpack might vary slightly.
    102. 102. All wrapped upWhat are the 4 process colours usedin lithographic printing?Yellow,Magenta,Cyan,Black
    103. 103. What is this type of packaging calledand what material is it made from?Transit packaging and it is madefrom corrugated cardboardAll wrapped up
    104. 104. All wrapped upWhat is the white material calledwhich is used as part of thispackaging?ExpandedPolystyrene
    105. 105. CellophaneAll wrapped upWhat is the material called whichis wrapped around to secure thispackaging?
    106. 106. All wrapped upWhat is the material used in thesepackaging trays?Aluminium Foil
    107. 107. All wrapped upWhy is glass used for packagingperfume?Resistant to chemicalsWaterproofLooks goodEconomical…
    108. 108. What is the material used for thesecarrier bags?All wrapped upHigh densitypolythene
    109. 109. All wrapped upWhat is the clear material used forthis blister pack?PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)orPET (PolyethyleneTerepthalate)
    110. 110. All wrapped upWhat is this symbol found onperfume packaging telling thecustomer?Indicates the period afteropening before theproduct starts todeteriorate
    111. 111. Round EightCommunicating
    112. 112. CommunicatingToneWhat is the term used to describecolour which goes from dark to light?
    113. 113. CommunicatingIf a spider walks from one side to anotherand can still be seen draw a thin line. Ifthe spider moves out of sight draw a thickline.Explain the “spider” thickand thin line rule whenapplied to drawings.
    114. 114. CommunicatingProjection lines not in correct place,arrows not touching projection lines,dimensioning on top of drawing andarrowSuggest three faultswith this dimensioning
    115. 115. CommunicatingIsometric projectionWhat name is given to thisviewpoint when drawing?
    116. 116. CommunicatingRenderingWhat term is used for applying colourand tone to a drawing?
    117. 117. CommunicatingShadow on lightest side, top surface youwould expect to be the lightest, innerflaps should be dark as in shadow of top.Assuming that this drawingrepresents a white cartonexplain two faults.
    118. 118. CommunicatingCross sectionWhat name would you give to this typeof view which shows a product cutthrough?
    119. 119. CommunicatingLines are not parallel, front uprightedge is too shortThis isometric cube is badlydrawn. Suggest two faults.
    120. 120. Communicating2B, it is softer therefore will show upbetter, also easier to erase than a HBExplain which would be best to takeinto an exam, a HB or a 2B pencil?
    121. 121. CommunicatingOrthographic projectionWhat is this type of drawing called?
    122. 122. CommunicatingExploded drawingWhat is this type of drawing calledwhich shows the separated parts?
    123. 123. CommunicatingCutaway drawingWhat is this type of drawing calledwhich shows internal details of aproduct?
    124. 124. Round NineMaterial sources
    125. 125. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?Planed side and edge (PSE)Rough sawn2440mm x 1220mm sheetMouldingsPlanksTimber
    126. 126. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?A sizes (A3, A2)Thickness (microns)Grams per square metre (GMS)ColourRollPaper/Card
    127. 127. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?BodySlipOxidesPigmentsReady-mixed glazesPowdersGrogCeramics
    128. 128. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?SheetSection (tube, bar, angle, rod etc.)Thickness (mm)Length/strip Weight (Kg)Metals
    129. 129. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?Section (tube, bar, angle, rod etc.)Sheet Thickness (mm)PowderGranulesFoamPlastics
    130. 130. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?Weight/PlyRoll widthLinear lengthStaple/filamentSuit lengthTextureRemnantTextiles
    131. 131. Material sourcesWhat group of materials are sold in this form?FreshFrozenOrganicDehydratedVolume (litre)Weight (Kg)DesiccatedFoods
    132. 132. Round TenName the designer
    133. 133. Name the designerJames Dyson
    134. 134. Name the designerJean-Paul Gaultier
    135. 135. Name the designerRobin Day
    136. 136. Name the designerMichael Graves
    137. 137. Name the designerVerner Panton
    138. 138. Name the designerPhilippe Starck
    139. 139. Name the designerPhilip Treacy
    140. 140. Name the designerRichard Sapper
    141. 141. Name the designerGerrit Rievtveld
    142. 142. Name the designerMichael Thonet
    143. 143. Name the designerGiorgio Armani
    144. 144. Name the designerGeorge Carwardine
    145. 145. Round ElevenMaintenance Issues
    146. 146. Maintenance IssuesMacintosh IIfxDisk cleanVirus ScanClean inside mouseDefragmentationBack-up dataWipe monitor and casing
    147. 147. Maintenance IssuesTyre pressure checksBrake wear/adjustmentOil chain/adjustAdjust and oil bearingsTyre wear/replacementReplace batteries in lightsGear change oil/adjust
    148. 148. Maintenance IssuesCheck/replace wheelsReplace gripper stripOil bearingsReplace steering rubbers
    149. 149. Maintenance IssuesWash/cleanReplace lacesRemove stones from gripDeodoriseReplace inner sole
    150. 150. Maintenance IssuesWash/dry cleanConditionIron/pressCheck seams/hemsReplace buttons/zips
    151. 151. Maintenance IssuesRecharge batteryDelete messagesClean/replace coverUpdate phone numbers