F1i s 2013 uae national final newsletter 2


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F1i s 2013 uae national final newsletter 2

  1. 1. Page 1 of 4F1 in Schools - 2013 UAE National FinalNEWSLETTER 2 – FOR ALL TEAMSIT IS ESSENTIAL THAT SUPERVISING TEACHERS AND THE STUDENT WHO IS TEAMMANAGER READ EVERYTHING WITHIN THIS NEWSLETTER CAREFULLYNewsletter 2 Contents:1. Event schedule2. Judging Schedule3. Junior F1 Race Event4. Terms and Conditions5. Travel and parking arrangements6. Event Registration7. Scrutineering protests8. Team list and competition number9. Health and Safety10. Venue plan and booth allocation11. Pit display setup12. Teachers F1 in Schools Pit Stop Challenge!13. YMC Facility Tours14. Team guests / National Final visitors15. Verbal Presentation time limits16. Chair of Judges1. Event schedule – May 12 & 13There have been some minor revisions; both days now follow the same timeframe as below:08:00 – 08:30 Team arrival & registration08:45 – 09:45 Pit Display Setup10:30 – 11:10 Judging and racing commences16:30 - 17:00 Awards17:00 – 17:30 Teams pack down pit displays and depart YMC2. Judging ScheduleThe detailed judging timetable has not yet been finalised. This will be sent to you separately assoon as it has been completed. REMINDER - SUNDAY IS F1 IN SCHOOLS PROFESSIONALS+ JUNIOR F1 (FOAM CAR PILOT). MONDAY IS F1 IN SCHOOLS ROOKIES ANDBLOODHOUND.
  2. 2. F1 in Schools 2013 UAE National Final – Newsletter 2Page 2 of 43. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Sponsor Junior F1 Race Event (Note – Sunday Teams Only)F1 in Schools is excited to announce that Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will be sponsoring ourinaugural Junior F1 Race Event which will be held at the F1 in Schools National Final on SundayMay 12. Primary Schools who have participated in the Junior F1 (Foam Car) pilot will be fielding atotal of 17 teams of Grade 4-6 children who will race their hand made cars down the 20m F1 inSchools track. The top three teams will be awarded with special Ferrari World Abu Dhabi prizepacks with the race winners being presented with the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi F1 JuniorChallenge Champions trophy!Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has also kindly offered to present every Sunday May 12 F1 in SchoolsNational Final participant with a 50% discount on park admission fees for Sunday May 12th. Eachvoucher admits student +3 family or friends at the discounted rate. This is a great opportunity forall Sunday participating teams (Junior F1 and F1 in Schools Professional), to visit Ferrari WorldAbu Dhabi and celebrate their successes. Vouchers will be provided in the Sunday participant‘goodie’ bags.4. Terms and Conditions for ParticipationThe terms and conditions for participating in the National Final are provided as a separateattachment with this newsletter. The supervising teacher must sign and then submit thisdocument at team registration on the competition day.5. Team Arrival and Parking ArrangementsOn arrival at Yas Marina circuit please follow these instructions: Enter via Gate 20 and follow directional signage to the Media Centre, maps attached It is imperative the Vehicle Access Permit supplied along with this newsletter is displayed inthe windscreen of your Team Bus/Van on arrival to YMC, no permit no entry to the unloadingarea. Team vehicles will be directed to Media Centre unloading area, please be ready for a quickunloading to avoid congestions and delays with your setup. After unloading, vehicle will beredirected to TV compound for parking, large buses will be re-directed to Gold Parking Once parked in the TV compound, the team manager and lead teacher ONLY should maketheir way to the Media Centre 1stfloor reception to register the team. Other team membersshould commence unload and moving of team assets into the media centre as directed by ourstaff. Teams are to just place all of their assets in front of their allocated booth and wait for set-upcommencement to be announced at 08:45am Please note the display setup is on the first floor, the main access is via a stairwell which hasa restriction of 1.7m wide alternatively for heavy equipment there is a small service lift 1.25mx 1.25m and max load of 700kg Due to the number of teams competing, we anticipate congestion and ask all teams to respectothers during the load in and set-up time frame.
  3. 3. F1 in Schools 2013 UAE National Final – Newsletter 2Page 3 of 46. Event RegistrationOnly the team manager and supervising teacher are to attend. An event registration desk forteams operating from 08:00am will be located in Media Centre reception on Level 1. Duringregistration the Terms and Conditions for Participation must be handed in. Each team will besupplied with event resources including judging schedule, team accreditation passes, lunchtokens and other relevant documents. During registration the team’s back-up car and designportfolio will be returned for their display and presentation purposes.Scrutineering judging will have occurred pre-event and during event registration teams will beinformed about any critical technical regulation infringements that may have been judged by thescrutineers. There will be no opportunity to protest or dispute any such rulings at this time.The team manager will be asked to identify the race car and its weight will be checked. The F1 inSchools logo decal will be supplied for fixing to the cars.7. Scrutineering ProtestsAny protest or appeal around a Technical Regulation infringement decision should be made inaccordance with the Competition Regulations. Please remember that unsuccessful protests mayincur a penalty. All protests must be submitted by 15:00hrs on competition day.8. Team List and Competition NumberA full list of all competing teams is provided with this newsletter. A ballot was held in the offices ofYas Marina Circuit to determine team competition numbers. The team list also states which pitdisplay booth each team have been allocated.9. Health and safetyAbu Dhabi Motorsport Management, operators of Yas Marina Circuit have asked that teachersfamiliarise themselves with the Code of Practice for Contractors, Organisers and Exhibitors whichhas been supplied with this newsletter.10. Venue layoutA floor plan showing the competition venue layout and display booth location by number has alsobeen supplied. Use this floor plan along with the team list detail to locate your booth upon arrival.11. Pit display setupPit display setup will commence for all teams at 08:45am. A reminder to read the advice regardingthis previously provided in Newsletter 1, along with information regarding pit display setup withinthe Competition Regulations. Any equipment required for your setup is the responsibility of eachteam i.e. trolleys, step-ladders, scissors, blue tac, extension cables etc. There should be nostanding on chairs / desks etc. if needed, please bring a small step ladder.
  4. 4. F1 in Schools 2013 UAE National Final – Newsletter 2Page 4 of 412. Teachers F1 in Schools Pit Stop Challenge!We can’t let the students have all of the fun. So, this year Yas Marina Circuit presents a world first– the Teachers F1 in Schools Pit Stop Challenge! Get your own school team together now, andget ready to see how close you can get to the 2.0 sec record of the Infiniti Red Bull RacingFormula One Team. Your team must consist of 3 teachers. You can join and form a team withother interested teachers on the day. The challenge will run from approximately 15:30 – 16:30pmand special prizes will be awarded. Demonstration, full instruction and related safety will beprovided on the day.13. YMC facility toursAs part of the their F1 in Schools National Final experience, all participants will be given a guidedbehind the scenes tour of some of the most exclusive areas in the Formula One™ Paddock. Thiswill include the Formula One™ winner’s podium, Race Control, Formula One™ garages andTeam Villas. Tour times will feature on the Judging timetable.14. Team guests / National Final VisitorsPlease provide your team guests with the transport maps provided with this newsletter. Guestparking will be clearly sign posted and available in the gold parking area adjacent to the maingrandstand. Guests will then take the pedestrian tunnel access to the Media Centre which is signposted from the car park. Guests will not need a parking or vehicle pass.If you haven’t already done so, please send me the number of guests you would like to haveattend for each of your teams.15. Verbal Presentation time limitsA reminder of the revised time limits for the Verbal Presentations: Bloodhound SSC – 5 minutes F1 in Schools Rookie Category – 8 minutes F1 in Schools Professional Category – 8 minutes16. Chair of JudgesThe 2013 F1 in Schools UAE National Final Chair of Judges will be Mr Jon Fagg from F1 inSchools Ltd. Head Office in London. We are very lucky to have Jon in this capacity bringing awealth of experience in performing competition management and official roles at National and F1in Schools World Finals events for many years.+++++++ NEWSLETTER 2 ENDS +++++++++