UPA provides agents a competitive advantage


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Find out how UPA offers agents a competitive advantage

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UPA provides agents a competitive advantage

  1. 1. Workers’ Compensation Insurance Specialists Providing Agents a Competitive Advantage
  2. 2. UPA’s Workers’ Compensation Products Include: A-rated carriers Multi-state markets D Retros and large deductible plans
  3. 3. UPAY-As-You-Go Results In Savings For Your Clients HERE’S HOW IT WORKS! UPA partners with preferred payroll companies Payroll company calculates workers’ comp premiums Payroll company issues monthly reports to UPA on the insured’s behalf Eliminates Annual Premium Down Payments Cash Flow improves since premiums are paid each pay period based on actual, not estimated payroll
  4. 4. Complete Program Management Provides… Emphasis on reducing claims cost Significant customer savings Focus on your customer’s satisfaction Markets available nationally User friendly technology designed with your needs in mind
  5. 5. UPA Helps Drive Your Business Through… An e-Agent Program A Preferred Agents Program Additional benefits awarded to Preferred Agents Ongoing industry updates On-line marketing support
  6. 6. UPA Preferred Agent Program Benefits Include… Lead generation Customized training program Eligibility for incentive travel First class treatment for your customers Expert forums
  7. 7. State-of-the-Art Online Technology UPA e-Acces agent portal Workers’ compensation & agent forums Notification & alerts Electronic document retrieval Downloadable marketing materials
  8. 8. Distinct Claims Advantage… Traditional Approach 180° Advantage
  9. 9. Accountability Through Performance Measurement WITH CLAIMETRICS PROPRIETARY PROCESS Claimetrics 180º approach Closing claims within 180 days Accurately setting reserves at 180 days Proactive Resolution Process (PReP) Early medical intervention on every claim Centralized operations
  10. 10. Claimetrics Uses Real-Time Metrics With… Data-driven decision support systems Business intelligence More accurate results tracking Focus on trends before they become problems
  11. 11. Employer Success $68 million reduction in Workers’ Compensation cost $20 million reduction in required deposits 30% reduction in risk cost 50% reduction in litigated cost Dramatically improved employer / employee relationship “Claimetrics methods lowered our workers’ compensation costs by 30%, saved staff time and eliminated workers’ compensation overpayments.” Robert A. Funk CEO & Chairman of the Board Express Employment Professionals
  12. 12. Licensed in 50 States Coverage may not be available in all states. The description here is a summary only, it does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the policies and coverages described.
  13. 13. UPA, Your Competitive Advantage For Growing Your Agency And Saving Your Customers Money