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Review of some of my favorite books

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  • Favorite books

    1. 1. My Favorite Books Reviews by Sherry Heyl
    2. 2. This book had a profoundimpact on the direction ofmy life. I first read it when Iwas in the 8th grade.Through Leo’s stories of hislife and values I was able torecognize that we all have aresponsibility to liftourselves and others up totheir highest personalpotential.
    3. 3. Every business schoolshould teach this book. Itgave me a great insight intohow to look for solutions toproblems other people areignoring. To do business insuch a way that yourcompetitors becomeirrelevant. To continuouslyinnovate with your ownbusiness, no matter whatindustry you are in.
    4. 4. This is a great book to goalong with Blue OceanStrategies. In a world whereinformation is free and moreand more products arebecoming digitizedcommodities, it will takeinnovative pricing models tocompete or even stay in thegame. This book providenumerous examples of suchpricing strategies at work.
    5. 5. I have read this book twice.It is practical as opposed topreachy. I have notes andhighlights all through thisbook. The very first chapteris the best start ever: Take100% Responsibility ForYour Life!
    6. 6. Inspiring stories guide youthrough very specific stepsyou can take to inspire anddirect change, no matterwhat your role or status is.
    7. 7. A great commentary on whypeople-driven movementsare more powerful thanstructured hierarchies. In aage where people can easilyconnect for a sharedpurpose, the lessons in thisbook become more and morevital.
    8. 8. “There are literallythousands of ways tocoordinate and connectgroups of people that justdidn’t exist a generationago.All of it is worthless if youdon’t decide to lead.”The world is changing andnew doors of opportunityare opening all of the time.This book begs you to walkthrough them.
    9. 9. A very fun, entertaining,and practical guide tomapping out how to get fromhere to there. I LOVE thisbook. It’s a short readpacked full of great insightsand inspiring quotes. This isa MUST HAVE book thatshould be read a couple oftimes a year - at least.
    10. 10. The first book I read aboutmoney that really spoke towho I want to be as a personas opposed to how much Iwanted in my bank account.If you are strugglingfinancially, there is probablya deeper reason than howmuch you get paid and howmuch you spend. Along withthis book I recommend TheEnergy of Money and RichDad, Poor Dad.
    11. 11. Whether you LOVE DeepakChopra or think he’s a littletoo “woo woo,” (I amsomewhere in the middle ofthose two views) this book isworth a read. We get sostuck in making thingshappen for us, we forget howto let them.
    12. 12. I plan to continue to add to thisslideshare deck with new books andreviews.Sherry Heylwww.sherryheyl.com