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How to manage your time and keep up with social media postings.

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Content calendar

  1. 1. Building a Social Media Content Calendar Present by Sherry Heyl
  2. 2. What is a Content Calendar? A content calendar is a schedule of •When content be published •Who will be responsible for creating content •Where and how the content should be distributed.
  3. 3. Why Create a Calendar? Problem: Many communicators feel that they do not have time for social media. Reason: Many communicators see social media as additional channels they have to nurture. Solution: By integrating social media with traditional media you save time and increase your reach.
  4. 4. Planning It Out Who do you want to communicate to? When do you communicate? Where do you communicate? •Team Members • Clients • Prospects • Supporters • Partners • Shareholders • Influencers • Updates • Promotions • Events • Holidays • Calls to Action •Crisis Communication • Print •TV • Radio •Website • Email •Social Networks
  5. 5. But What Should I Post? For Creators - Ask them to create their own media about what your mission means to them. For Critics - Publish a blog with a call to action/ question. Engage in the conversations with the critics. For Collectors - Make sure your content is sharable. For Joiners - Give them a reason to join your Facebook page or follow you. Create event pages that allow people to RSVP/check-in. Spectators - Provide stats and stories that they will share in offline conversations. Source: Forrester Research describes seven levels of participation or Social Technographics.
  6. 6. Finding Inspiration • Set up Google Alerts and RSS feeds. Report on good/ relevant articles and/or respond to them. • Pay attention to common themes happening in your ongoing conversations. • Follow other brands (competitors, partners, just plain interesting) • Review your standard company communications through the eyes of your audience. • Review Search Terms that are driving people to your site.
  7. 7. When and What to Post Channel Corp Personal What to Post How Often Facebook Page reaches interested prospects/clients/ partners Profile is typically friends and family and not used for business. Short updates, links to articles and videos, photos, events, questions. No more than 2-3 times a day, no fewer than 2-3 times per week. Corp accounts typically reaches interested prospects/ clients/partners. Often used for business networking, connecting with friends, news and entertainment Short updates, links to articles and videos, photos, events, questions and answers. You can post to Twitter fairly often, every 10-15 minutes, as longs as it is not perceived as spam. Typically reaches interested prospects/ clients/partners. Used mostly for business networking Corporate page should share information related to products, services, and industry. Individuals should be empowered to show their expertise and personality No more than 2-3 times a day, no fewer than 2-3 times per week. Reaches people looking for information Sharing stories Media that Educates, Entertains, and/or Inspires Depending on the site, but at least once a month. This is a very basic guideline and not meant to serve as a social media strategy
  8. 8. Saving Time •What content can be scheduled out (via tools like Hootsuite)? •What content is “evergreen” meaning it can be reused in the future? •What content can be repurposed for multiple channels? •Which channels can be linked together? For example
  9. 9. How to UseYour Calendar • Note Events and Holidays • Set reminders of when to start promoting future activities • Set deadlines • Reminder to integrate various communication channels • Block off time for social media
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