Science of Mental Fitness


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slide show on mental fitness-unit 5- HW420

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  • Dacher, E.S. (2006) Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications.
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  • Dacher, E.S. (2006) Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. Laguna Beach, CA: Basic Health Publications.
  • Science of Mental Fitness

    1. 1. Mental Fitness“Mental Fitness”Hw420:Psychological and SpiritualAspects of HealingUnit 5 ProjectSherry Slatosky
    2. 2. Introduction• What is mental fitness?• Benefits of Mental Fitness….• 3 studies which demonstrate the healingqualities of psychological and spiritual means• Finally, two exercises which demonstratepractice of mental fitness• summary
    3. 3. What is Mental Fitness?• Mental fitness is training we use to prepare usfor our path and physical actins we takeahead.• Mental fitness is exercising different areas ofthe mind to keep them in shape as an athletewould his body to be competitive.• Mental fitness is our ability to cope with theobstacles and stimulus in our daily lives androad ahead.
    4. 4. Benefits of Mental Fitness• Ability to obtain optimal function in mind,body and spirit.• Ability to become more aware of your inner-self and surroundings from a non-attachedstand point.• Sustainable happiness, love and kindness toothers
    5. 5. Randolph Byrd’s Prayer Study• Double blind study of 393 coronary patients inSan Francisco, who showed noticeableimprovement within one month of adopting hislifestyle changing program• Ralph proved that prayer does help heal and alsothat the spiritual mind is connected to thebiological body in cause and effect.• Demonstrated that there was an increase inhealth but the experiment couldn’t be totallycontrolled since the outside influence of prayercould not be restricted on the patients.
    6. 6. Research in Forgiveness• Dr.’s Warren Jones and Kathleen Lawler discovered through theirstudies in forgiveness through the University of Tennessee thatforgiveness reduced stress and also those holding onto anger andother negative emotions have a tendency to also have higher bloodpressure than those who don’t.• University of Michigan scientists conducted some social researchand realized that forgiving others correlated also with increasedmental and physical health.• Stanford University researcher Dr. Fred Luskin concluded thatforgiveness can be learned as a skill. He also reported that whenpeople were taught this skill, their levels of stress decreased aswell.
    7. 7. Loving Kindness Exercise(Dacher .E. 2006)• Sitting comfortably visualize a person who you love and feel that love overwhelmyou.• Transition this energy to yourself and pay attention to the love you are givingyourself.• Give all thoughts equal care and allow them to pass both negative and positive innature• Feel this deeper place within the mind and appreciate yourself for who you areand this life which we are living• Once this feeling is the basis of your being, on an in-breath take in the person’ssuffering and do not allow it to affect you but notice it as it is.• Then on the out-breath send loving kindness, health and happiness to them• Then address a group of stranger you don’t know and do this same practice forthem as well for a few minutes• The exercise total should be around 15-20 minutes and can be practiced each day.
    8. 8. Yoga as a mental practice• Yoga can be used to enhance mental activity• It can help balance our energies within our bodies andteach us how to be aware of our mind/bodyconnection• Breath work helps to regulate the bodily functions andcontrol emotions to help bring one deeper into thesubtle mind.• A video to follow in beginner yoga:• The key points of Yoga are making sure yourpositioning is correct even if you cannot fully do theposition and working on awareness of the breath andcentering the energy of the body and strengthening
    9. 9. Summary• The mind and the body are connected. What youdo to one affects the other and visa versa.• Science has proven that managing and trainingthe mind can have drastic side-affects on health,wellness and longevity• Science has also shown that spiritual focus canhave an impact on our psychospiritualdevelopment.• Yoga and Mental workouts can help optimize ourhealth, functioning and longevity.