Simple Past or Simple Present -1

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  • 1. Complete the sentences using the correct form of the present simple or past simple.e.g. I usually ____watch____ (watch) TV but last night I ____went___ to bed early.The Roxy ShowRoxy:Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Roxy Show. Today's programme is about men who marry women from other countries. In the studio we have James and Hiroko Stewart. James (1) ____________________ (come) from Scotland and Hiroko is Japanese. They (2) ____________________ (get) married two years ago. First of all, where (3) ____________________ (you / meet) ?Hiroko:We (4) ____________________ (meet) in Osaka. I (5) ____________________ (be) James's Japanese teacher.James: Yes, when I first (6) ____________________ (see) Hiroko I (7) ____________________ (think) she was wonderful! Really patient and kind. Hiroko:Yes, I (8) ____________________ (like) him very much too. So after a year we (9) ____________________ (decide) to get married and to live in Scotland. We (10) ____________________ (come) here eighteen months ago. Roxy:So, Hiroko. How's life here?James:Well, Glasgow is smaller than Osaka and quieter but Hiroko (11) ____________________ (like) it a lot.Hiroko:That's right. I was nervous at first but everything's fine now. I (12) ____________________ (work) in a school in the city. One thing that's good is that in Osaka I (13) ____________________ (travel) by bus or train everywhere but here I can walk to work and that's great!Roxy:What about the food? I'm sure that's very different.Hiroko:Yes, at first I (14) ____________________ (not / enjoy) eating Scottish food - too much meat and too many potatoes! Roxy:Thank you Hiroko and James. After the break we'll talk more about your life here.<br />Complete the sentences with a word from the / at / yesterday / a / ago / the / on / in / at / last / ine.g. I was born 1992.I was born in 1992.1 We go to bed half past eleven.____________________________________________2 I often go shopping Mondays.____________________________________________3 Irene spoke to me ten minutes.____________________________________________4 My parents went to Italy year.____________________________________________5 Alain's birthday is November.____________________________________________6 People start work nine o'clock.____________________________________________7 It gets very dark winter.____________________________________________8 When was last time you flew anywhere?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________9 We drove to the airport morning.____________________________________________10 We lived in Ecuador long time ago.____________________________________________Write the adjectives to describe feelings<br />e.g. Everyone was really b__ored__ by the lesson. It was terrible!<br /> 1 Francisco's very w_______________ because his wife's in hospital.2 Jayne was a_______________ when her friends were all late for the film.3 Ruth is d_______________ because she didn't pass her driving test.4 Jan's e_______________ because it's her birthday tomorrow.5 My manager was in a g_______________ m_______________ because the companymade a lot of money this year.6 You look r_______________ after your holiday.7 I was s_______________ that United lost the match because they were a better team than Albion.8 The children always get very n_______________ before going to the dentist.Join the sentences using so, because, and, but or then.<br />e.g. I like coffee. I don't like tea. I like coffee but I don't like tea.<br />1 I'm cold. I'm not wearing my coat.<br />2 First turn left. Walk straight on.<br />3 I don't speak Japanese. I speak Korean. <br />4 Ana wanted a coffee. She went into a café.<br />5 Can I have a ticket for Tuesday. A ticket for Wednesday too, please. <br />Choose the correct answer.<br />e.g. I feel __b__<br />a) unhappilyb)upsetc)sadly<br />1 Do you feel _____ going to the cinema?<br />a) about b) wec) like<br />2 The classroom feels very _____.<br />a) coldlyb) warmlyc) hot<br />3 I feel like _____.<br />a) a tea.b) coldc) walk<br />4 How do you feel _____ your new job?<br />a) likeb) aboutc) on<br />5 _____ feeling better?<br />a) Are youb) Do youc) Does he<br />6 I _____ very tired after running 10 kilometres.<br />a) fellb) feltc) feeling <br />Write the past simple of these verbs<br />e.g. hearheard<br />1 carry___________________<br />2 play___________________<br />3 cost___________________<br />4 travel___________________<br />5 open___________________<br />6 begin___________________<br />7 rent___________________<br />