Recreational Activities


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Recreational Activities

  1. 1. PRE-INTERMEDIATE-1 [Olcay] 1. Warm Up a. What do you like doing in your leisure time? b. Do you like swimming/skating……….? c. What do you hate doing in your free time? 2. Practice Circle the correct one. 1. In the country there isn’t so much to do; I like going to/going for a walk and sometimes going/going to the swimming. 2. Reading/Watching a newspaper in the morning is not something for me. I would like to read/reading it in the afternoon. 3. In my spare time, I like doing/going yoga; I hate going to/going to the cinema in my leisure time. 4. I like playing the/playing guitar. 5. While some people are very interested in surfing the/surfing internet in their spare time, I prefer playing/playing the computer games. 1. It…………..that many young people are nowadays interested in computer and technology. 2. The teacher will announce the …………..of the exam tomorrow. 3. These days, I am not doing…………..exercise, I think. 4. Try going for a ………..walk if you feel distressed. 5. You look so unfit, you have to……………some exercise. 1. In order to enter the pub, you have to be……………….17 years old. 2. A recent………………..shows that females are more concerned with the details. 3. ……………….. a new survey, average life expectancy of Turkish people is 65 years. 4. You need an……………………….to play that musicç 5. Gossipping and chatting are the most popular ……………….activities in Turkey. 1
  2. 2. PRE-INTERMEDIATE-1 [Olcay] 3. Practice Circle the correct one. Choose the correct word. e.g. Listen to __a__ a) the radio b) a book c) a magazine 1 Go for _____ a) swimming b) a run c) the gym 2 Play _____ a) the internet b) piano c) video games 3 Read _____ a) a video game b) a magazine c) the internet 4 Go _____ a) skiing b) a walk c) the cinema 5 Rent _____ a) a lesson b) a DVD c) the gym 6 Do _____ a) yoga b) the guitar c) run 7 Go to a) the internet b) swimming c) a swimming pool 8 Surf _____ a) emails b) the internet c) water 4. Practice Circle the correct one. 1 _____ clubbing a) go b) go to c) go for 2 _____ the guitar a) play b) make c) listen 3 _____ yoga a) play b) go for c) do 4 _____ a DVD a) go b) rent c) hire 5 _____ a run a) go to b) go c) go for 6 _____ the gym a) go to b) go c) go for 7 _____ a magazine a) watch b) read c) do 8 _____ the internet a) surf b) play c) do 2
  3. 3. PRE-INTERMEDIATE-1 [Olcay] What / Where / How often / Who / Why / How many / How much / Which / What kind / When e.g. you / like / doing in your free time? __What do you like doing in your free time?______ I like playing football. 1 film / start? _________________________________________________________________________ It starts at 7.30. 2 you / see your grandmother? _________________________________________________________________________ We visit her once a month. 3 sisters / you / have got? _________________________________________________________________________ Ive got two, Claire and Susanna. 4 coat is yours? _________________________________________________________________________ That black one. 5 music / you / like? _________________________________________________________________________ I really like jazz. 6 be / that man over there? _________________________________________________________________________ Thats my cousin, Juan. 7 your bag / weigh? _________________________________________________________________________ About eighteen kilos. 8 be / post office? _________________________________________________________________________ Its over there. 9 you / want / go to India? _________________________________________________________________________ Because I want to study Hinduism. _________________________________________________________________________ 3