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  • 2.  Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) is an American company based inCincinnati, Ohio that manufactures a wide range of consumer goods. In India Proctor & Gamble has two subsidiaries: P&G Hygiene andHealth Care Ltd. and P&G Home Products Ltd. P&G Hygiene and Health Care Limited is one of Indias fastestgrowing Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies with a turnoverof more than Rs. 500 crores. It has in its portfolio famous brands like Vicks & Whisper. P&GHome Products Limited deals in Fabric Care segment and Hair Caresegment. It has in its kitty global brands such as Ariel and Tide in the FabricCare segment, and Head & Shoulders, Pantene, and Rejoice in theHair Care segment. Today, Proctor & Gamble is the second largest FMCG company inIndia after Hindustan Lever Limited.
  • 4. product categorization into different sectors :Beauty Segment: Head & Shoulder, Olay, Pantene, Wella Grooming Segment: GilletteHealth Care Segment: Oral-B, Whisper, Vicks Fabric Care & Home Care Segment: Ariel, Tide andDuracell, AmbiPur Baby Care & Family Home Care Segment: Pampers
  • 5. Focusing Our Growth Strategy Our long track record of success is based on a time-testedbusiness model — we discover meaningful insights into whatconsumers need and want; we translate those insights intonoticeably superior products focused on those needs; wecommunicate that superiority through advertising that includescompelling claims, performance demonstrations, and superiorbenefit visuals; and we price our products at a point whereconsumers experience superior overall value.All of this drives leadership market share, higher sales andlower costs, which enable us to reinvest in our business andwin on a sustained basis. This model is simple and clear — andwhen we execute it consistently, we win.
  • 6. We have used this model to build a company with nearly $84billion in sales and more than $10 billion in net earnings.We are focusing P&G’S growth strategy on our biggestopportunities: We are focusing on our 40 largest and most profitableproduct categories in the most important geographic markets.These 40 businesses represent about 50% of sales and nearly70% of operating profit . We are focusing resources on winning with our 20 largestinnovations. We are maintaining strong momentum in developingmarkets, targeting the 10 developing markets with the highestpotential for growth.
  • 7. Growth of P&G products This model has also enabled P&G to deliver reliable andmeaningful growth over long periods of time, outperformingthe market and performing among the very best in our industry. Measuring from the end of each quarter starting in1980, rolling 10-year returns have exceeded both the S&P 500and the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 82 out of 88periods, or 93% of the time. And rolling 20-year returns haveexceeded both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones IndustrialAverage in 46 out of 48 periods, or 96% of the time.Within this longer-term track record, there have been shorterperiods of underperformance, as we’ve experienced the pastcouple of years. These have typically been followed by periodsof strong out performance
  • 8. Within this longer-term track record, there have been shorterperiods of underperformance, as we’ve experienced the pastcouple of years. These have typically been followed by periodsof strong out performance.This past track record does not in any way guarantee futuresuccess. It does reflect, however, the strength of our time testedbusiness model.The model works. Funding it with productivity savings andexecuting it broadly and consistently with discipline is theproven way for P&G to deliver the business and financialresults to which weve committed. This is what we are doingIn fiscal 2012, we delivered 3% organic sales growth overall.P&G has averaged 4% organic sales growth over the pastthree years, achieving 3% to 5% organic sales growth for 11consecutive quarters
  • 9. 0102030405060708020082009201020112012net salesnet sales
  • 10. In just three years, we’ve added organic sales of $8.5billion, the equivalent of adding a Fortune 300 company toour portfolio.Growth continues to be very strong in developingmarkets, which now generate 38% of P&G’s sales and 44% ofour unit volume.It’s a $32 billion business for P&G, the largest developing-market business of any consumer products company.We see significant remaining growth opportunities as ourbusiness in developing markets is still smaller as a percent ofsales than the developing market businesses of some of ourcompetitors, and we will continue to focus on growing ourbusiness in the largest and most important of these markets.
  • 11. Strong Growth in Developing MarketsOUR DEVELOPING-MARKET SALES growth has been verystrong over the past ten years. Three years ago, we made an intervention to expand further inthese markets, and we’re growing at nearly double the rate ofthe underlying markets. Developing markets are now a $32 billion business forP&G, generating 38% of sales and 44% of our unit volume.We’re focused on our top 10 developing markets where growthprospects are highest, including the important “BRIC” marketsof Brazil, Russia, India and China, where sales have grown anaverage of 20% over the past decade.
  • 12. CONCLUSION P&G is the world’s largest and most profitable consumerpackaged goods company, with nearly $84 billion in salesand more than $10 billion in net earnings. We have built a portfolio of 25 billion-dollar brands — each ofwhich generates from $1 billion to more than $10 billion ofsales per year.They span a broad range of product categories — includinghousehold care, beauty, grooming, and personal healthcare —and are household names around the world, includingPampers, Gillette, Tide, Ariel, Downy, Pantene, Head &Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Crest, Dawn, Fairy and Always.We have three times more billion-dollar brands in ourcategories than our next-largest competitor and more than mostof our remaining competitors combined.