Tips to create effective triggered email campaigns


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Triggered email is an essential tool of your email marketing strategy that can boost the suitability and relevance of your communications.

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Tips to create effective triggered email campaigns

  1. 1. Tips To Create Effective Triggered Email Campaigns By:
  2. 2. Inception • Triggered email is an essential tool of your email marketing strategy that can boost the suitability and relevance of your communications. • Actually, a triggered email is a message that is involuntarily sent in reply to a key action by a customer. When customers sign up for a company’s email newsletter, for instance, a welcome email is automatically delivered to them.
  3. 3. How to create triggered email campaign • Effective triggers in email campaign depend on conveying the most contextually significant offers to the subscriber’s already exhibited interest. • If you truly want to optimize your campaign results and nurture your relationship with the subscriber, then these tips will be really beneficial:  Formulate your triggered campaigns deliberately  Set email frequency  Do not overlook recency  Make use of discarded shopping carts  Check and modify
  4. 4. Formulate triggered campaigns deliberately • It is very simple to create a ‘Welcome’ or ‘Verification’ triggered emails and forget about it, but it is worthwhile to resume your emails every month and read them once more to see if the content is still relevant?
  5. 5. Set email frequency • Do not flood your audience with infrequent emails. It is probable that they may sign-up to obtain information on more than one topic, event or product, thus producing a series of triggered messages.
  6. 6. Do not overlook recency • Behavior-based trigger campaigns work fine due to their timeliness and recency. If a store you use often for buying bulky products emails you a shopping list to remind you to order the products yet again, you will probably do so.
  7. 7. Use of discarded shopping carts • A very smart method to reinstate lost sales is to try on those people who in no way completed the checkout method. If you have already acquired the customers’ email id, you can by far send them a friendly message and you might want to provide them with a discount coupon code as an added incentive for getting them back.
  8. 8. Check and modify • Which kinds of triggered emails increase engagement with your intended audience and get the best reply? Frequent testing and modifying such performance metrics such as your email open rates, clicks, email conversions, and profits will answer that question.
  9. 9. Conclusion • Once you have optimized the outcomes from a well- organized campaign targeted to your email list, you will not at all look back and find that you have created a flawless, response-driving, trigger- based e-mail marketing program.
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