BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Award Winners


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BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Award Winners

  1. 1. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 Academia, Research & Development Arts, Literature & Culture Entrepreneurship Invention & Innovation Leadership Professional Achievement Social Entrepreneurship & Community Building Presented by: BITS Pilani & BITSAA International Inc.
  2. 2. DedicationThis award is dedicated to all those young BITSians who thought and acted differently, who challenged the status quo, rewrote the rules, and created their own paths... To the leaders, innovators, researchers, academicians, students, entertainers, entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, winners and concerned Samaritans... To the best examples of what it means to be a BITSian The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  3. 3. The PanelKris Ramachandran Manoj SaxenaAdvisor to Chairman, Raju Reddy Prof. Krishna Saraswat Entrepreneur; GeneralAditya Birla Group Professor, Stanford President & Chairman, Manager, IBM Watson University BITSAA International Prof. B N Jain Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani a Phanindra SamaAshok Agarwal Entrepreneur; WinnerEntrepreneur, Adjunct of 30 Under 30, 2009Professor, BITS - Hyd Prof. Reena Aggarwal Anurag Jain Professor, Georgetown Serial Entrepreneur & University Former SVP of Dell/Perot The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  4. 4. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  5. 5. Vishakha Gupta BITS Batch – 2000 B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science, Pilani CampusVishakha is a research scientist in the Systems Architecture Lab of Intel Corporationsresearch arm, Intel Labs. After graduating from BITS, Pilani, she received a Masters inInformation Networking from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. HerPh.D. is from the Georgia Institute of Technology (advised by Prof. Karsten Schwan), whereshe studied resource scheduling in virtualized and heterogeneous environments. Suchheterogeneous platforms are showing great potential in the industry’s push to exascalecomputing and Vishakha furthered the community’s understanding of how to managesuch platforms with papers that have been published in top conferences/journals. Duringher stellar academic career, she received several awards including the Verizon M.S.scholarship, and the Intel Ph.D. fellowship. Her research interests now include clusterinterconnects and software in support of novel multicore organizations and distributedobject systems. In addition to her academic achievements, Vishakha is also active inpromoting women in computing. She is also active in the Grace Hopper Conferencecommunity, which is an annual conference for women in computing. Vishakha now lives inPortland with her husband and enjoys exploring the many worthy dessert and coffeeshops that the city has to offer, hiking, traveling and she wants to fly small aircrafts someday. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  6. 6. Soumya Sen BITS Batch – 2001 B.E. (Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation, Pilani CampusSoumya’s multidisciplinary research on computer networks and economics have wonseveral awards, including IEEE INFOCOM 2012 best paper award, Vodafone WirelessInnovation project finalist, and has received wide media coverage in MIT TechnologyReview, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, ACM Tech News, and many others. He is a co-founder of Datami, a startup that offers pricing solutions to Internet service providers.Soumya is also a founder and General co-chair of the Smart Data Pricing Forum that bringstogether academics and industry professionals every year through internationalworkshops and collaborations, and is a co-editor of an upcoming book on this topic.Soumya got his MS & PhD from University of Pennsylvania, and is currently a researchassociate at Princeton University. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  7. 7. Shruthi Sridhar Vembar BITS Batch – 1999 M.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Sciences, Pilani CampusShruthi is a highly motivated scientist whose goal is to make an impact on Indian educationand research. Having obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology from the University ofPittsburgh, Shruthi moved to the Institut Pasteur in Paris to carry out her post-doctoralresearch in malaria biology. This has brought her one step closer to moving back to Indiafor an academic professorship. She is a winner of 7 awards and scholarships, including theMellon award from the University of Pittsburgh for graduate students, the EMBO Long-Term Fellowship for novel, proven scientific accomplishment in life sciences for post-doctoral researchers, and the Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship awarded bythe EU to promising globally mobile researchers. Her research has been published in toppeer reviewed journals and presented at international conferences. Shruthi is also afeminist and idealist and her social consciousness has led her to volunteer fororganizations like AID-India, US. She has also pursued her love for languages as a volunteerfor Samskrita Bharati. Traveling and art are her great passions and Shruthi spends a largepart of her time outside work either on the road or painting. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  8. 8. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  9. 9. Prabhu B Doss BITS Batch – 1999 M.Sc (Hons.) Biological Sciences, B.E. (Hons.) Civil, Pilani CampusPrabhu, currently working as a Technical Lead at Infosys, Bangalore, is a very activefilmmaker/photographer. His works have got national and international recognition. Hemakes short films and PSAs/Ads/documentaries. “Yamagandam” – short film directed andproduced by him was screened at the prestigious prestigious Cannes Film Festival - CourtMetrage – 2011. The film was also selected and screened at the prestigious InternationalFilm Festival of India (IFFI), Goa 2011 - Debut Indian shorts category. Prabhu is the scriptsupervisor and the Asst. Director of a Tamil feature film "Pizza" released in Oct 2012.(Director - Karthik Subbaraj). He is one of the creative consultants for the legendary musicdirector - Ilaiyaraajas official website - Also when at BITS, he was chosen aftera national level selection process, by SPIC MACAY, to intern with HH Dalai Lama, as part ofthe Gurukkul initiative. "Live again" - a music video, directed and produced by Prabhu BDoss for BITSIAN band AGAM -featuring Shreya Ghoshal, has won the coveted ‘IndieGoMusic Awards 2011’. He was selected as Top 50 Short filmmakers by Anurag Kashyap,Sudhir Mishra and Chakri Toleti as part of Largeshortfilms. com. He was also selected tomake a film for India’s largest shortfilm festival – “XUV memorable stores”. Apart from filmdirection, he is a co-writer for yet to be named Tamil Feature Film, to be directed by aveteran filmmaker. He is currently making a documentary on “Bharatanatyam-Karanas”. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  10. 10. Dushyanth Sridhar BITS Batch – 2004 M.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry, B.E. (Hons.) Chemical, Pilani CampusHe started learning Sanskrit and Tamil scriptures from the age of five under his mother’s supervisionand also showed inclination to public-speaking and Carnatic music. His first public discourse onRamayana was in Pilani campus, while he was a sophomore and that was attended by Late.Prof.S.Venkateswaran, Prof. L.K.Maheshwari, the deans and a group of students. This later became aregular feature and he rendered over twelve discourses on campus. After graduation, he entered theMarket Research industry and started working in Mumbai (where he currently works for a leadingconsultancy services firm). Alongside, he started receiving advanced training in four revered Sanskritscriptures (Sri Bhashyam, Gita Bhashyam, Bhagavad Vishayam and Srimad Rahasya Traya Saram). Hecut his first album on Ramayana with 36 hours of English musical discourses and this was released byMr. Nitish Bharadwaj (Actor). He later released three more albums (in Tamil) in Chennai on ancientscriptures. He then became a regular speaker in some of the leading TV Channels like Star Vijay, DDPodhigai, Sri Sankara and SVBC. Till date he has rendered over 600 discourses in 4 languages (English,Tamil, Hindi and Kannada) across 11 cities. Of the accolades received, he cherishes the ‘Sollin Selvan’(‘Mastery in Eloquence’ - Tamil) title the most and he is one of the youngest speakers in this field. Heis a visiting faculty for Management at a leading Business school in Mumbai and this has interestinglyaided him in delivering lectures on ‘Management in Ancient scriptures’ at various forums. Heresearches on some of the lesser known Sanskrit and Prakrit works and writes to various spiritualmagazines. He aims to bring awareness about the rich culture of Indian Scriptures through hisdiscourses, at the same time clearing the air on some of the baseless superstitions surmountingthem. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  11. 11. Sarvani Yadavalli BITS Batch – 2004 B.E. (Hons.) Chemical, Pilani CampusSarvani, an epitome of dance coupled with strong fortitude and talent, is an avid Kuchipudidancer. An engineer by profession, Sarvani is highly passionate about dancing. She startedperforming at the age of seven and staged shows in different national and internationalevents including the inauguration of Common Wealth Games, 2010, Konark DanceFestival, Rukmini devi Arundale dance festival, Cuttack Mahotsav etc. She has touredSouth East Asia performing and conducting workshops propagating the rich Indian culturalheritage. Her choreographies enthral the audience transporting them to another world.Dance exponents and media have time and again commended her as one of the bestdancers of her generation. She was honoured with the national “Nrithya Shiromani” awardby Utkal Yuva Sanskrutik Sangh and with the title “Nrithya Vilasini” by NrithyathiKalakshetra. Using the Indian classical dance form, Sarvani proposes to take up severalsocial issues and address them in her attempt to perpetuate peace and harmony. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  12. 12. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  13. 13. Abhishek Humbad BITS Batch – 2005 B.E. (Hons.) Electrical & Electronics, Pilani CampusFounder, NextGen, one of Indias fastest growing cleantech company, also one of India’slargest out of college startups. It has presence in 6 countries with Fortune 500 clientsacross 16 sectors. The team has commercialized first of its kind revolutionary technologyto generate Bio-CNG at prices much cheaper than conventional CNG. NextGen hascollaboration with Mahindra and Coromandel Fertilizers to setup India’s first Bio-CNG planto power telecom towers by replacing existing diesel power; generating cheaper, greenerand more reliable power. Working with Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Reserve Bankof India on Non-Financial Reporting in India; working with the British Government and theSwiss Government on Climate Change Policy. In his free time, Abhishek enjoys playing,watching and betting on football. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  14. 14. A R Gopi Krishna BITS Batch – 2004 M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Goa CampusGopi Krishna floated the company Purple Pesto Technologies Pvt Ltd with the vision ofcreating Mosquito-Free India; acquired P.V.Bio-chem India Pvt Ltd,Hosur increasing thecompany’s turnover over 3 times within a year. He has got couple of new projects inAgarbathis and detergent sector recently to enrich the business. Recently he made hisentry into IIM-Bangalore to pursue MPEFB. During his free time, he tries to brainstormnew ideas into his little pocket notebook, network with those with his business interestsand do a lot of research. Whenever possible to take a break from work, he does some soulsearching and do adventurous travel too. He is a great movie buff and a great foodie. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  15. 15. Gaurav Mathur BITS Batch – 2000 M.Sc. (Tech.) Information Systems, Pilani CampusAfter BITS, Gaurav joined Intel (Bangalore) as a software engineer. He then went on toearn an MS-CS degree from UMass Amherst and joined Google (Mountain View) in 2007.He worked on multiple projects at Google before he moved to the Android team, whichsaw explosive device growth during those years. In 2010, he left to start his own venture"3LM" as its founder and CTO with the intent of focusing on mobile device management inthe enterprise space. 3LM successfully raised capital from Accel ventures and angels. 3LMwas subsequently acquired by Motorola Mobility in 2011. Today, 3LM is an independentsubsidiary of Motorola and Gaurav continues to provide executive leadership to the team. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  16. 16. Lohit Sahu BITS Batch – 2005 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Pilani CampusLohit is the Founder and Director of Phyzok Learning Solutions LLP, a firm which createseducation delivery mechanisms combining arts and technology. An artist himself, Lohitwas a Music Clubber, member of Ragamalika, member of CEL and president of Madhyansh(cultural assoc for students and staff from central India) while on campus. Lohit started hisfirst venture after his first year, which also got him awards at national and internationalbusiness plan competitions. BITS 75 Charitable Trust has generously sponsored the Phyzokstudio equipped with state of the art industrial standard audio/visual recording and fxstudio for its ongoing production of "educational sitcoms". The Businessworld Magazinelisted Lohit among top 10 young Entrepreneurs in India for the Year 2011. Lohit receivedthe Star Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Year 2012. Lohits venture is the subject ofa Case-Study on Entrepreneurship published by Pearsons. Lohit is also a mentor for BITSPilanis "New Venture Creation Course" and has been a judge at national business plancompetitions. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  17. 17. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  18. 18. Chetan Bansal BITS Batch - 2008 M.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Sciences, B.E. (Hons.) Chemical, Goa CampusChetan is a final year dual degree student at BITS Pilani, Goa campus. He has beeninterested in technology and entrepreneurship, He strongly believes that technology canbe used to solve most of the challenges being faced by mankind. He is interested in thelatest gadgets, music, fiction and travelling. He recently started with his thesis in WebSecurity at INRIA Research Center, Paris & Imperial College, London. As a part of his thesis,he discovered several security vulnerabilities and was awarded a 2000 USD bounty byMozilla. He is also working for the tech team of StartUp Leadership Inc as Senior Manager(Technology). He is 3-time Google Summer of Code Recipient, selected for Microsoft Paris,lead product development for several Web startups; selected as Kairos Global Fellow; 4published research papers; Winner of Mantra-CEL Award for Innovation, 2011. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  19. 19. Tejas Chafekar BITS Batch – 2005 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Goa CampusTejas innovated a method to prepare writing paper from harmful and allergic weeds whichis termite resistant. This project spanned over a few years with a lot of carefulexperimentation and analysis. This will give a way to eradicate the weeds which otherwisecause nuisance to the society. This project was recognized and appreciated by IIScBangalore. After graduating from University of Michigan (specializing in systems andcontrols), he is currently working at Tesla Motors (an electric vehicle company). This is asmall company and is the only company making only pure electric vehicles. He ispassionate about renewable alternatives of energy and strongly feel that the renewableenergy is going to dictate the future. He is involved with the design and controls of electricpowertrains (which include electric motors, batteries, hybrid controllers etc) for electricand hybrid electric vehicles. Tejas says : “I urge all my fellow BITSians to think out of thebox and do not consider any idea (however foolish it may sound) as worthless. Jot themdown as they come to your minds and keep thinking on them...One day you will find asolution!” The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  20. 20. Suvonil Chatterjee BITS Batch – 2010 B.E. (Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation, Pilani CampusDescribed by his friends as a coder who is heavily invested in design, Suvonil is currently inhis third year of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering at BITS Pilani. As the VicePresident of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, he is in charge of Conquest, one ofIndias biggest startup challenges. When he is not sketching various avatars of Angry Birds,he is either designing user-experiences for tech startups like Sunglass, Framebench,Gharpay etc. At present, he is developing a system that revolutionizes the way astronautsare weighed in space-stations. He co-founded Xplorer which explores innovative ways tomake travelling a delight. And just for fun, he is writing his own programming language,Ceasy, a childish transformation of C. He was Mantra-CEL Innovator of the Year, 2012. He isa foodie, loves his fantasy novels and Enyas music. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  21. 21. Siddharth Loganathan BITS Batch – 2000 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Pilani CampusSiddharth (Sid) Loganathan currently works in the advanced technology developmentgroup at Stryker Corporation, one of the world’s leading medical device companies. Priorto Stryker, Sid was the lead engineer at NFOCUS Neuromedical where he was a co-inventoron 3 patents in the hemorrhagic stroke space. These patents helped NFOCUS raise over 20million dollars in venture capital investment and more importantly, these patents weredeveloped into a commercial device called LUNA AES that has been successfully implantedin over 30 people, saving their lives. Sid has won "Best Inventor" awards for his numerouscontributions to intellectual property at NFOCUS and an “Outstanding Trainee” award atStryker. Sid did Masters in ME from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and is currentlypursuing an MBA from UCLAs Anderson School of Management. He was selected to be a2009 Fellow in the prestigious Startup Leadership Program in Silicon Valley and has servedas the Director of Admissions for two years, helping SLP implement global admissionprocesses that mirror the best practices followed at the top business schools. Sid isextremely passionate about making health care more affordable and accessible toeveryone. Sid loves to travel and swim in his spare time. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  22. 22. Ramji Venkatasubramanian BITS Batch – 2000 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Pilani CampusRamji Venkatasubramanian is a passionate researcher and innovator. He holds a Ph. D. inMechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota with over 12 conference/journalpublications and has won several awards including the doctoral dissertation fellowship. Inhis role as Senior Scientist at St. Jude Medical, Ramji has been an inventor/co-inventor in 8inventions, been closely involved in the new product development ofsurgical/transcatheter tissue heart valves and also been the recipient of a STAR award forextraordinary performance, which has been received by less than 2% of the employees.He is also a co-founder of a start up that is working towards improving breast cancerdiagnosis using digital mammography. In his free time, Ramji likes traveling with his wife,watching/playing football & cricket and running with his dog. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  23. 23. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  24. 24. Divya Devarajan BITS Batch – 2001 M.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, B.E. (Hons.) Electrical & Electronics, Pilani CampusDivya is the one with lot of ideas and always yearn to give shape to them. As VP of RuralEntrepreneurship division, CEL, she had an opportunity to work with rural women,understand their hardships, their aspirations and the reality. Forming the women inGarinda (village near Pilani ) into Self- Help Groups and linking their income generationactivity of paper bags to Akshay (the co-operative store inside the campus) was one suchidea which took shape. This experience was a trigger to the deep yearning to be a changemaker. While volunteering with AID India (Chennai Chapter) after graduation, she was partof the NGO team evaluating the ‘Activity Based Learning’ system introduced inGovernment schools of Tamil Nadu and assessing its outcomes. With one master stroke,Mr.Vijaya Kumar, the IAS officer behind the plan, made this improved learning systemearlier accessible to elite children now to millions of poor children studying in Governmentrun schools in Tamil Nadu. This is when she realized that the Government, as an institutioncan create the largest impact on millions of lives, for the better or worse. She took the CivilServices Exam and joined the Andhra Cadre of Indian Administrative Service. She waschosen as the best officer trainee in both the professional courses and district training bywinning the Satish Dua Gold Medal. With an opportunity to learn and work on wide rangeof issues like rural development, tribal welfare, urban planning, gender issues, Self-HelpGroups, she says the journey has been exciting so far. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  25. 25. Saurabh Ladha BITS Batch – 2008 B.E.(Hons.) Electronics and Communication, Dubai CampusSaurabh is the Founder and ex-Team Leader of IFOR (Intelligent Flying Object for Reconnaissance)that placed first at the 2011 International Aerial Robotics Competition at N. Dakota, USA. Fusing hislove for aeronautics and robotics he formed the team to build UAEs first fully autonomous aerialrobot. The competition required the robot to infiltrate an unknown indoor environment, avoidobstacles, avoid detection by cameras & laser barriers, find a target pen drive and bring it back - allwithout any human intervention. He and his team finished the design and construction of thevehicle in a record time of 9 months. Apart from his technical deft, Saurabh is a gifted publicspeaker and negotiator. He was faced with the unique challenge of raising thousands of dollars forIFOR in UAE, where research grants are reserved for public universities. Rising to the task, hesecured the financial support of BITSAA International and simultaneously leveraged a prototype toswing a dynamite deal with Intel. In exchange for using IFOR to showcase the mobility of the Atomprocessor, Intel agreed to fund almost the entire project. Apart from IFOR, Saurabh was very activeon campus and adopted a leading role in shaping student life. He is the the founder of Jashn (Inter-collegiate cultural festival) and BITS360-Dubai (Virtual tour) and was elected to several studentbodies such as the Student Council Cabinet and the IEEE Student Chapter. His contributions to BITSwon him the Directors Medal for All-round achievement and the Mantra Award for OutstandingLeadership in 2012. He is currently pursuing M.S. at Stanford University and his hobbies includedebating, acting and playing the guitar The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  26. 26. Satish Polisetti BITS Batch – 2002 B.E. (Hons.) Electrical & Electronics, Pilani CampusSatish Polisetti is incredibly multi-talented Leader, Writer, Editor, Entrepreneur and many otherquills in his hat. He has successfully lead Sandpaper team & Newsletter for BITSAA over manyyears and elevated the professional quality through the signature BGM 2011 Souvenir effort. Helead the Content & Agenda team alongside Pradeep Sethi and Rishabh Kaul landing the Whoswho of BITSian luminaries from all around the world and aligning the speakers to various panelsdeftly during the first ever BGM. He was most satisfied recently with driving Batch of 2002Fundraiser for BITS Connect 2.0 (80+ batchmates coming forward (and growing) topledge/donate - highest batch participation ever till date --It was shown as an example in therecent "Beneficiaries turn benefactors in 10 years" Newsletter and sparked interest in the 94Batch etc. It also helped BITSAA to make the Corporate matching process more streamlined). Heis an avid entrepreneur with a promising startup - Picatcha Inc - that he founded during hisMasters at Berkeley and has secured couple rounds of funding and few customers already. (Theircompany closed some big brands like MARS as customers). He started a non-profit - Edumile.orgalong with Shamlu Dudeja, Chairperson, Calcutta Foundation and few others. They launchedtheir pilot project to become Kiva for Indian Education. They are in the earlystages (supporting 4 students) but received good recognition as Global Finalists at GSVC 2011 &winning Youth Business Development Competition 2011 at University of Oxford. After hisgraduation, he also started helping a Haas faculty at UC Berkeley Center for Executive Educationby giving guest sessions to executives from Latin America and Asia-Pacific. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  27. 27. Akash Raman BITS Batch – 2004 B.E. (Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation, Goa CampusAkash has worked with Ashoka Innovators for the Public, Engineers for Social Impact (asCEO), BITS Pilani (as Visiting Faculty), Infineon Technologies (Singapore), BITSAA, and a fewresearch institutes over the course of his life. During the time at his respective occupationshe has been involved with strategy, consulting, fund-raising, teaching, development, andchip & algorithm design. He holds the distinction of being one of the youngest universityfaculty members in India, as well as being one of the youngest CxOs in the country. Akashis a graduate from Harvard University and the 2004 batch of the Goa Campus. He has beena recipient of several fellowships, including the Harvard University Fellowship, the StartingBloc, and the Sandbox fellowships. Akash currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer atOodio (US & India), a position he recently graduated to after being the Operations Head(India) since the inception of Oodio. Oodio works with the top 100 wedding photographersin the US and India and provides them digital post-production and design services. Apartfrom work, he recently acted as a lead in a short film that was nominated as the officialentry to the Tacoma Film Festival (Seattle), won the award of excellence at The Indie Fest,worldwide and was screened at numerous other film festivals. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  28. 28. Aalap Tripathy BITS Batch – 2004 B.E. (Hons.) Electrical & Electronics, Goa CampusAn exemplary leader who has been responsible for the resurgence of BITSAA during his tenureas CEO. Aalap was able to bring together 30000+ BITSians across 50+ BITSAA Chapters and 70+e-Groups under one global umbrella. During Aalaps tenure at BITSAA, BITS alumni conductedtheir first-ever BITS Global Meet (BGM2011), raised $300k for BITS Pilani, created five newscholarships, disbursed several faculty and student grants at the BITS Pilani campuses in India. Aglobal chapter leadership & Batch Ambassadors Council to unite BITSAAs activities worldwidewas created. BITSAA Volunteer community grew from 80 to 200 at the height of projects.Flagship projects which demonstrate BITS alumnis passionate, forward-thinking nature for theiralma-mater were envisaged and deployed. BITSConnect2.0 (a multi-campus, multi-platformvideo conferencing and telepresence solutions benefiting 10,000 students & faculty @ $1.5 Mi)& BITSSparks (creating an eco-system to promote BITSian entrepreneurship) are two examples.In a nutshell, Aalap made it possible for passionate BITSians anywhere in the world to cometogether, join forces, dream up and execute game-changer projects for BITS Pilani through theBITSAA umbrella. Aalap is currently pursuing his PhD from Texas A & M University where he isworking on efficient algorithms for information filtering on many-core processors. He haspublished several conference and journal articles in the areas of semantic computing, parallel &distributed processing, petascale data analytics, system-on-chip architecture. He considershimself "really lucky" to have mentored over 30 senior design projects in the CSE Department indiverse areas from wearable gesture recognition to chemical sensing with IR spectroscopy. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  29. 29. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  30. 30. Srinath Nagarajan BITS Batch - 2001 B.E. (Hons.) Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Pilani CampusSrinath joined HCL Infosystems in 2009 to lead strategy for the consumer computing business.He was responsible for bringing over 35 content and application partnerships in place prior tothe launch of ME Tablets in Oct 2011. Post that he went on to head marketing initiatives forthe ME Tablet and was instrumental in creating the brand and position the Tablet in the Indiamarket to take it to a market share of 15%. In parallel, he was working on expanding themobility business in other emerging markets. He successfully executed the launch of thetablets in UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar. Recently, he has transitioned into his new role as thebusiness head for MEA for mobility and PC computing and leads HCL’s foray into Middle East,Africa, Russia and CIS markets. Prior to joining HCL, he was part of the founding team of astart-up Indepay networks. He secured a $4 million deal with the Government of Rajasthan toenable financial inclusion for below poverty line population across 29,000 villages andspearheaded Indepay’s foray into rural markets/ Government projects. He also created India’sfirst wireless railway ticketing kiosk by forging strategic relationship with Indian Railways. Hewas also selected by the Economic times as one of the top 61 young leaders of Corporate Indiain 2012 through the Economic Times Young Leaders Award program. He also Co-foundedCentre for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) while at BITS Pilani. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  31. 31. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  32. 32. Tarun Cherukuri BITS Batch – 2002 B.E. (Hons.) Chemical, Pilani CampusTeach for India Fellow after leaving a high paying job at HLL; Fulbright Nehru Scholar 2011-2013; Joint Japan-World Bank Scholar 2011-2013; Pursuing Master in PublicAdministration/International Development at Harvard University. He was elected as U.SPresident in a simulation of US elections among Fulbright scholars in Nashville 2012. He ispassionate about bringing in science to electoral politics, policy design, implementation andfeedback. He wants to demonstrate that a person with a calling for public service can win anIndian election with integrity, intelligence and innovative management. And in the process,develop a replicable model for pursuing politics as a noble endeavor. He dreams that thispursuit will organically lead to the creation of an institution like Indian School of Politics andPublic Administration which crashes the barriers to entry into public life. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  33. 33. Abhijeet Gan BITS Batch – 2000 B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science, Pilani CampusAbhijeet, as a co-founder of Rite Water, has made a significant impact on the availability ofdrinkable water to villagers in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Even aftergetting the most coveted consulting job in one of the Big 4 Consulting cos. post MBA, Abhijeetdecided to return to his hometown and started Rite Water. Through use of simple andsustainable technologies for treating chemically contaminated water, Rite Water sets up watertreatment plants based on sustainable products developed in house in affected villages andprovides safe water to the people. In just few years, Rite Water has set up more than 80+community water centres in water quality affected villages of Maharashtra, Chattisgarh &Madhya Pradesh providing safe drinking water to more than 100,000 people on daily basis.These people who had no option but consume contaminated water are getting safe chemicalfree water through these centres. Abhijeet’s work in the area of providing fluoride free safewater to villages in Maharashtra has been recognized by Ministry of Rural Development. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  34. 34. Keerthi Kiran K BITS Batch – 2004 B.E. (Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation, Pilani CampusKeerthi Kiran co-founded Youth Factor (, a for-impact organization to engageyouth in development sector. He conceptualized and lead Grassroutes fellowship program foryoung people to travel to organizations based in rural India and work on developmentalprograms. His last job was with Ashoka:Innovators for the public. Keerthi has been featured by‘The Week’ as one of the Indian Gems of the year 2011. He was also invited by former USpresident Bill Clinton to the Clinton Global Initiative University 2011. He currently is pursuing aMBA degree from the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University. At Pilani he was involvedwith Sponz, CEL, EDC and ELAS. In his free time he enjoys reading books on contemporaryIndia and following cricket. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  35. 35. Ankur Kumar BITS Batch – 2006 M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science, Goa CampusAnkur is currently working as a Software Developer with Oracle Corporation in Bangalore. Hejoined Let Me Know( as a Content Writer in 2009. Grew up in the role andconverted it from being a non-profit organization to a self-sustaining and powerful socialenterprise, providing low cost and effective advertising solution to start-ups, SMEs, NGOs andcolleges for disseminating youth opportunities. He currently leads a team of 80 passionatesouls as the CEO. Ankur is also an avid writer, has contributed for various online blogs and haswon several writing contests at national level. He has been invited as a guest speaker by manycolleges like Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh where he delivered a talk on “Role ofTechnology & Social Media in Driving Start-ups.” He has featured in leading Indian newspapers,magazines and has been selected for various international conferences. Ankur has worked withthe BITSAA Sandpaper team, was awarded Travel Scholarship and was selected as the BatchAmbassador for his batch. At campus, he was a member of college Carom team, Dept. ofJournalism & Media Affairs, Arts n Deco and Kala clubs. He also led the Economics Associationas its Sub-Coordinator. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  36. 36. Divya Nawale BITS Batch – 2003 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Pilani CampusIn 2009, Divya became the first and only BITSian woman and also the youngest BITSian(at age23) to step onto the continent of Antarctica as an Environmental Leader to represent India onan International Expedition along with young people from 45 other nationalities. Her Antarcticdream started in Room 5106 of the Lecture Theatre Complex at Pilani when a BITS alumshared his experience of visiting and conducting research in Antarctica during his Silver Jubileereunion visit to the campus in 2006. Since her return from the expedition, she has worked onnumerous environmental initiatives at a grassroots level as well as with Major Corporatesacross India and has spoken/presented at various International conferences in Europe.In 2011,she worked to set up a 100% renewable energy-powered education base in Pench ForestReserve in Maharashtra with a mission to create local awareness on Water and Bio-diversityConservation and help the Forest Department move towards a sustainable livelihood for theRangers. An avid dancer, she recently was adjudged runner-up at a National Ballroom DanceChampionship event and continues to explore newer dance forms with each passing year. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  37. 37. Mayur Patnala BITS Batch – 2002 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, B.E. (Hons.) Computer Science, Pilani CampusMayur is the co-founder of Nirmaan Organization and is currently serving as the Chairman ofGoverning Board. He founded Yuva Varadhi and serves as the President. He conceptualized“Education Help Line (EHL) - Toll-free counseling center for students” and is truly an inspirationto youth. Nirmaan Organization is formed with a mission to contribute towards achieving adeveloped India focusing on education and livelihoods for the underprivileged of the country.Currently, the organization is operating with 400 voluntary members spread across 6 chapterswith headquarters at Hyderabad. The activities of Nirmaan span from providing education tothe needy, creating self-help groups and vocational training centers to running school adoptionprograms. Yuva Varadhi, a national federation of student social clubs in universities/collegesand not-for-profit organizations is established with a purpose of bringing together small socialgroups/clubs/organizations into a bigger umbrella so as to facilitate larger social impact. YuvaVaradhi encompasses of 600 volunteers from 34 colleges and 7 not for profit organizations.Currently Yuva Varadhi is working in sensitizing youth in three focus areas by taking upprojects: i) Education ii) Environment iii) Anti-corruption. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  38. 38. Yashveer Singh BITS Batch – 2004 M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics, Pilani CampusYashveer founded National Social Entrepreneurship Forum (NSEF) to address talent inequity indevelopment sector and influence youth culture in India by inspiring, educating, andsupporting university students for social innovations & entrepreneurship. NSEF has undertakensocial entrepreneurial activities through a number of initiatives and have weaved the“development” element into various youth-targeted entrepreneurial programs in IndianUniversities. Additionally, Yashveer has served as an honorary advisor to early stage start-ups.Yashveer has been awarded prestigious Youth Action Net 2012 Fellowship – as 1 of the 20young social entrepreneurs representing 16 different countries by International YouthFoundation and was recognized as Global Shaper 2011 by World Economic Forum. As thePresident of Student’s Union BITS Pilani 2006-07, Yashveer co-founded the University VISION2020 Plan as the only student Task Force Member. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  39. 39. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  40. 40. Raman Garimella BITS Batch – 2006 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical, Goa CampusAfter graduation from college, Raman has logged more than 18,000 km in training and racesincluding cycling and running. He decided to include running as cross-training and runs halfmarathons from time to time. While at BITS, he was involved in everything Football whichincluded conducting championships, making football teams and representing the Institute incompetition. He was also an integral part in making SPREE, a national-level festival for the firsttime. He became the 2nd youngest Super Randonneur from India after finishing 200, 300, 400and 600 km bike rides in the last season. His longest ride is covering 605 km in under 40 hoursin Feb, 2012. He has represented Andhra Pradesh at two National Cycling Championships sofar. In September 2012, he won Gold at the AP State Road Cycling Championship. Raman beenworking with Hyderabad Bicycling Club (HBC) for more than 2 years now. HBC is a 3,000+members strong not-for-profit organization based out of Hyderabad, which is doingremarkable work in the areas of urban connectivity, fitness, sport and community buildingthrough cycling. He is also getting increasingly involved with the popular local runners groupHyderabad Runners. Though his major focus is on cycling currently, he will definitely pursue hisrunning goals. According to him, competing in triathlons a few years from now is on the cards. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  41. 41. Mahesh Krishnamurthy BITS Batch – 2000 B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical Engineering, Pilani CampusCo-founder of BITS2Marathon/BITS5K to help budding runners achieve their dream of runninga Marathon and motivation BITSians all around the world to bring running into everyone’s lifeand thereby promoting a healthy lifestyle. The 5K/10K races are conducted every yearsimultaneously in different parts of the world. The race is designed to achieve self fulfillmentof completing the run rather than being a judged competition. Mahesh has completed 5 fulland 8 half marathons so far. He also has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with focus on Dialysisaccess from the University of Cincinnati. Currently he is part of a Pennsylvania based medicaldevice startup that has a novel technology for creating fast and reproducible anastomotic(arteriovenous connection) connector implants for dialysis access that minimizes the long termfailure rates present in the case of standard arteriovenous connections. Dialysis accessdysfunction is one of the main causes of morbidity and hospitalization in the US and accountsfor more than $1 billion of Medicare expenditure per annum. He is also a reviewer ofBiomechanical engineering journals. Mahesh has also received fellowship awards from theAmerican Society of Nephrology (ASDIN) conferences. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  42. 42. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  43. 43. Agam (Band)Agam is a multiple award winning Contemporary Carnatic Rock band consisting of predominantlyBITSians. All the band members have a full time IT jobs. But that does not deter them frompursuing their passion, Music and have been managing their delicate balancing act as a team for afew years now since their inception in 2004. They have been performing with gusto at variousplaces. They are a regular at Hard Rock Cafe in Bangalore and other cities in India, Storm Festival,Octoberfest, Mad Festival in addition to all the renowned concert venues in the south, the recentlyconcluded BGM in Delhi etc. In fact, they helped the BGM 2011 team by producing the BGMAnthem Song which was used widely for all publicity efforts and they did this at no cost. Agam waschosen as the best band in South India by none other than Oscar Award winning Indian musician -A R Rahman whose comment was "When I first heard them, I thought the lead vocalist was reallyfantastic! The way they rendered their composition was great" is a jewel in the crown for Agam.Agam, apart from using their talent for their creative pleasure, have also been engaging in raisingawareness about cancer. In October 2010, Agam partnered with Shreya Ghoshal to produce aalbum "Live Again" and do their small bit to spread awareness on breast cancer and support thevictims. Agam is proudly associated with the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) to raise funds for supporting and rehabilitating cancer patients. Theyperformed at Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2 in 2012. Recently they released their debut album -“The Inner Self Awakens” which has already created waves. The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA
  44. 44. BITSAA Global 30 Under 30 Awards 2012 BITSAA Awards Team Anupendra Sharma Rohit Koul Sherin Kurian Rahul Sengupta The global BITS-Pilani Alumni Community 501©3 Registered in New Jersey, USA