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  • EmyPhone interviewOne-to-one interviewOne-to-many interviewMany-to-one interviewMany-to-many interview
  • ShikaIf you answer better than the others, you’ll get the job.The more you say, the better you’ll do.Never say ‘I don’t know’.Good-looking people get the job.Give the perfect answer.Relax and just be yourself..Interviewers are looking for flaws.
  • Video:Chandler 7,48
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  • shika
  • shika
  • shika
  • shika
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  • Video:rachelwehesh 15:15
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  • emyCrossing hands > defencivenessTime> bordemFingernails >tawattorLint = wabar > disaprovalNarrowing eyes > I don’t like youChin > im judging youHands on head/hips > al tafawwoq/ overconfidenceScratch head > doubt/uncertainityFoot/finger tapping > stress, impatience, boredom
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  • Chandler helw ma3ada akherhetta: 16:48
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  • After’s video:Chandler alash fl akher : 17:48
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  • Interviewing skills

    1. 1. Instructed on: 24-Feb-2012 | Session: #06   By: Sherif shawki Topic Code: SFK-05-2012 All Copy Rights Saved to the 7th Students’ Conference on Communication and Information Based in the Faculty of Computers and Information Cairo University – Egypt 2011/2012
    2. 2. Interviewing skillsBy:Sherif Shawki Iman Adel
    3. 3. • What is an interview Agenda• Types• Myths• Before• During• After• Summary
    4. 4. What is an interview ? It is a formal meeting , arranged for the assessment of the qualifications of an applicant.
    5. 5. Types
    6. 6. One-to-one
    7. 7. One-to-many
    8. 8. Phone
    9. 9. Many-to-one
    10. 10. • If you answer better than the others, you’ll get the job.• The more you say, the better you’ll do.• Never say ‘I don’t know’.• Good-looking people get the job.• Be yourself.• Interviewers are looking for flaws.
    11. 11. Before
    12. 12. Connectthe website
    13. 13. Have extra copies ofyourresume.
    14. 14. Look closely atanyinformationthey have sentyou
    15. 15. Rehearse!!
    16. 16. Ladies
    17. 17. DuringOn the dayitself
    18. 18. Breath
    19. 19. Drink water
    20. 20. Arriveearly
    21. 21. DuringIn theinterview
    22. 22. SmileMake eye contactShake hands
    23. 23. Bodylanguage
    24. 24. Positive Body LanguageEye contact Leaning forwardCross-ankles
    25. 25. Negative body language
    26. 26. • Arrive early but enter the room on time.• Be confident.• Be calm and ready.• Try to break the ice.• Be comfortable.• Be positive.• Listen carefully to the questions.• Take time to think before answer.• Clarify your answers.• Ask for clarification.
    27. 27. • Crushing handshake• Your hands are wet and sticky.• Start with a silly joke.• Get tense.• Mobile phone on• Chew gum.• Lie!• Complain about your past organization or employees.• Use slag words.
    28. 28. Good Interviewers• Interested in whether you will be competent in the job.• Aren’t influenced by their personal preferences• Take notes• Will use ratings scales to score you.• Base their questions on the job requirements.• Try to put you at your ease.• Want to see the best of you.
    29. 29. Bad Interviewers• Rely on their feelings when making a decision.• Are unaware of their prejudices.• Act as amateur psychologists.• May play on your nervousness.• Want to catch you out.
    30. 30. Commonquestions
    31. 31. 1-‘What would you say your strengths are?’ How toPitfalls Overcome Feeling Have three strengths uncomfortable about you can talk about blowing your own confidently that are trumpet and giving a crucial to the job. half-hearted answer. Giving a lot of opinions about yourself without any supporting evidence.
    32. 32. 2-‘What weaknesses do you have?’ How toPitfalls: Answer: Claiming you Have two don’t have any weaknesses. weaknesses. Talking about a Make sure they weakness that are things that will worry won’t worry them. the panel. Talk about how you have worked on your weaknesses.
    33. 33. 3-‘How would you deal with a difficult colleague?’ How toPitfalls AnswerAnswerin A real- g with a life answer list of alwaysplatitud sounds es. better.
    34. 34. 4-‘Why do you want this job?’ How toPitfalls: Answer: Avoid Choose giving a appealing response reasons which, is to the not going interview to endear panel. you to Show the enthusias interview m. panel.
    35. 35. After
    36. 36. Thank the interviewer
    37. 37. Go out and do something you love