Christian Workers Seminar, January 2012


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Christian Workers Seminar, January 2012

  2. 3. LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENTS FROM THE BIBLE At New Life Baptist Church, we believe that serving in local church ministry carries with it responsibility . When we serve, we provide role models for others to follow as we represent the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be pure vessels , fit for the Master’s use!
  3. 4. LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENTS FROM THE BIBLE In a world that emphasizes freedom , we look to God’s Word in order to form Bible-based principles for living. We, as Christian workers, are challenged to test our attitudes, actions, appearance, and associations by the following verses:
  4. 5. EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Why have leadership requirements? From time to time Christians from various backgrounds wonder why a church would emphasize consistency and orderliness in ministry, as it relates to dress or matters of lifestyle.
  5. 6. EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Why have leadership requirements? These people forget that there are places throughout our culture which understand that our appearance reflects an attitude and can affect our behavior .
  6. 7. EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP REQUIREMENTS Why have leadership requirements? The following illustrations from secular society show that a church with similar requirements is not harsh or legalistic. In fact, the church, of all places, should be a witness of orderliness, cleanliness, and modesty.
  7. 8. PRINCIPLE, CONVICTION, STANDARD Principle Truth as stated in the Word of God Conviction Being convinced of right or wrong based on that principle
  8. 9. Standard A guideline set in place to keep me in line with the principle PRINCIPLE, CONVICTION, STANDARD
  10. 12. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS When you accepted Christ, you not only got saved…you were given something very special from God. You were given a giftedness to serve God in a unique way.
  11. 13. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS God’s plan for your life is that you would meet a specific need in the church family, and He has gifted you in a special way to meet that need.
  12. 14. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS If you have trusted Christ, then you have a spiritual gift! Even if you don’t know what it is or don’t feel particularly gifted in a specific area, the Bible teaches that you do have a special gift that you can use to serve God.
  13. 15. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS And, believe it or not, your gift is vital to the work of God in our church family, otherwise God would not have placed you here.
  14. 16. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS God’s Word teaches that as a member of this church family (this body), you are important to His work in this place. He has appointed you a gift and a purpose for being here…and you will greatly enjoy discovering and using that gift for His purposes!
  15. 17. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS What should you do with this spiritual gift? First Peter says that God wants you to be a good steward of His gift to you! The best way to do that is to begin now discovering , developing , and using your gift to serve the Lord and His church.
  16. 18. AN EXPLANATION OF SPIRITUAL GIFTS The great result of using your gift is that the entire church family ministers to each other and to the community. That’s the way the church is supposed to work!
  17. 19. WHAT ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS? Prophecy More than just a gift; a call from and equipping by God to preach His Word Ministry (Helps) A desire to serve and help God’s people
  18. 20. WHAT ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS? Teaching The ability to teach God’s truth, helping people understand how His Word applies to them
  19. 21. WHAT ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS? Exhortation (Encouragement) The ability and desire to encourage others in the Christian life Ruling (Administration) The ability to lead and administrate part of God’s work
  20. 22. WHAT ARE THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS? Mercy The ability to feel the pain of others and help them during trials Giving The ability and desire to give to God’s work and God’s people
  22. 25. TEACHER RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Be 15 minutes early to class. 2. Teach the lesson. 3. Plan 1 class event per month. 4. Report needs or concerns to Chris Staunches. 5. Visit the class each week, absentees 1st. 6. Write letters to absentees Sunday afternoon; turn in to church office for mailing Sunday evening.
  23. 26. TEACHER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Punctual Be 15 minutes early to class. This will allow you time to become calm and focused. You will be in place to greet your class, especially visitors. Be Prepared Know your lesson so well that you could teach it without notes.
  24. 27. TEACHER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Planned Your class time needs to have a good flow to it. This will help to maintain control and ensure that your students are being discipled.
  25. 28. TEACHER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Positive Your focus is your class, their needs, and their burdens. Be upbeat and friendly. Listen to them. Give them good instruction and hope. Provide a good, clean, well-presented classroom. Decorate and change it often. Catch them being good.
  26. 29. HELPER RESPONSIBILITIES <ul><li>Be 15 minutes early to class. </li></ul><ul><li>Keep class records updated. </li></ul><ul><li>Record visitor’s information; name address, phone number, email, birth date, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>Address envelopes to absentees. </li></ul><ul><li>Address any upcoming birthday or anniversary card envelopes. </li></ul><ul><li>Help teacher visit and write to students. </li></ul>
  27. 30. HELPER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Punctual Be 15 minutes early to class. This will be a blessing to the teacher, helping them to be calm and focused. Be Prepared Have all materials to take attendance, record visitors' information, and record absentees.
  28. 31. HELPER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Perceptive Make note of birthdays, visits to be made, and letters to be written. Stay attentive to the needs of the teacher.
  29. 32. HELPER RESPONSIBILITIES Be Positive You are there to serve; the teacher first, and, of course, the class. Stay upbeat. Be alert and supportive. Don't bring up problems during class or in front of them.
  30. 33. CLASS ORGANIZATION Class Time Give them something worth coming to class for. Make them wish it didn't end so quickly. Keep them coming back for more. Tell them &quot;what's next&quot; (i.e. explain that church service is for worshiping God).
  31. 34. CLASS ORGANIZATION Weekly Focus Don't spread yourself too thin. Your devotions and time invested in ministry should center on your responsibility to your class.
  32. 35. CLASS ORGANIZATION Visitation Visit absentees within 6 days of the Sunday they missed. Find potential students for your class from within your class's area of contacts.
  33. 36. CLASS ORGANIZATION Visitation Encourage and promote for your students to bring visitors every week. Look for potential class members from families who visit our church.
  34. 37. CLASS ORGANIZATION Visitation Find potential members from canvassing lists.
  35. 38. CLASS ORGANIZATION Correspondence Write a letter to each absentee on Sunday afternoon. Bring them to the weekly teacher's meeting following the evening service on Sunday night. Send regulars a note at least once per quarter.
  36. 39. CLASS ORGANIZATION Correspondence Send birthday cards to your students. Send notes reminding students of class events and encourage them to invite a friend.
  37. 40. CLASS ORGANIZATION Class Events Do something together as a class once a month. Invite the unchurched and the unsaved. Reach out. Keep it simple and inexpensive. It should be fellowship or service oriented.
  38. 41. CLASS ORGANIZATION Class Events Keep the events in front of the class for them to look forward to. Plan months in advance and utilize holidays and seasons.
  40. 44. WHAT IS A SPIRITUAL TEACHER? A spiritual teacher is one whose affections are pure and holy. <ul><li>He emphasizes the renewed nature </li></ul><ul><li>of man as having spiritual life. </li></ul>2. He views fleshly desires and material prosperity suspiciously.
  41. 45. 3. He understands that he will get more out of feeding his spirit than feeding his body. 4. He lives unto the Lord as a pattern to his students. WHAT IS A SPIRITUAL TEACHER? A spiritual teacher is one whose affections are pure and holy.
  42. 46. WE ARE IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE. “ For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12
  43. 47. WE SERVE GOD AS SPIRITUAL BEINGS. We cannot serve God in the flesh. We have been made spiritual beings that our sacrifices might be acceptable to God.
  44. 48. WE MUST CONTINUE IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH. This is to magnify spiritual things. Spiritual activity is holy activity because it is our communion, our fellowship , with God through His Spirit.
  45. 49. WE MUST CONTINUE IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH. 1. We are enabled to be spiritual by God. 2. The Bible is our spiritual nourishment from God.
  46. 50. WE MUST CONTINUE IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH. 3. Prayer is our spiritual access to God. 4. Our songs are to be spiritual to God. 5. Our instruction, encouragement, and fellowship is to honor God.
  47. 51. WE MUST CONTINUE IN SPIRITUAL GROWTH. 6. Spiritual discernment comes from God. 7. Spiritual restoration comes through spiritual Christians being used of God.
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