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  • 1. Stephanie Herfel, User Services LibrarianSUNY Orange County Community College
  • 2. Have you ever attended a library researchsession at SUNY Orange?1. yes 61%2. no3. not sure 35% 4% 1 2 3
  • 3. Have you had a library research sessionwith me before? 83%1. yes2. no3. not sure 9% 9% 1 2 3
  • 4. Which of these words below best describesyour opinion of the word “research”?1. thought provoking 27% 27%2. easy3. difficult 18%4. confusing5. hard work 9% 9% 9%6. interesting7. boring 0% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 5. What do you think is the hardest part aboutdoing a research paper?1. Deciding on a topic2. Narrowing down a topic to create a thesis 32% statement3. Finding background information on a topic 23%4. Evaluating information to make sure it’s reliable/acceptable 18%5. Organizing the information you find 14%6. Writing the paper 9%7. Citing my sources properly 5% 0% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • 6. How confident are you in your ability to narrowdown your topic into a successful thesis statementfor your paper? 35%1. No confidence whatsoever 26%2. Lacking confidence3. Not sure 17% 17%4. Somewhat confident5. Confident- I am an expert thesis statement writer and “narrower downer” 4% 1 2 3 4 5
  • 7. How do you choose a topic?
  • 8. How do you know if a topic istoo narrow or too broad?Too narrow =Too broad =
  • 9. Methods to Narrow a TopicAsk yourself these questions: What do you know about it? What dont you know? What aspects of your topic interest you: historical, sociological, psychological, etc.? What time period do you want to cover? On what geographic region do you want to focus? What kind of information do you need?
  • 10. Method 1: Narrowing Chart Create a chart or other graphic
  • 11. Method 2: The Topic/Subtopic Brainstorming Graphic Organizer Thingamajig!
  • 12. Method 2: The Topic/Subtopic Brainstorming Graphic Organizer Thingamajig!
  • 13. Let’s try it again…Draw it!
  • 14. Method 3: Use a Library Database TRY ME! TRY ME! Opposing Viewpoints Points of View Reference Center Academic Search Complete CQ Researcher TRY ME!TRY ME! TRY ME!
  • 15. Which of these methods of narrowing yourtopic do you prefer?1. Topic Chart2. Graphic organizer thingamagig3. Library Database4. Other method
  • 16. Your Library Research GuideSearch this url:http://libguides.sunyorange.edu/ENG101Make sure you capitalize the ENG.