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Recommendations for bettermeans



copy recommendation for bettermeans

copy recommendation for bettermeans



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Recommendations for bettermeans Recommendations for bettermeans Presentation Transcript

  • Meet the Conversion Sequence
    Developed by MarketingExperiments
    Breaks down the key elements for crafting copy on the web
    All my feedback will be based largely on this sequence
    C = Conversion
    M = Motivation
    People come to your site with a particular motivation in mind. The motivation to visit BetterMeans may be to learn about a cool new tech company or (preferably) to find a great new project management solution. You cannot influence motivation on your site; you can only reflect your users’ motivations in your copy.
    V = Value proposition
    A value proposition is, potentially, the most important copy on your website (especially for new users). It should be placed early on in the funnel on your site – at least on your home page and on your key landing pages (e.g., PPC landing pages). NOTE: Value props are not necessarily taglines, though they can be.
    I = Incentive
    An incentive – like a promo – is too often used by new companies to get people in… but it should really be a last resort (i.e., if value prop, motivation, and anxiety-busters aren’t working).
    F = Friction
    Fiction is simply how difficult it is for users to make sense of your messages and/or use your site. It’s usability.
    A = Anxiety
    Visitors may come to your site with anxiety visitors have about choosing your solution (e.g., anxious about switching from current project management solution; anxious about signing up for new product). Down the road, you may want to speak to users in greater detail about their anxieties so you can overcome them at key points on your site.
  • Big Opportunity: Refining the BetterMeans Value Proposition
    Highlights the benefits or values of the BetterMeans offering that are MOST DESIRABLE to customers
    Is stated in a single, succinct, meaningful and clear statement
    Applies only to your brand/offering (i.e., EXCLUSIVE to you; your competitors can’t claim the same)
    Survives the test of time (is unchanging)
    Your current value proposition
  • Sample Strong Value Props
    Biggest opportunities are on home page
    Navigation copy challenges  too simple?
    “Why” feels like an unnecessary page
    No clear calls to action on any pages
    Heavy paragraphs on some pages
  • Overview: Home
    Copy is very sparse
    Copy does not sufficiently explain in text:
    What this product is
    Whom this product is ideal for
    What pain you will solve for me & my team
    Why I should click to learn more
    Value proposition is complex, difficult to grasp
    Video does all the talking… but it’s 3+ minutes long (so it’s not ‘scannable’)
    No social proof (i.e., anxiety-reducers):
    Which company that I trust is using this product already?
    What do existing users have to say about this product?
    What newspapers, bloggers, etc are writing about this product?
    See APPENDIX for more about your key messages here
  • Overview: Why
    Why bettermeans… what? What is this solution?
    GRAMMAR: Cut comma in this line
    Play button gets lost on grey video
    The Einstein quote to the side explains all of the copy I’m now covering. Although this copy is good, it’s “warmup” text that may lose the reader.
    Break up paragraphs of text with bullets, links and headlines.
    No call to action in this important area
    It’s not clear what the value of this page is. The “how” page seems to do what this page does, but better.
  • Overview: How
    Fantastic long-form page that clearly breaks out what’s great about the bettermeans approach to decision-making, prioritization, and project management
    The section “Order Derived from…” is a bit too overwhelming/intimidating to read with its multiline copy blocks.
    The FAQs at the bottom of the page seem to be strong enough to warrant their own page.
  • Overview: What
    Another great page
    Strong headline for the page
    Great headlines to describe the screenshot
    Great bullet lists of what you can do
    The ‘blue cloud’ areas between sections on the longer pages create a false bottom – several times, I stopped scrolling, thinking I was at the bottom of the page, only to look at my scrollbar and see that there’s more to go
  • Overview: Pricing
    The 3 reasons to believe at the top (i.e., setup in 60, no credit card, free trial) get lost in text
    The pricing FAQs are good here… but they might also be great with the other FAQs
    The tone for the copy on this page is the best tone of any page on the site
  • Overview: Navigation
    Short words are great
    Unclear what the difference is between “why”, “how” and “what”
    Little indication as to what a user will find inside each page… so no reason to click
    Could just as easily name them 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C
  • ASSESSMENT: Your Value Prop
    Your current value proposition
    Too many large words
    Pretend your site visitors are in grade 6, even if they’re PhDs; simple, clear language is easier to read for everyone in stimulating computer environments
    I have no idea what it means
    Needs to be clear… which means the average visitor to your site should be able to ‘get it’ the first time they read it
    Tries to cram in everything
    Your value prop needs to focus on what’s important for customers about your offering
  • ASSESSMENT: Your Value Prop
    Need to simplify
    From what I can surmise, bettermeans is a project management tool that lets you vote on what you want to work on
    Yes, there’s much more to it than that… but you have to choose a small number of important points and state them clearly… or users won’t get it
    Says nothing about your target market
    It doesn’t have to say anything about your ideal customer… but that could really help
  • Summary
    Add more social proof (e.g., companies using this product, testimonials, media reviews)
    Let headlines work harder
    Use more ‘scannable’ text (e.g., bullets, button calls-to-action)
    KEY: Refine value proposition
    List the kinds of companies this solution is ideal for
    List the companies who are already using it
    In your FAQs section, you list the types of organization this solution is best for… but I’d recommend you get more specific; “knowledge-based collaboration” could mean “tech startups”, couldn’t it? Use clearer keywords that users are looking for… and don’t be afraid to show an actual bullet list of org types that this solution’s made for.
    Reconsider interruptive ‘blue clouds’; link in more traditional ways, or make the clouds look like buttons you can click
    Consider putting top reasons to believe (e.g., setup in 60) into graphical form so they get noticed
    Where possible, use bullet lists
    Avoid paragraphs that are longer than 3 lines
    Let headlines work harder:
    Elevate great statements like “Be 10x as productive as traditional companies” to headlines
    Example changes:
    “New Team Structure” becomes “Goodbye, Boss Man”
    “Full Transparency” becomes “No More Secrets”
    “Distributed Leadership. Not Management” becomes “Let Great Leaders Rise to the Top”
    Include more obvious calls to action
    Currently lacking traditional buttons and text links, which, although ‘traditional’, really help people make decisions
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Your Value Prop
    Vote up the best project ideas – and make every team member a key contributor
    The innovative project management solution for innovative small businesses
    The smart, affordable – and democratic – way to tackle complex problems in your org
    Rethink command & control in your organization
    Delete the “why” page entirely
    Other pages cover this content better
    Rename “how” something clear (e.g., How It Works, How It’s Different, Work Smarter, Get Details, Open Philosophy)
    Rename “what” something clear (e.g., Tour, Features)
    Turn FAQs sections into FAQs page in nav
    how it’s better
  • Current Home Page
  • Recommended Copy on Home Page
  • Appendix & MISCELLANEOUS
  • Value Proposition Assessment Matrix
    Value Proposition
    < insert proposed value prop here >
    Copy page & complete for each VP
    Pulled from your video
    Social entrepreneurs
    Faster, better decision-making
    Smarter project management & prioritization
    Rethink Command & Control
    Promotes openness
    Emphasizes efficiency
    Works democratically
    No command & control – everyone’s equal, everyone’s voice is heard
    New, faster, more efficient ways of making decisions (especially about what your team will work on – great for prioritizing)
    Smart teams that move quickly: Choose what you want to work on… so ideas that don’t have group support don’t happen (voting)  work environment becomes driven by profit + exciting projects that get voted up (= team engagement)
    Transparent activity stream – both internal and to public groups (if you want)
    Promote compensation for contributions
    Standard collab tools like wikis, discussion boards, document storage
    CHANGE THE WORLD: This message, though nice, feels too lofty and overwhelming for the average person.
    We all want to change the world, but we need to have that change broken down for us – like “recycle every Tuesday” or “use green cleaning products”.
    From a messaging perspective, I would recommend subordinating the “change our world” message.
    REINVENT HOW WE WORK TOGETHER: This message is brilliant, succinct, and reflective of what many social entrepreneurs already think they’re doing: reinventing something.
    Speaks well to your audience of ‘inventors’ (i.e., innovators).
    Possibility to push this message further to remind users that innovative people wouldn’t consider doing something the old way… so why should their project management & decision-making processes be old?
    From a messaging perspective, I would recommend keeping this message high in the messaging hierarchy.