Student Organizations at COMSATS Lahore


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Student organizations at COMSATS Lahore

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Student Organizations at COMSATS Lahore

  2. 2. REPORT TOPIC : STUDENT ORGANIZATIONINTRODUCTION: This report is about the student organizations that are functional in ouruniversity.I am writing this report to Dr.Filza Waseem as a part of the assignment given toour class.I have interviewed several people from every organization to collect the requireddata that I am going to use in my report. In this report I will briefly cover theactivities of every single organization for the past three years i.e from 2009 to2012.This report covers the activities of following student organizations  IEEE (Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers)  WIE (Women in Engineering)  ACM (Association for Computer Machinery)  CLAC (COMSATS Lancaster adventure Club)  PHYSICS SOCIETY  YOUTH CLUB  DRAMATIC SOCIETY  MUSIC SOCIETY  DEBATES SOCIETY  KHED TAMASHA
  3. 3. This report will cover every single activity of these organizations that they havebeen exercising since last three years.FACTS AND FINDINGS:  IEEE : IEEE is a worldwide organization and it has around 400,000 members around the globe and almost every Engineering university has their own IEEE organization and which are affiliated to worldwide IEEE body. IEEE COMSATS has been very active in its activities from the past three years. The students are required to be a member of the organization to be a part of it and to participate in its activities. IEEE COMSATS has more than 1000 registered members who are contributing their efforts to the organization on regular basis. IEEE COMSATS organization is supervised by the incharge of Electrical Engineering department Dr.Ejaz Ahmed. The members of student organization are regularly active in doing research work and they publish journals of their researches. IEEE COMSATS also arrange conferences on regular basis in which the published papers are discussed and the member student of IEEE also present their research work, before 2008 there used to be a single conference of IEEE in a couple of months but after 2008 there has been at least a single conference every month. IEEE COMSATS has been very active in publishing papers. It published around 97 papers in the past three years of which 29 were published in 2009, 37 were published 2010 and 31 were published in 2011. Most of the conferences of IEEE in the past three are held at the seminar room at the physics department.
  4. 4. Members of the IEEE COMSATS organization keep themselves up to date by attending the seminars that are arranged by IEEE COMSATS and by reading the journals provided by IEEE worldwide. In the past three years most of the infrastructure of IEEE COMSATS has been developed and improved by the postgraduate students of Electrical Engineering department. This organization is supposed to increase in its size as the COMSATS has recently launched some new technical undergraduate majors. So in the next couple of years this organization is going to increase in terms of its registered members. WIE (Women in Engineering): “Women in Engineering” is an organization which is specifically for women who are in engineering programs of COMSATS. It is in many respects similar to and is affiliated by IEEE. To participate in the activities of WIE women who are Engineering programmes of COMSATS Lahore are required to be a member of the organization. This organization is relatively new compared to other organization functioning in COMSATS Lahore. This organization was formed in 2007 and It has been extending rapidly since then. It has been very active in its activities from the past three years. This organization arranges seminars for its members on regular basis. From 2009 till now this organization has been arranging conferences and seminars for its members atleast for once in a month.
  5. 5. Currently there are around 300 members in this organization. There members are contributing their efforts to WIE on regular basis. In the past couple of years some its members has been recognized internationally for their contribution to Engineering field. This organization just like IEEE COMSATS is going to increase in size due to introduction of some new technical majors by COMSATS Lahore. ACM (Association for Computer Machinery): This organization is specifically for those students whose majors are technical and related to Computers. Most of the influential students in this organization are from the Computer Science department. This organization has arranged seminars and Workshops for Computing purposes every month from 2009 till present. ACM organizes a “Programming Competiton” every semester from 2009 till now ACM has organized 7 Programming competitions. To participate in this organization student are required to register and become their member. ACM’s membership is not limited to CS(Computer Science) majors but anyone from any technical major having sound knowledge of computing can join the organization. The number of students joining this organization has been on rise from 2009 till now. In 2010 this organization welcomed 240 new members.
  6. 6. This organization has been very active in participating in the competitions at university level. In 2011 the members of this organization won a Computing Competition held at FAST Lahore. This organization has arranged conferences and seminars every month from 2009 till now.ACM publishes journals and papers on regular basis and its members keep themselves up to date by reviewing papers and journals published by it. CLAC (COMSATS Lancaster adventure club): This organization is the youngest organization in COMSATS Lahore. It came into existence when COMSATS Lahore launched their dual degree programmes (DDP) joint with Lancaster University in the fall of 2010. This organization’s activities ranges from adventure trip to Lancaster to sports. To be a part of this organization students are required to be majoring in any of the DDP programmes. There are currently around 300 active members of this organization. This organization has arranged a summer trip to Lancaster in every summer break from 2010 till now. Every member can be a part of this trip by paying the required expenses. Being an external student of Lancaster the students who go with trip are given a special protocol during their trip. This trip of Lancaster by CLAC ranges from 20 to 30 days. In the summer of 2012 CLAC arranged a special summer trip to Lancaster in which the members who went with the trip were given a special protocol to see the summer Olympics happening in London.
  7. 7. CLAC also arranges sports competitons among its members. These sports include Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball. In March 2012 CLAC cricket team competed at the university level. PHYSICS SOCIETY: This organization is for the students whose majors are related to physics. Most of the dominant student of this organization are from the physics department. This organization is not as big as other academic related organizations. Physics society has around 150 members who are actively participating in its activities on regular basis. To participate in the activities of this organization students are required to become a member first. This organization has arranged seminars and conferences every month for its members from 2009 till now. Most of its members are in research work and last year it published around 15 research journals. YOUTH CLUB: This organization is an open organization and its activities are entirely extra-curricular. Anyone willing to work in the organization can join it. This organization is one of the oldest organizations functioning in COMSATS. This organization arranges sports and other entertaining functions. Youth Club arranges Marathon race every semester in student week.
  8. 8. Anyone who is willing to participate in Marathon race can buy the token for Rs.50- .The number of participants has increased more than 80% from 2009 to 2012. In the student week of fall 2012 more than 3000 people participated in the Marathon race. Youth Club arranges a function called “Bonfire” during the student week of every semester. In this function different kinds of skills related to fire are presented. This function always recieve a heavy audience. In the student week of fall 2012 more than 3000 people were present at the Bonfire. Youth club arranges a function called “Talent hunt” during the student week of every semester. In this function everyone is invited to show their talents. In the student week of fall 2012 many talented participants showed their performance. Youth Club arranges a function called “Mahfil-e-Mushaira”. This function is also arranged during the student week of a semester. In this function people are invited to present their poetry. People can recite any kind of poetry irrespective of the genre of the poetry but in the past few years this function has taken a little turn and the most of the poetry which is presented is romantic or comedy related. DRAMATIC SOCIETY: This organization is controlled by the students whose majors are related to arts and architecture. This organization searches for the acting talent. The members of this organization show their acting skills at every big function occurring at COMSATS. Since its formation this organization has appreciated.
  9. 9. This organization is mostly active during the student weeks of the semesters. In student week of fall 2012 they presented their show and were well appreciated by the audience. MUSIC SOCIETY: This organization like dramatic society is also controlled by the arts students. This organization searches for the music talent. This organization present their music talent at the big functions. This organization is mostly active in the student week. In the student week of fall 2012 they presented their music talent to the audience and were well appreciated. DEBATES SOCIETY: Debates Society arranges the debates among the students. This organization arranges debates among students every year. The local winners of the debates from the university then form a group and then compete at the university level. In 2010 members of the debate society won a prize competing at the university level. KHED TAMASHA: This organization arranges different kind of sports in COMSATS. This organization is mostly active in the days which are culturally important. This organization arranges matches of Cricket, Football, volleyball, Basketball and other minor sports among the students. In 2011 a Cricket team formed by this organization competed at the university level and won a victory cup for the university.
  10. 10. CONCLUSIONS:This is a good news for COMSATS that so many organizations are working inCOMSATS and almost all the organization are successful in their respectiveagenda.It is due to the pure efforts of these organizations that COMSATS is nowbeing perceived as one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.Every organization in one or the other way is benefiting its members andoverall it is contributing a lot for the welfare of students of the university.All the efforts from every single organization is doing its part for the successof the university.RECOMMENDATIONS:The major action which university should take is to build some newbuildings on the campus because every year the number of students joiningthese organizations are increasing dramatically as COMSATS has aslointroduced some new majors which means more students would be joiningthese organizations in the near future and there are not enough rooms orauditorium to arrange a big sitting. So, it would a beneficial step for theuniversity to build some new buildings on the campus.