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Mobile Seo Secret
Mobile Search engine are unique to traditional search platform!/eedente/explore/visuals/blocks/note/mobilesocialmediaintelligence

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Mobile Seo Secret

  1. 1. 10 Mobile SEO SecretsIf you know anything about web design, Variance.then you understand the importance ofsearch engine Keep in mind that your mobile SEO mustoptimization (SEO). read well on a wide variety of mobile devices, and through an equally variantYou also know that SEO protocol seems to number of browsers.change faster than you can stay abreast ofthose changes. Again, simplicity is key.Now you have yet another SEO concept to Predictive search.master: that of mobile website design andSEO. This feature is a handy way for search engines to help web searchers fill out theirMobile SEO is different from traditional queries.SEO in a number of ways. Choose keywords that fall into the mostHere are ten mobile SEO secrets that you highly ranked predictive search results.absolutely cannot afford not to know:The guiding principles.First off, it is important that youunderstand what you are dealing with.Keep these things in mind: mobile searchengines are unique to traditional searchengines, mobile usersexhibit unique web browsing behaviors,and mobile site design is altogetherdifferent from traditionalsite design.Keyword relevancy. Content categories.Mobile users don’t have a lot of time, or Decide which category your site best fitseven resources, for lengthy searches. into, and optimize its content so that it is most likely to be featured when mobile webYour keywords must pertain to short, users search for that particular category.sometimes sketchy, search terms. Google standards.Keep it simple. Read up on Google mobile site standards and comply, comply, comply.Keyword usage. Otherwise, Google will tweak your site forContent on mobile sites is terse and you in order to read it and display it toconcise. mobile web viewers (this is called “transcoding”), and you will not be in fullYou must choose short keyword phrases, control of your site’s presentation.and very few.Pg. 11 Get New Paperback Book from Trafford Publishing
  2. 2. 10 Mobile SEO Secrets ContinuedLocation.Mobile web users often use location in their searches.Therefore, location needs to be addressed with your site’s SEO.Portals.Mobile users don’t always use Internet search engines.Sometimes they use operator portals.Submit your site to every portal, business directory, and listing service that is relevant toyour site to increase your mobile website traffic.Target audience.Because your mobile SEO must be short and concise, you must give a lot of thought asto exactly who you are trying to reach.Research your target market (keeping the mobile sector in mind!), and tailor your sitecontent to that market.Mobile SEO is a new frontier, and must be approached with new eyes.To get the most out of your mobile website, put your mobile SEO in the hands ofcompetent professionals.Pg. 12
  3. 3. Mobile Apps for Business“There’s an App for that” is not just acatchy one liner used by mobile deviceusers, it is becoming an expectation asthere are currently over 700,000 appsnow available to download and 1million of them are expected by 2013,and that is only in the iTunes AppStore alone.Not only is there at least one type of This makes an app exponentially moreapp available for just about anything valuable than any other type of marketing oryou could think of, more than half of advertising you can do in the mobilemobile phone users access these apps marketplace. What else is incredible aboutten or more times per day and creating an app is that after the initialcontinue to search for and download investment, the app can continue to marketover 20,000 apps every single day as on its own for free when it’s uploaded towell. Android Apps or iTunes Apps for Apple.There is no other way to market to The value of creating an app is just ascustomers and attract new customers valuable whether you are a B2B or B2Cin the mobile environment than by company. You can make use of mobilecreating a great app for them to take device features such as GPS, click to call oradvantage of, especially when you click to text options and the multimediaconsider that apps will hold a user’s functions that allow you to include video andattention longer than a typical website audio into your app if you so choose. In factwill because it is much easier to click the best apps will include the highestaway from a website while an app sensory value combined with an easy to useoffers more interaction. and navigate interface.Having a branded mobile app givesyour business the opportunity to standout from the competition, havesomething new and exciting to use formarketing and advertising goals,retain current customers and attractnew customers.The type of the app you create foryour business can be pretty muchanything that your customers wouldfind relevant and the moreentertainment, fun and value you putinto it, the more popular it will be, themore people will want to download anduse it, the more they will talk about it,and the more successful your businesswill become.Pg.14
  4. 4. Mobile App Ideas Depending on the nature of your business, you can create one great app, or an entire collection. Here are some ideas to get you started: • A Mobile Coupon App • A Map that will automatically show users the easiest way to get to your location from anywhere they happen to be • Interactive “How to” App for your product or service • Premium Customer App that gives them insider information and promotionals not available to the general public • Display videos • Quick Order App • Event App that gives session schedules, speaker bios, contact information, maps, social media integration or whatever else would be helpful for those coming to your special event or showcase • ROI Calculator • Networking App that allows customers to quickly communicate to key staff members • Games App that is based around your particular products or services • Daily Reminders App • Anything at all that will provide a better experience with your products and services. For example a yoga studio might create an app that offers yoga positions or a meditation timer; a motivational service might offer a quote app. The amount of ideas you can come up with is pretty much unlimited.Pg. 15
  5. 5. Check out on ebookstorePg. 16