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Personera.com allows people around the world to design and order print products personalized with their Facebook content.

This presentation outlines the best practices that we use in our implementation of Facebook Connect.

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Facebook Connect Best Practices - Personera.com

  1. 1. FACEBOOK CONNECT BEST PRACTICES For Commerce Sites www.personera.com
  2. 2. WHAT IS PERSONERA.COM Launched November 2009. Facebook-personalized, useful consumer print products. FB Connect •  nly sign-in system on site O •  implifies account admin S •  ull user content for products P
  3. 3. WEBSITES FOR FACEBOOK-BASED COMMERCE •  arket scalability? Facebook at 350m users and growing… M •  ustomers aren’t used to buying Facebook-related goods yet C •  sers require directions, guide their attention, and do it fast U Designing for Connect 1. Display BIG call to action button 2. Clearly explain tie-in with Facebook 3. User understands, then connects
  4. 4. DATA GATHERING & OPTIMIZATION Data collected at login •  utomatic: Name, profile pic, birthday, sex A •  ermission: Photos, friend’s birthdays, events P •  ser input: Email address (key for commerce sites) U “Permission” data stored temporarily. Goal: show instant personalized product preview Bottleneck Problem •  any photos take long to download from Facebook M •  irthdays for users with many (1000+) friends B •  equest photo data from FB over HTTP can be slow R Optimization Solution Birthdays, Events Photos •  o fetch operations in parallel (no queue) D •  ip: Perform fetch operations in background T
  5. 5. CREATE USER ENGAGEMENT Show new users auto-filled product previews after login – personalized experience! •  eturning users see custom dashboard R Add user’s name and profile picture to welcome message
  6. 6. USER ACQUISITION •  se Facebook Ads to generate qualified leads (i.e. Facebook users) U •  verage CPC = $0.50 A •  0% of visitors (from ads) sign-up via Facebook Connect 5 •  7% of logged in users create projects, plenty check out  7 •  00% of user orders from Facebook ad visits use special discount (e.g. “FB40”) 1 •  se ads to easily increase fan page community U Site Ad Fan Page Ad Ad Tips: 1. Catchy headline 2. Colorful graphic 3. Exclusive offer Extra tip: Show fan box widget on homepage!
  7. 7. TRAFFIC: CLICK THROUGHS ON STORIES Publish stories back to user’s Facebook feed to increase free traffic •  est #1: Stream post after user logs in: T Analysis: •  vg. 1.5 clicks per post A •  low growth in click-throughs S •  ot attention grabbing enough N •  est #2: Stream post after checks out: T Posts custom site preview to user’s stream! Analysis: •  vg. 6 clicks per post and growing! A •  nd highest source of new users 2 •  ip: Upon checkout, post to stream T
  8. 8. Contact: Sheraan Amod CEO, Personera http://www.personera.com sheraan@personera.com Office: +27 (0)21 409-7019 Cell: +27 (0)83 786-8310 Twitter: @personera