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Cool Tech India Full P

  1. 1. Presents For the first time in India, Computer Liquid Cooling Techniques A U.S.A based technology used worldwide for computer cooling EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  2. 2. Cool Tech is a company manufacturing computer cooling techniques for I.T industry especially for professionals who are into graphics design, animators, gaming, video editing, architects and the list goes on and on. Cool Tech designs thoughtful, compact, and cost-effective computer cooling solutions. Cool Tech uses all copper parts that creates a strong, light and cooled unit that is easily assembled. All Cool Tech designs units are designed and tested to industry standards to be compact, efficient and safe. Cool Tech, initially COOLTECH, U.K was initially launched in United Kingdom and after the success in U.K (since 2007) it started its operations in India and now it has a strong management team that includes Mr. Kamalpreet Singh, the product design master and the business manager. He has a five year experience in industrial design, Double diploma and Post Graduate in Information Technology, also a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics has been concentrating all his designs on this unique concept. Mr. Davinder Singh, the business mind of the company has been I.I.T topper in Mechanical engineering and specialized in thermodynamics, with twenty five years of experience in the industry complements our design master. OUR OBJECTIVE The primary objective of the development group of Cool Tech is to cater the outgrowing need for high end performance from computers in day today lives of people; especially people like architects, graphic designers and animators requiring use of AMD, INTEL Core 2 Quad, Core 2 duo, Intel i7 with high end graphics for their work. Cool Tech provides professional computer water cooling services to its clients to overcome the performance barrier of heat and noise by providing world renowned water cooling techniques which also reduces noise of fans in a C.P.U hence providing a quiet and high performance machine which can be over clocked its peak performance from 47 percent to 97 percent as per the requirements of the client. AN OUTLINE OF WATER COOLING All electronic circuits produce heat generated by the movement of electrons. As clock frequencies in digital circuits and voltage applied increase, the heat generated by components running at the clock speed also increases. Because of increased heat produced by over clocked components, effective cooling is necessary to avoid damaging
  3. 3. the hardware. In addition, some digital circuits slow down at high temperatures due to changes in metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) device characteristics. Wire resistance also increases slightly at higher temperatures, contributing to decreased circuit performance. WHAT IS LIQUID COOLING? Over the past few years, CPU speeds have been increasing at a dramatic rate. In order to generate the new speeds, CPUs have more transistors, are drawing more power and have higher clock rates. This leads to greater heat produced by the CPU in the computer. CPU heat sinks have been added to all modern PC CPUs to help try to alleviate some of the heat from the processor into the surrounding environment, but as the fans get louder and larger new solutions are being looked into, namely liquid cooling. Liquid cooling is essentially a radiator for the CPU inside of the computer. Just like a radiator for a car, a liquid cooling system circulates a liquid through a heat sink attached to the processor inside of the computer. As the liquid passes through the heat sink, heat is transferred from the hot processor to the cooler liquid. The hot liquid then moves out to a radiator at the back of the case and transfers the heat to the ambient air outside of the case. The cooled liquid then travels back through the system to the CPU to continue the process. WHAT ADVANTAGE DOES THIS BRING TO COOLING THE SYSTEM? Liquid cooling is a much more efficient system at drawing heat away from the processor and outside of the system. This allows for higher clock speeds in the processor as the ambient temperatures of the CPU core are still within the manufacturer's specifications.
  4. 4. This is the prime reason why extreme overclockers tend to favor the use of liquid cooling solutions for their processors. Some people have been able to almost double the processor speed by using very complex liquid cooling solutions. The other benefit of liquid cooling is the reduction of noise within the computer. Most current heat sink and fan combinations tend to generate a lot of noise for the fans that need to circulate air over the CPU and through the system. Many high performance CPUs require fan speeds in excess of 7000 rpm that generate noise of 60+ decibels of noise. Over clocking a CPU requires even more airflow over the CPU, but when a liquid cooling solution, there is much less noise. Generally there are two moving parts to a liquid cooling system. The first is the impeller which is a fan immersed in the liquid to circulate the liquid through the system. These are generally fairly low in noise because the liquid acts as a noise insulator. The second is a fan at the exterior of the case to help pull air over the cooling tubes of the radiator. Both of these do not need to run at very high speeds which reduces the amount of noise by the system. THE BASICS A water cooling loop consists of three key components radiator, pump and the water block, and along with it many little gadgets may be added along the way. The loop is assembled in a specific order for it to provide optimal cooling. The water starts its flow from the pump, which pushes the water up into the radiator, cooling down the water. It then travels into the water block, which makes contact with the processor. The cold water picks up heat from the processor before it makes its way back into the pump, to start the process over. THE PRODUCTS CONCEPT- Z1
  5. 5. “Cooling concept Z1” was launched in June, 2008 by Cool Tech, in UNITED KINGDOM to cater to the computer cooling requirements of people both in the Business Organizations and the Academic Institutions. Heat is one of the major factors affecting the performance of a computer leading to a slow computer taking ages to open a simple application. As we all know the temperature nowadays in India is increasing day by day to another extreme level especially in summer when the mercury touches around 40-45 degrees Celsius and for working on computers, an air conditioning system is a must. Search for a solution to this problem leaded to the invention of “Cooling concept Z1” which sorts out all the heating problems of a C.P U as well helps in over clocking AMD and Intel processors to around 97 percent of their original value. This unique product allows the user to work with top most performance and with maximum efficiency as it contains cooling water blocks to cool down major areas of the CPU including the C.P.U, G.P.U, RAM, H.D.D, SUB PROCESSOR and the GRAPHICS CARD. The cooling unit is a self-contained system with an internal component of cooling liquid with an available option of both DC and AC electrical power. Concept -Z2
  6. 6. Concept Z2 was launched shortly after the success of Z1 as a demand in the market for an mid size version of the cooling kit arose for people looking forward to cool the main Central processing Unit of the system and the sub processor with liquid cooling technique instead of using an normal fan and a heat sink allowing users to over clock their respective systems to around 67 percent extra of the normal operating values. Concept –Econo Z3
  7. 7. Concept Z3 was launched for people looking for an economic option in our products. This product has its record breaking sales in the first week of its launch in the Indian Market. COMPATIBILITY Concept Z1 and Concept Z2 are fully compatible with all the Intel microprocessors including Intel core2 duo, Core 2 QUAD,Intel i7 and all the versions of AMD processors including AMD Phenom –II ,Phenom –I and all the other procssors available in market. A cheaper version of this cooling system is also available for the older versions of the intel processors P-4, AMD Phenom - I ,etc at an affordable price.Please contact us for a custom made cooling system and the best option available for your PC. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Operation Modes (Fan Speeds) • Quiet: 1100-2500 RPM
  8. 8. • Performance*: 1100-2500 RPM • Full: 2900 RPM *System automatically increases cooling performance at an increased rate compared to Quiet Mode. Physical Specifications • Dimensions: 14.0 x 12.5 x 15.5 mm • Weight: 1.03 kg • Operating Voltage: 11.6-12.4V • Power Consumption: 8W (Max) • Life Cycle: 50,000 Hours (MTBF) Fan • Long life, low noise • Dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm • Noise: 19.2 dBA (Min) • Fan Airflow: 92.8CFM (Max.) • Fan Air Pressure : 3.55 mm-H20 • Fan Bearing Type: Long life sleeve • Fan Rated Voltage : 12 V • Fan Start Voltage : 8 V • Fan Operating Voltage : 10.8~13.2 V • Fan Rated Current : 0.3 A • Fan Input Power : 3.6 W • Pump Dimensions : Φ40 mm Pump (ReFLO) • Long life ceramic bearing • Water flow - 55litres/hour • Noise: <21 dBA • High-reliability, No-maintenance industrial pump is rated at 50,000 hour MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) equivalent to 5 year lifetime. Radiator(AluRAD ) • Custom engineered for low noise heat dissipation • Large aluminum radiator with LED 120 mm fan
  9. 9. • The radiator fin density is optimized to reduce air noise and operate at high efficiency with low-flow fans • Dimension: 157 x 120 x 27 mm WATERBLOCK {CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger)} • Acrylic based with Copper Micro-Channel for better heat dissipation • Surface Dimension: 50 x 50 mm(Dimension varies for some AMD processors) Coolant • Dielectric Coolant proprietary with antifreeze/anticorrosion/antifungal additives • Coolant color: Blue/Red/ Green/Purple. • Coolant Main Material: Glycol. • Coolant Freezing Point : -30 degree • Coolant Life Expectancy: 2 years. CPU Thermal Grease • Proprietary Pro Advanced Thermal Compound COST SUMMARY The following is an estimate and summary of the costs associated with Cool Tech. These numbers are an estimate only
  10. 10. Concept Z1 – Rs 12,999 Delivery, handling charges & Installation – Rs. 500** Total Rs 13,400/- Concept Z2 – Rs 6,999 Delivery, handling charges & Installation – Rs. 500** Total Rs 7,499/- Concept Econo Z3 – Rs 3,499 Delivery, handling charges & Installation – Rs. 500** Total Rs 3,999/- Standard Disclaimer: The numbers represented above are to be used as an estimate only. The above Cost Summary does in no way constitute a warranty of final pricing. Estimates are subject to change if the product specifications are changed in any way. ** - prices for local delivery(within Delhi and NCR only),outstation delivery and charges applicable as per client location TERMS OF PAYMENT  Payments will be made by the Client 50% of the Total Cost will be paid in advance at the time of order and the rest balance 50% will be payable after the installation of the product at the client premises.(In case, client can install the kit themselves e.g, outstation clients, the clients have to pay the full amount before hand and the kit will be dispatched after the payment being cleared).  All Payments will be made by an Account Payee Cheque or a Crossed Demand Draft in favor of ‘KAMALPREET SINGH’ and payable in Delhi NCR only. COMPANY OWNERSHIP Cool Tech is incorporated. The company is privately owned by Kamalpreet Singh, who has worked for 5 years in the I.T Industry.
  11. 11. Kamalpreet Singh Business manager, support ,development electronics & software ,conception and design Davinder Singh, I.I.T , Delhi. Basics, thermodynamics, cooling media For WARRANTY INQUIRIES and inquiries regarding orders always state your full name, e-mail address and if possible do mention the date of your order. If in case, you do not receive an answer within two days from us, please send us the email again. Thank you. Address: Cool Tech (Computer Liquid Cooling Concepts) 638 ,GH-14 Paschim Vihar New Delhi-110063 INDIA Mobile +91-9953799823 E-Mail WEB *Please coordinate meetings via email