Ciaran and Laila's Play Testing of MUPE
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Ciaran and Laila's Play Testing of MUPE

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Presentation of results from play test session

Presentation of results from play test session

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  • 1. Mupe Winter Assembly Game User test & Observations Games & Storytelling Workshop
  • 2. Mupe & Winter Assembly • Mupe is an free open source client-server platform, the client runs on mobile phones with Java midp • Mupe Winter Assembly is a collection of four mini games to be played by people attending the Winter Assembly at the end of April in Tampere, Finland. • UI was quite intuitive, easy to use after a few minutes • Nice to be able to chat with other players • Seeing the HiScores encouraged competition • Good to be able to give feedback & share Mupe with others
  • 3. Hi-Lo (1 Player) • Number guessing game: is the unknown number higher or lower than the 5 numbers shown? • Need to read the ‘Help’ section • Easy to play, no special skills required • Ok, but least exciting of all four games • Could be a time killer, waiting for bus, etc...
  • 4. Piper (2p) • Connect the next pipe piece to your pipe network, try to block the other player’s progress • Exciting, fast paced • Time penalty when swapping an unsuitable pipe, and time limit for inaction lead to tension • Don’t need to be facing the other player, can be played remotely without affecting the playing experience
  • 5. Dung Beetle (2p) • Try to roll the balls of dung into your own chambers, bite your opponent to momentarily stun him • Exciting, fast paced • Uncertainty when dung will come, leads to players chasing each other to stun each other • Don’t need to be facing the other player, but it’s good fun to hear the other player’s reactions
  • 6. Indian Poker (2p) • Each player sees the others player’s card and mood, has to guess if his is better than the other player’s. • Intuitive UI if you know poker terms • Nice to express your mood with colours, three buttons to change mood: happy, neutral, angry • Good fun to play when physically facing the other player, social
  • 7. Want to know More? • Read about Mupe at • Download Mupe - • Play the Winter Assembly game on the weekend • Continue to play the four games as stand-alone minigames after the Winter Assembly