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Employee stress management techniques 2

Employee stress management techniques 2






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    Employee stress management techniques 2 Employee stress management techniques 2 Presentation Transcript

      • “ Stress is an adaptive response to an external situation that results in physical, psychological and or behavioural deviation for organizational participation”
    • Classification of stress
      • Stress has been classified into four categories, they are:
      • Eustress: Positive stress- stress due to positive events like functions.,
      • Distress: negative stress- Stress due to negative events
      • Hyper stress: Stress due to overload- too much of work too many deadlines
      • Hypo stress: Stress due to underload- monotonous or boring work/tasks.
    • Too much of workload, too much of dead line.
    • Stress
      • BOSS: Burn out stress syndrome
      • Due to constant stress the individual begin to feel emotionally or physically exhausted.
    • Contd….
      • ROSS: Rust out stress syndrome.
      • Likely to occur when environmental demands are far below the person’s capabilities. Depression crops up.
    • Stress and job performance level
    • Stress
      • If there is more stress, employees will move from one company to another.
    • Symptoms of stress
      • Physiological
      • symptoms
      • Psychological
      • symptoms
      • Behavioral
      • symptoms
    • Tips for managers- Stress management strategies at work.
      • Developing empathy
      • Installing booths for anonymous complaints and feedbacks
      • Providing healthy food in the canteen
    • Contd….
      • Monthly one to one interactions
      • Offering small incentives in terms of money and paid leaves
      • Addressing performance fear among employees
      • Helping employees manage time effectively
      • Praising employees for performance
      • Giving employees assurance that they will not be laid off
    • Contd…
      • Stress relieving toys and activities in the office
      • Improving interiors
      • Placing plants at the office cubicles
      • Ensuring a less noisy environment in the office
    • Contd…
      • Ensuring clean washrooms and pantries
      • Delegating work efficiently
      • Not forcing the employees to attend extra-curricular activities.
      • Encouraging employees to add a personal touch to their cubicles.
    • 10 best ways in which HR manager can help in reducing employee stress.
      • Allow employees to talk freely with one another
      • Reduce personal conflicts on the job.
      • Give employees adequate control over how they do their work
      • Ensure that staffing and expense budgets are adequate
      • Talk openly with employees
      • Support employees' efforts
    • Contd…
      • Provide competitive personal leave and vacation benefits
      • Maintain current level of employee benefits
      • Reduce the amount of red tape for employees
      • Recognize and reward employees for their accomplishments and contributions.
    • Some of the ways to reduce stress from the part of individual
      • Meditation
      • Pranayama(hypertension control)
      • Yoga
      • Ayurveda- a form of herbal drug given to stimulate the human organs.
      • Music & ragas.
    • Some of the ways to reduce stress from the part of organization:
      • Redesign the job to eliminate the stress
      • Change in deadline pressure and workloads
      • Make more flexible hours and work schedule
      • Improvement in the physical work environment
      • Team building
      • Diagnose physical problem-treatment-prevention process
      • Physical fitness or wellness programs.
    • “ THANK UUUU”