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Spice Up Your Digital Portfolio
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Spice Up Your Digital Portfolio


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Some ideas on how to make a digital portfolio more visually appealing

Some ideas on how to make a digital portfolio more visually appealing

Published in: Education, Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. Spice up your
    Digital Portfolio
  • 2. This presentation refers to the use of Blackboard to create a Digital Portfolio.
    A Digital Portfolio should showcase your best practices but that doesn’t mean it has to be
    boring to look at.
    Here are a few suggestions to
    help add some visual appeal.
  • 3. Menu Bar
    To change the look of the button panel, click here
  • 4. Select Course Design
  • 5. Select
    Course Design
  • 6. Here you can decide whether to have buttons or a panel of colour with text
    Select a colourand style here. It is a good idea to decide on a colour scheme to be used throughout the portfolio
  • 7. Banner
    Create a banner for your Digital Portfolio. You may wish to use your name or create a word cloud using www.wordle.netand add text which is relevant to your interests.
  • 8. You can create a banner image many different ways. PowerPoint is a good alternative because it is quick, easy and effective.
    These slide dimensions work well for a Title Banner
    Width: 35 cm and Height : 10cm
    Save the image as a .jpeg file.
    Here is an example of a word cloud which you could take from information in your portfolio
  • 9. To add a Course Banner, follow the same steps through the control panel and select
    Course Banner.
  • 10. Browse and upload your Banner image
  • 11. At the top of each section or for a new folder you can add a banner image with a title. You can add it as an item or add the image to a folder.
    An example of a
    Title Banner
  • 12. An example of folder fanners, where you can click on the link and see the section indicated
  • 13. Embed items
    You can add interesting items to your Virtual Classroom.
    This can be done with basically anything that has an embed code.
    Copy the embed code from the website and then click on Toggle HTML Source Mode icon, Then Paste the code and then click on submit
  • 14. Talking Avatars
    Create a talking avatar. Add text and the voice is generated.
    You can give a welcoming address.
  • 15. Add a map by going to Google maps, click on Links and copying the HTML code
  • 16. Convert your documentation of your Professional experience into an interactive time line.
  • 17. Slides
    Embed relevant slides or presentations you have created.
  • 18. Videos
    Embed a videos or upload your own.
  • 19. Mind Maps
    Convert your Belief Statement into a diagram.
    You can save as a jpeg or do a screen shot.
  • 20. Ebooks
    Create your own ebookshowcasing evidence of your practice.
    Created by:
    S. Hendy 2009