Sri lankans respond to channel 4 & the international community


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Why does US dominated West wish to punish Sri Lanka for ending LTTE terrorism that lasted 30 years?

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  • LTTE terrorists stormed a village in Welikanda and killed six civilians including a Sinhalese, four Muslims and one Tamil on Saturday night. Military spokesperson Brig. Daya Ratnayake said suspected Wanni gunmen stormed Kolakanawadiya village and indiscriminately opened fire on civilians, killing six and injuring three others. The injured were rushed to the Polonnaruwa hospital for treatment
  • Sri lankans respond to channel 4 & the international community

    1. 1. No country should have to face what Sri Lanka is currently facing For defeating & destroying the entire ground force of the LTTE Sri Lanka is being accused of War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity The International Excuse to interfere in Sri Lanka is “Accountability” Where is the logic behind these accusations? Why did the very nations accusing Sri Lanka simply watch LTTE terror acts? Did the International Community allow Sri Lanka’s Governments to end Terror?Did not the International Community always thrust Peace Talks & Ceasefires upon us to use LTTE presence to advance their own geopolitical agendas? SRI LANKANs NOW SAY WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH Allow OUR PEOPLE to live & work in Peace!
    2. 2. If the International Community, UN/HRC, NGOs & Human Rights Organizations find this “Barbaric” & a “Chilling piece of footage” shown by Channel 4 This is the son of Terrorist Leader Prabakaran who gained notoriety by killing Why was the International Community silent when LTTE killed Children over 30 years? June 2006, LTTE plants Oct 1992, LTTE attacksMay 1987, LTTE dressed in Claymore mine targetingSri Lanka army uniforms Palliyagodella Village killing bus. 64 civilians including 146 civilians includingbutchers 33 student monks 15 children were killed childrenDO THESE CHILDREN NOT DESERVE INTERNATIONAL MEDIA COVERAGE?
    3. 3. Channel 4’s forensic pathologist described how Prabakaran’s son was shot dead, That he died after the 5 bodyguards were shot with hands tied behind by not Physically examining the body or even visiting the scene of the crime! Can Channel 4 forensic pathologist describe how these killings took place Can we know if these were “executions” & how these murders took place by looking at these images April 1992 LTTE attacks a June 2006, Kebettigollawa claymore on bus by village killing 56 Muslims LTTE despite Ceasefire Agreement They were all ordinary women & children going about their daily livesBy forcing Sri Lanka to engage in peace talks/ceasefires the world allowed LTTE to kill
    4. 4. The Road to FreedomThe Eastern Province was liberated by Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces on 10 July 2007(Liberating the East took a year to complete)The Northern Province was liberated by Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces on 18 May 2009(Liberating the North commenced on 5 March 2007)Sri Lanka’s Armed Forces ensured Sri Lanka would never suffer another bomb, suicideor assassination by the LTTE.Only the people of Sri Lanka know how great this feeling is. LTTE’s last suicide attack on civilians was on 10 March 2009 Since then the People of Sri Lanka have not feared to walk out of their homes. SRI LANKANS WILL NEVER ALLOW TERRORISM TO RAISE ITS UGLY HEAD.
    5. 5. ONLY LTTE HAS ITSELF TO BLAME FOR THE FALL OF THE LTTE LTTE was given 24 Hours to Lay down arms & surrender on 2nd JANUARY 2009 By Sri Lanka’s Head of State It was ONLY after LTTE’s refusal that Sri Lanka’s Military were ordered to Militarily defeat the LTTE.How many lives would have been saved if LTTE surrendered!
    6. 6. Channel 4 : Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields & its Sequels – The FactsLTTE USING TAMILS AS HUMAN SHIELDS• LTTE took Tamil Civilians from their homes to be used as human shields and wasfiring at Sri Lankan army amidst these civilians. The UN was aware of this.• The GOSL informed the ICRC to tell LTTE not to use Tamil civilians as human shieldsTAMIL CIVILIANS RESCUE• On 20 Apr 2009 - Over 42,000 civilians were rescued by Sri Lanka’s military• On 21 - 22 April 2009 - over 60,000 civilians were rescued by Sri Lanka’s military• Reception centers were set up manned by security forces personnel who could converse inTamil• 175,000 personnel of the SLA have undergone local & international training to effectively bementally & physically prepared to handle hostage rescue operations alongside a militaryoperation against terrorism• LTTE suicide cadre sent as a civilian blew herself up at the reception center to assist fleeingTamil civilians on 9 February 2009• LTTE blocked entry/exit of Omanthai & Ulliyankulam preventing Tamil civilians from escapingfrom March 2008 onwards.
    7. 7. Channel 4 : Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields & its Sequels – The FactsFOOD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES• Govt supplied food & medicine according to the numbers quoted by UN as only they wereallowed in the LTTE controlled areas.• From January 2008 to early May 2009, 58,393 metric tons of essential items were sent toKillinochchi and Mullaithivu districts in addition to 33,383 metric tons supplied to co-operativeoutlets during 2008 up to January 2009• Every month, five to 600,000 litres of fuel was sent to each district despite fear that it may fall intoLTTE hands.• There were 900 government health staff in Mullaithivu and Killinochchi alone• More than 20 litres of water per person per day was delivered and usedLTTE CADRES SURRENDERING• Over 11,000 LTTE cadres surrendered to the armed forces. (almost all have been rehabilitated &reintroduced to society.• Of these surrendered LTTE cadres over 500 are child combatants of the LTTE. The Govt not onlytook a policy decision not to prosecute them but also gave them education & enabled them to sitfor competitive exams & some have even qualified to do advanced level while others have beentaught vocational training to start a livelihood.
    8. 8. Channel 4 : Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields & its Sequels – Our Questions..CREDIBILITY• Why does Channel 4 refuse to part with the original video / documents if every item Isauthentic/verifiable and credible? How come various versions differ?• Who is Peter Mackay (Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe says he was not on the list of personnelaccompanying the UN convoy to the North. If his name was not included for what reasons was he ina conflict zone?• Why does Gordon Weiss contradict himself in C4 & in his own book the Cage? Which version iscorrect? CIVILIANS• Wouldn’t 294,000 Tamil civilians not have suffered miles of travel had the LTTE not forced themfrom their homes? Shouldn’t the LTTE have first moved Tamils to safety before fighting with SLA?• Hindustan Times (India) Heading of January 18, 2009 :“ LTTE using Tamils as human shields: Jaya” – What is Tamil Nadu Chief Minister saying now?AUTHENTICITY OF VIDEO• C4 needs to admit that the “summary executions” shown have not been taken by a mobile phoneas metadata proves this.• How did this person taking the clipping over a “mobile” phone charge it.• Is it also a coincidence that the man shown tied to a tree with a knife pointing at him later shown tobe dead in an image also appears cropped in Gordon Weiss (former UN spokesman’s) book TheCage. How did Gordon Weiss obtain this image? The video shoes men in slippers. Sri Lankan armydo not wear slippers while in combat!
    9. 9. Channel 4 : Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields & its Sequels – Our Questions..FOOD & SUPPLIES• If food & medical supplies were being denied by the GOSL what was the WFP truck doing in theNorth?• Did the LTTE suicide cadres not attack a ship carrying supplies to the civilians?ACCUSATIONS OF GENOCIDE & ETHNIC CLEANSING• C4 is insinuating that the Sri Lankan army committed genocide of upto 40,000 civilians. Going bythis presumption, can C4 explain why the armed forces should take over 5 months to finish themilitary operation while using hostage rescue tactics & snipers to rescue 294,000 civilians, why didthe military not shoot these civilians as well?• When the US has been taking satellite imagery of the area, if the armed forces were firing &Killing civilians – wouldn’t these have been caught by US satellite imagery? What is the reason forthese bogus allegations?SURRENDER OPPORTUNITY• LTTE were killed in a combat operation for which they were given notice and also offered thechance to surrender by the Govt in January 2009. Why did the LTTE not take up this offer? TheDeath of Prabakaran cannot be compared to that of Osama for it was not a combat operation. Hewas in his hideout & US entered forcefully & killed an unarmed man & dumped his body at sea. Thecrime was watched from start to finish by US President, his Generals & the US Secretary of State.Are they not culpable for murder?
    10. 10. The US influenced West has failed Sri Lankans because ….• The world refused to accept Sri Lanka was suffering from a Terrorist problem• The world insisted Sri Lanka had an ethnic conflict• The world ignored the fact that LTTE was killing its own people – Politicians, Academics,intellectuals, even LTTE cadres or ordinary Tamils that went against LTTE dictates• The world did not realize the futility of peace talks when the first failed & insisted onholding 5 more peace talks, ceasefires even foreign moderated ones.• The world was aware but ignored LTTE’s strategy of using peacetalks & negotiations asbreathing time to regroup & rearm.• The world cared not about any of the heinous crimes upon innocent civilians carried outby LTTE suicide cadres posing as civilians, dressed in Sri Lanka army uniforms• The world watched while LTTE kidnapped Tamil children from poor Tamil families andmoulded them into killers. Despite, numerous international reports about LTTE childrecruitment nothing was ever done.
    11. 11. The US influenced West has failed Sri Lankans because ….• The world allowed the LTTE to carry out their international network of illicit activities that rangedfrom credit card scams, extortion, bank loan absconding, money laundering, Illegal narcotictrade, illegal weapons smuggling, intimidation of their own people, hired killing & mercenaryactivities. Only a handful of arrests have been made as whitewash.• The world allows 32 LTTE front organizations to continue to collect funds. Though some arebanned these LTTE front organizations are influencing foreign MPs, UN Officials, Diplomats,NGOs even international media.• The world allowed LTTE to run international offices, hold events, carry out propaganda, open tvstations & distribute newspapers despite LTTE being banned in their countries.• The world allowed its MPs to meet with LTTE terrorist leaders & spokesman and these MPseven attended LTTE events and spoke on “self-determination” ridiculing an elected Sovereigngovernment.
    12. 12. What is the Crime Sri Lanka has committed?• To invade Iraq the US/NATO needed only to accuse Iraq of possessing WMDs• To invade Afghanistan the US/NATO needed only an assumption that Afghanistan wasresponsible for 9/11• To forward the US Resolution against Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka stands guilty for: • Ending Terrorism – Sri Lanka becoming the 1st country to do so • Spending months to plan & execute a hostage rescue operation to free Tamil civilians kept as human shields by the LTTE. • Sacrificing over 5000 of Government soldiers to rescue Tamil civilians • Sending food & medical supplies for civilian numbers quoted by the UN (NOTE: LTTE ran a defacto Govt & ONLY UN & NGOs were working & living in LTTE controlled areas. Govt. went by UN estimates. • Arranging IDP camps which came to be called “Internment Camps” though 3 meals/social activities, educational classes, livelihood programs, banks were Opened to the Tamil civilians. • Eliminating the LTTE including its leader Prabakaran though US President not only watched the killing of Osama but dumped his body to sea & only thereafter informed the world.
    13. 13. What is the Crime Sri Lanka has committed?Is Sri Lanka to be punished for :• Taking loans to build roads, railways, schools, hospitals, Government buildings alldestroyed by the LTTE over 30 years?• Rehabilitating surrendered LTTE cadres and reintroducing them to society spendingmillions of taxpayers money?• Taking a Government policy NOT to prosecute over 500 child LTTE cadres & insteadteaching them to read & write, to sit for competitive exams, provide them vocationaltraining?• Clearing landmines before resettling Tamil civilians• Engaging Sri Lanka’s private sector & individuals in the development & reconciliationexercise
    14. 14. What are Tamils being denied?• Of the original 2.4m Tamils since close to 1m are now domiciled overseas there are less than 1.5mTamils in Sri Lanka. The first population census to be concluded shortly will give the exact number ofTamils in Sri Lanka.• Sri Lanka’s Sinhala population accounts for more than 14.8m of a total 20m population. Yet,• Tamil is an official language (of about less than 10% of the Total population – earlier it was 12%)• All Government circulars & official documents come in both Sinhala & Tamil.• All birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates etc appear in both Sinhala & Tamil• All COINS, CURRENCY & POSTAGE STAMPS appear in Sinhala & Tamil.• All road nameboards on roads appear in Sinhala & Tamil.• Tamil festivals are declared public holidays• All Government events shown live have presenters speaking in both Sinhala & Tamil.• Even the national lottery presented over tv has presenters giving the results in both Sinhala & Tamil
    15. 15. If Tamils had been discriminated against for EMPLOYMENT, explain how these top posts were held by Tamils? • Ministers of State (including post of Foreign Minister who was assassinated by the LTTE) • The Chief Justice of Sri Lanka • The Inspector General of Police • The Commander of the Armed Forces • Chairman of the Central Bank • Chairman of the State TV • Heads of Government Department • University Professors and Vice-Chancellors • Ambassadors and High Commissioners • Mayors & Public Officials (Alfred Duraiappah the Mayor of Jaffna was the first victim of the LTTE, killed by Prabakaran himself)Tamils must accept that it is the LTTE that has denied them 30 years of development.Ex: CIMA exams were one time dominated by Tamil children who did extremely well in Accounts.Today the toppers are not Tamils.Tamil Diaspora, Tamil Politicians must share equal accountability with the LTTE.
    16. 16. LTTE AssassinationsLTTE has assassinated Carrying out the 1st foreign terrorist assassination Former Indian PM• 1 President Rajiv Gandhi is killed in May 1991• 1 Opposition candidate• 10 leaders of political parties• 7 Cabinet Ministers• 37 Members of Parliament• 6 Members of Provincial Councils• 22 Members of Pradeshiya Sabhas• 17 Political Party Organizers &• 4 Mayors including Alfred Duraiappah who became the LTTE’s first killing in 1975 outside a kovil in Jaffna.
    17. 17. LTTE Assassinations of TAMILS LTTE calls itself the sole representative of the Tamils but has killed hundreds of Tamils LTTE has assassinated How can LTTE be liberating the Tamil people? 82 Tamil politicians •54 Tamil Government officials •24 Tamil intellectuals & academics.• 27 Jul 1975 - Alfred Duraiyappah - Former Mayor and MP for Jaffna killed• 25 May 1981 - A Thiyagarajah - MP for Vaddukkodai• 3 Sept 1985 - V Dharmalingam - MP for Manipay• 3 Sept 1985 - K Alalasunderam - MP Kopay• 6 May 1986 - Sri Sabaratnam - Leader TELO• 13 May 1989 - A Amirthalingam - MP, opposition leader & leader TULF,• 13 Jul 1989 - V Yogeshwaran - MP for Jaffna• 28 Jan 1990 - T Ganeshalingam - Provincial Minister for North & East• June 1990 - K Pathmanaba - Leader EPRLF•Dr. Rajini Thiranagama - Lecturer in Anotomy, University of Jaffna
    18. 18. LTTE Assassinations of TAMILS•K Kanagaratnam - MP for Eastern Province, killed on 15 July 1990•A Thangathurai - MP for Trincomalee, killed on 05 July 1997•S P Tharmalingam - SLFP Organizer Jaffna, Killed on October 1997•Sarojani Yogeshwarn - TULF Mayor of Jaffna, killed on 16 May 1998•Pon Sivapalan - TULF Mayor of Jaffna, killed on 11 September 1998•Dr. Neelam Thiruchelvam - TULF MP, killed on 29 July 1999•Atputharajah Nadarajah - EPDP MP Jaffna, killed on 02 November 1999
    19. 19. LTTE terror acts - 2009• 2 January - female LTTE suicide bomber explodes herself in front of Air Force camp inSlave Island, Colombo killing 1 & injuring 22 civilians.•4 February - A 13 year old child suicide bomber is sent towards the 55 Division troopsin Chalai Army Soldier carries dead child• 9 February – LTTE sends women suicide bomber posing as a civilian &kills 23 civilians at a rescue center in Vishwamadu, Mullaitivu. 3 Sri Lankaarmy female soldiers treating injured Tamil civilians also died. Head of LTTE suicide bombe• 10 March – LTTE suicide bomber attacks Muslim festival killing 10& injuring over 35 including a Government minister Mahinda Wijesekera.
    20. 20. LTTE terror acts - 2008• 31 January – LTTE suicide bomber kills 3 & injures 17 in Jaffna• 3 February – LTTE suicide attacks on train kills 7 & injures 97 in Colombo• 24 February – LTTE suicide attack TMVP members in Batticoloa.• 6 April – LTTE suicide bomber kills Minister Jeyraj Fernandopulle & 12 others including•children while over 90 were seriously a roadside marathon.• 16 May – LTTE suicide bomber explodes himself near a Temple in Ampara killinginjuring over 90 people (60 civilians, 30 police & 3 army)• 16 June – LTTE suicide bomber kills 12 police personnel include 3 women police inVavuniya.• 6 October – LTTE female suicide bomber kills Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera, his wife & 25others while injuring over 90 civilians in Anuradhapura• 9 October – Failed LTTE female suicide attack on Minister Maithripala Sirisena.• 22 October – 3 LTTE suicide boats attack merchant vessel carrying supplies to civiliansin North.• 29 December – LTTE suicide bomber explodes himself near Catholic Church in Wattala•killing 8 & injuring 17.
    21. 21. LTTE terror acts - 2007• 28 January – Foiled bid to assassinate Minister Douglas Devananda (EPDP) by adisabled LTTE female suicide bomber inside his Ministry in Colombo• 27 January – LTTE parcel bomb kept at a popular store in Nugegoda kills 17 civilians& injures 37 civilians.• 6 January – LTTE explodes bomb inside a private bus at Seenigama killing 10 &seriously injuring more than 40 civilians.
    22. 22. All these terror acts took placewhile the CFA was in force LTTE terror acts - 2006• 25 March – LTTE suicide boat blows up Sri Lanka Naval craft• 26 March – Six LTTE suicide cadres sink Sri Lanka Navy Drora killing 8 sailors.• 25 April – LTTE suicide bomb attack inside Sri Lanka Army Head Quarters toassassinate Sri Lankan Commander Sarath Fonseka. 9 military personnel die whileSarath Fonseka is seriously injured• 11 May – LTTE targets escort vessel & ship carrying 700 troops endangering the lives of3 Nordic monitors. 17 officers are killed.• 26 June – LTTE suicide bomber kills Sri Lanka Deputy Chief of Staff Maj. Gen.Parami Kulatunga.• 16 October – LTTE suicide attack at Habarana killing 92 sailors & injuring over 100.The naval convoy comprising 24 buses were carrying over 340 unarmed naval personnelgoing on leave.• 18 October – LTTE suicide attack on Sri Lanka naval craft in Galle• 1 December – Failed LTTE suicide attack on Defense Secretary near the Pittala junction,Colombo
    23. 23. All these terror acts took placewhile the CFA was in force LTTE terror acts - 2005 • 7 Mar – LTTE storms a village in Welikanda killing 6 civilians • 12 Aug – LTTE murders Tamil broadcaster & husband at their Colombo shop. • 12 Aug – LTTE assassinates Sri Lanka Foreign Minister (a Tamil) • 11 Oct – LTTE murders Principal of Kopay Christian College at his home & Principal of Jaffna Central College killed near the Jaffna library. Both were critics of LTTE child conscription. • 18 Nov – Elections in North A UNP activist is killed by LTTE. LTTE did not allow voters in LTTE controlled areas to Vote. LTTE killed a number of Tamil voters in Puttalam. The Kalwunkerni Post Officer Was kidnapped & hacked to death by LTTE.
    24. 24. All these terror acts took place while the CFA was in force LTTE terror acts - 2004• 5 Oct – LTTE kill a Muslim farmer & a school teacher• 8 Oct – LTTE kill a Tamil after kidnapping him and abandoning him near a tank• 25 Oct – LTTE shoots a Tamil in Wellawatte• 27 Oct – LTTE grenade attack in Batticoloa kills Swiss national Hans Ulrich at his home• 28 Jun – LTTE has always been targeting rival Tamil groups. LTTE pistol group shootsEx-PLOTE member K Devaraja while he was riding home on a bicycle. LTTE terror acts – After 2002 Cease Fire Agreement• 27 Jun 2002 – Just 4 months after the CFA, LTTE abducts & kills 2 Muslim brothers, 5Muslims killed at Vallachchanai Mosque, 2 Muslims abducted in the same area, 3 Muslimsabducted & killed, 11 other Muslims killed by LTTE in isolated incidents.
    25. 25. LTTE terror acts – 2003 Even after 2002 Cease Fire Agreement• 22 April 2003 – LTTE shoots a man & woman in Serunuwara in the Trincomalee district• 3 May 2003 - EPDP Pradeshiya Sabha member was killed in Jaffna another violation of the current cease-fire• 14 Jun 2003 - Leader of the EPRLF political party, Thambirajah Subathiran wasmurdered in the city of Jaffna by an LTTE sniper. His crime : criticizing LTTE for harassingJaffna Tamils• 5 Jul 2003 – LTTE shoots Mr. Mahamad Seyyadu, a political leader of the PLOTEorganisation and wounded his wife.
    26. 26. LTTE terror acts – 2001 Even after 2002 Cease Fire Agreement• 12 Jan – LTTE throws hand grenade in a crowded market in Jaffna, killing threeTamil civilians• 3 Mar – LTTE abducts and kills four farmers• 6 Jun - Two Tamil youths were shot dead by members of the LTTE s pistol gang inVavuniya• 11 Aug - LTTE shot dead two civilians in the eastern district of Polonnaruwa• 30 Aug - A civilian and two police officers were killed by a bomb planted by LTTE inAmpara,• 24 Sep - Six members of a Tamil family killed by LTTE using a landmine• 7 Sep - 140 bus passengers were indiscriminately fired upon by LTTE terrorists killingfour of them in Mahindapura, Trincomalee• 29 Oct – 2 fishermen killed by fishing in Trincomalee• 29 Oct – LTTE suicide bomber blows herself in Colomb attempt on the life of Acting HeadOf State Ratnasiri Wickremanayake• 30 Oct - six-year-old girl was killed and six civilians when LTTE throws hand grenade inMuttur, Trincomalee• 18 Nov – LTTE shoot UNP Tamil candidate in Batticoloa,• 27 Nov – LTTE kills 2 civilians in Trincomalee,• 1 Dec - LTTE terrorists killed the abducted Gramasevaka of Kudumbamalai and a youth• 14 Dec – LTTE kills off duty Tamil policemen
    27. 27. LTTE terror acts – the 1990s• 3 Aug 1990 LTTE attacks a Muslim mosque massacring 103 Muslims• 11 Aug 1990 LTTE terrorists kill 116 Muslims at Eravur• 24 Jul 1996 LTTE plants 2 bombs that rip through a crowded train inDehiwela Railway Station killing 70 civilians & injuring over 500.• 25 Jan 1998 LTTE blasts bomb at Sri Dalada Maligawa, Kandy.Led to the banning of LTTE by Sri Lanka.• 18 Sept 1999 – LTTE attack Punchi Seegiriya, Kalpengala, BedirekkaVillages & kills 58 civilians• 18 Dec 1999 – LTTE attempts to assassinate Sri Lankan PresidentChandrika Kumaratunga. She escapes but 24 are killed & 150 wounded The examples are too many & images too horrific
    28. 28. LTTE terror acts – the 1980s Dollar & Kent Farm attacks were the LTTE terror acts 30 Nov 1984 LTTE cared not for Buddhists in prayer. On 14 May 1985 the Sacred Sri Maha Bodhi Came under attack by LTTE wearing Sri Lanka Army uniforms. 120 pilgrims killed. 85 injured.The world must know how much people feared to travel in buses.On 17 Apr 1987 LTTE stops 6 vehicles on Trincomalee-Habarana RdAnd slaughters 122 civilians leaving 44 seriously wounded.Does the world know how much suffering Sri Lanka has endured?On 21 April 1987, a car bomb exploded at Pettah Bus Stand killing110 civilians and injuring 298 othersThese were the butchered student monks killed at Arantalawa on 2May 1987 by LTTE dressed in Sri Lanka Army uniforms
    29. 29. Now you Decide!Al Jazeera interivew with Rajiva Wijesinghe civilians used as Human Shields by LTTE Lanka army helping fleeing Tamil Civilians : Wikileaks : David Miliband focused on Sri Lanka war to win votes!
    30. 30. If we do not end war - war will end us. Everybody says that, millions of people believe it, and nobody does anything - H.G. Wells1 BUT SRI LANKA DID END TERRORISM Animosity against Sri Lanka by the US influenced West is becausethey fear other countries will follow Sri Lanka’s lead.