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5618 group3module13


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EDUC5618 Group 3 module13

EDUC5618 Group 3 module13

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Narration: How to Travel Through Animaps: an introduction to Animaps mapping program. Presented by Becky Shelton, Jennifer Burch and Michelle Newell – graduate students at Austin Peay State University.
  • Narration: Animaps is a great mapping tool that will turn ordinary Google maps into something exciting and beautiful. Animaps lets you add animations that include routes, images, waypoints, texts and more. It is simple and fun to use.
  • Narration: Animaps is pretty simple to use and they have created a simple to follow tutorial for beginners to get started. The tutorial is located right on their website so we can get there simply from going to the address from your internet browser. Here you just click on the Basics Tutorial button and sit back and watch!
  • Narration: After providing students with an Animap tutorial, the teacher can then assign research projects to the students that will utilize the program. An example research project could be to research significant Civil War events in Tennessee’s history and map them using animaps. The animated map will have to include set requirements. Some examples of set requirements could be that they: Must include no less than 10 events, arranged sequentially, and each stop of tour must include visual representation as well as textual explanation of event and its significance
  • Narration:Animaps can be an incredibly useful tool for educators. It is an interesting way to display historical events, geographical locations, even timelines. Animaps is an excellent visual literacy tool that can excite students about many subjects that might be somewhat boring when left to the usual format. By incorporating visual literacy tools, such as Animaps, teachers can also address the needs of all their students, whether they are auditory or visual learners.
  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Travel Through Animapsby Becky Shelton, Jennifer Burch and Michelle Newell
    • 2. Visual Literacy Research* Research suggests….. Students develop visual literacy through practice interpreting and creating visual messages Animated graphics are better for learning descriptive facts than text-only lessons Visual organizers that include illustrations and text promote thinking and learning Using visuals results in greater degree of learning*Stokes, S. (2001). Visual Literacy in Teaching and Learning: A Literature Perspective.Retrieved December 2, 2011 from
    • 3. Learning Achieved at the Highest Degree• By incorporating visual learning into lessons, teachers can move students along Bloom’s Taxonomy, thus increasing understanding• When students create their own visual messages, as they can with Animaps, they can reach the highest level of learning
    • 4. Goodbye boring maps Hello Animaps!What is Animaps? • New mapping technology to create and view beautifully informative animated maps • Turns your Google map into a map movie • Lets you add images, videos and animations
    • 5. Why Animaps in the Classroom?• Improve visual literacy skills while increasing content area understanding• Students create maps to show highest degree of learning on Bloom’s Taxonomy• Maps can be customized and enhanced with images, text, and video• Sparks student interest and increases student engagement
    • 6. Go to Click Basics Tutorial
    • 7. Creating a History Lesson Using Animaps Provide Animated Students maps students Assign students a would use would with a research research to illustratetutorial for project.. create an the visual using animated timeline of Animaps map.. events. …..
    • 8. Creating lessons cont.…Allow students time forresearch and creating maps—include time outside of class,too, so as to not monopolize allof instructional timeHave students completeprojects either individually orcollaborativelyReserve time for students topresent completed projects inclass
    • 9. Animaps….not just forSocial Studies Classroom Tracking an outbreakCreating story maps in of a specific disease in Language Arts Health Ideas for using Animaps in other content areas: Mapping migratory Planning a familypatterns of animals in vacation in Technology Science
    • 10. What are you waiting for? useful tool for excellent visual educators literacy tool Animaps address the learning excite students to needs of all studentslearn out of the norm
    • 11. References